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Björn Svedberg (UrsusMagnus)

A6M2 Progress

Progress pictures for my build of the Tamiya Mitsubishi A6M2 (Zeke).


4. August 2018, 14:34
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Soeren .
What a pace Björn😉 Count me in and btw really nice start😉
4. August 2018, 14:36
Björn Svedberg
I've started building of Tamiyas A6M2 Zero (Zeke). It is a very simple kit, so it shouldn't take alot of time to finish.😉
4. August 2018, 14:37
Björn Svedberg
Thanks Sören! 🙂 You were pretty fast yourself with the comment, you beat me to it.😉
4. August 2018, 14:44
Soeren .
As soon as I saw "Zero" nothing could stop me😉
4. August 2018, 14:55
Björn Svedberg
Base camo finished. This is a compressed build. I'm trying to finish it as I'm back at work tomorrow..
6. August 2018, 10:02
Björn Svedberg
Todays work was getting everything ready for weathering. Closing in on the finish line with the Zero.😉
6. August 2018, 21:15
Some people start with zero, but you do it the other way round. ;)
6. August 2018, 21:19
Björn Svedberg
Lol! Well this is my second zero, so I guess I'm a double 0..😉
6. August 2018, 21:21
Erik Leijdens
Sure looks nice Björn! As always off course. I am impressed by your pace, again!
7. August 2018, 00:00
Björn Svedberg
Thank you James and Erik! 🙂
It's now finished. Another nice Tamiya kit.
7. August 2018, 13:08
Soeren .
Great result Björn😉
What comes next? 😄
7. August 2018, 13:09
Björn Svedberg
Thanks Sören and James! 🙂
@Sören I'll have to sit down with a cold beer and think about that..😉
7. August 2018, 19:42
Björn Svedberg
Thanks bobinspokaloo! 🙂 I tried to take it easy on the weathering this time.
8. August 2018, 08:11
Soeren .
Can I make a suggestion, what I would love to see from you?😉
8. August 2018, 08:53
Björn Svedberg
You can, but I must admit, I have selective hearing.😉
8. August 2018, 10:18
Soeren .
😄 I kind of know what you mean
8. August 2018, 10:19
Björn Svedberg
Well, I'm really excited about japanese planes at the moment, and I just ordered the Oscar, so I think that might be the one..
8. August 2018, 10:50
Soeren .
Good, because that was the one I would have suggested😉
The Hasegawa or the FineMiolds kit?
8. August 2018, 11:37
Christian Bruer
nicely done 👍
8. August 2018, 11:53
Hello Björn as you know a very convincing model, perfectly built and painted 👍 👍 👍
8. August 2018, 11:56
Soeren .
Its a really nice kit - like the B5N - so I take a wild guess and say that you will have a lot of fun with her😉
8. August 2018, 11:56
Björn Svedberg
Thank you Jens! 🙂 But not perfect.., I forgot to paint the back side of the propeller matt black to prevent glare. I will have to fix that eventually.
@Sören I hope I will 🙂
8. August 2018, 12:03
nice job anyway!!
9. August 2018, 22:06
Björn Svedberg
Thanks Spanjaard! 🙂
11. August 2018, 09:54
Tim Heimer
Maybe someone can answer this: Since they were making planes out of wood due to a shortage of metal, wouldn't their props be made of wood also? Looks good Bjorn, Nice work!
11. August 2018, 12:29
11. August 2018, 16:14
Björn Svedberg
Thank you Timothy and Clifford! 🙂
I'm sorry Timothy, but I have no answer to your question.
12. August 2018, 17:36


34 images
1:48 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Fighter (Zeke) (Tamiya 61016)1:48 A6M3 model 32 interior S.A. (Eduard FE530)1:48 A6M3 model 32 (Eduard EX318)
Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Model 21
JP Military Dai-Nippon Teikoku Kaigun (Imperial Japanese Navy 1868–1945)
Akagi Aircraft Carrier FG (Lt. Cdr. Shigeru Itaya)
December 1941 Attack on US Pacific Fleet - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii US (Result: loss)
IJN LT. grey

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