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Björn Svedberg (UrsusMagnus)


Shturmovik Progress

Progress pictures of the Tamiya Shturmovik build.

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Albums: 1 with 28 images
1:48 Ilyushin IL-2 Shturmovik (Tamiya 61113)1:48 Iljushin IL-2m3 (Eduard BIG4976)
Ilyushin Il-2 Stormovik
SU Military Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily (Soviet Air Force 1918-1991)
566 ShAP 07 | Leningrad 1944


30. December 2017, 23:23
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Björn Svedberg
I've started the build of the Tamiya Shturmovik with the Eduard BigEd PE kit. The cockpit is finished :).
30. December 2017, 23:26
31. December 2017, 08:23
Erik Leijdens
Looks fantastic Björn! Must be a great kit too. Good luck with it mate
31. December 2017, 08:24
Björn Svedberg
Thanks Eelco and Eric!
The kit is great :). Best fit of any model I have built, so I'm happy. Don't like to sand and putty :P.
I have put together the fuselage and wings now and it was a breeze. Except for the fact that I forgot to make the cut outs for the flaps in the wings. But a razor saw and some careful cutting solved the problem :). Now I will go to celerate the new year! Cheers!
31. December 2017, 21:13
excellent pit!
1. January 2018, 01:28
Soeren .
Fantastic work so far!
5. January 2018, 18:57
Björn Svedberg
Thanks Spanjaard and Sören!
I've painted the base camouflage now. I did it freehand this time :), it's alot more fun than masking. Next will be a clear coat and then decals.
5. January 2018, 18:58
very well done!
5. January 2018, 19:57
Erik Leijdens
You did a great job airbrushing the camouflage freehand Björn! Looking really good mate. You also have a good building pace btw.
5. January 2018, 21:01
David Thor
Looking beautiful already!
6. January 2018, 06:09
Neil Page
it is indeed isn't it ..great work!
6. January 2018, 09:46
This is one of the best freehand paintjobs i've ever seen. Great work! I always produce to much overspray for doing it without masks.
6. January 2018, 11:59
Stephan Ryll
Looking very good Björn
6. January 2018, 12:16
Björn Svedberg
Thank you Spanjaard, Erik, David, Neil, Robert and Stephan for your nice words! I really appreciate them! :)
I finished the decaling. It really wasn't that hard as there are so few of them. But I really think they look good! I used Tamiyas Mark Fit Strong for the first time and it was really nice. My previous experience with Tamiya decals has been that they need alot of work and patience, but this time it went like a breeze. Previously I've used Mr.Mark Setter and Softer on Tamiya decals, but this was better.
7. January 2018, 13:01
Björn Svedberg
If anyone knows what the russian text on the fuselage says, please let me know :).
7. January 2018, 15:47
David Thor
Just love the moment when you've put all decals on painted model and suddenly it looks totally different. Good job!
7. January 2018, 17:08
Yury Alexandrov
Björn, exellent job!
Russian text: "Месть за Христенко" - "Revenge for Khristenko" (pilot of the 2nd squadron 566th ShAP, who died in early 1944) and "За Ленинград" - "For Leningrad".
And I see, you lost rudder balancer?
7. January 2018, 17:42
Björn Svedberg
Thank you Yury for the translation!
Yes, I broke the balancer off early in the build, but I've saved it, so I can glue it back on when I've done all the weathering. :)
7. January 2018, 18:44
Yury Alexandrov
You're welcome!
7. January 2018, 19:01
Björn Svedberg
The Shturmovik is finished! :)
The build quality of this kit was really good and I just love Tamiyas clear parts. The BigEd kit for this model wasn't that big. Only cockpit, some exterior parts and the flaps. I also left some of the really small parts in the bag. I must admit that I rushed the build a little and left quite a few seam lines unattended as you can see in the pictures. It's an iconic plane, and I just had to build it :).
Next up, the Mosquito.
9. January 2018, 17:23
David Thor
Beautiful result! This plane really looks alot like a tank.
9. January 2018, 18:58
Exzellent Il 2 Björn i like the Iron Gustavs
9. January 2018, 20:27
Yury Alexandrov
Nice to see the splendid model of legendary plane!
10. January 2018, 15:52
Stephan Ryll
Wonderful result
10. January 2018, 16:36
Björn Svedberg
Thank you David, Hato, Yury and Stephan!
@Hato, I watched a documentary where they said that the german troops called them "Iron Gustav" but they didn't explain why. I can get the "Iron", but why Gustav?
10. January 2018, 17:38
Erik Leijdens
Nice result Bjorn!
10. January 2018, 19:41
Hello björn, the Iron Gustav was an unbrecebel man so in 1900 in Germany . Je was in Opposition with the Governor of Berlin.
11. January 2018, 10:46
Gustav Andreas Theodor Hartmann (* 4. Juni 1859 in Magdeburg; † 23. Dezember 1938 in Berlin) war ein Droschkenkutscher aus Berlin-Wannsee und wurde als Eiserner Gustav bekannt.
11. January 2018, 11:23
Björn Svedberg
Thanks Erik!
And thank you Hato for the info! Your knowledge seems limitless ;)
11. January 2018, 12:30
Eelco Gregoire
He looks very nice Björn. I like this plane.
I see on picture 16 between the wings some little gaps. Look at this small thins next time. It is easily fixed. ;)
11. January 2018, 13:36
Yury Alexandrov
Hato H., Thanks for the clarifications! One more question: is it possible that the nickname "Eiserner Gustav" comes from the title of the book of the German writer Hans Fallada (
11. January 2018, 16:17
Björn Svedberg
Thank you Eelco! :)
Yes, I know. I rushed the build and made some mistakes along the way. The next one will be better, hopefully ;)
11. January 2018, 19:44

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