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1:72 F-4F Phantom "Pharewell" (Revell 04875)1:72 Ladder (Modeller 072.0103F4F)2+


25. November 2018, 13:01
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25. November 2018, 15:10
Patrick Hagelstein
I'm in too! The Revell F-4F is very nice! The only downfall is the shape of the canopy...
25. November 2018, 17:49
Saeed Ezadi
Ekki, Patrick, thanks for your interest and happy for accomany me in the project.
Regard canopy I think so that there is a problem, but overall not so noticable for example in compare to Trumpter 1/72 Su-24 Nose issue.
25. November 2018, 20:02
25. November 2018, 20:54
Łukasz Gliński
Nice project. I wasn't aware of such good details on Revell's kit, they even molded the dials :O
25. November 2018, 21:38
Saeed Ezadi
Lukasz, for several years Revell kits distributed in Iran in very reasonable price, this kit is very popular among Iranian Modellers. But easy availablity of the kit, makes its advantages less visible. The good News is the fitting of the kit is near perfect. Overall , enjoyable model yo build. If you like phantoms then try it ;)
25. November 2018, 22:10
Patrick Hagelstein
I totally agree Saeed! That Revell Phantom is beautiful and very well engineered! If you leave the canopy open, the shallow form isn't that noticeable. I used the Academy closed canopy on a Phantom I wanted to model closed up.
26. November 2018, 00:21
Łukasz Gliński
Thanks guys, good to know. I have one in my stash (the black&red one) and I think these are the very same sprues.
26. November 2018, 09:34
Patrick Hagelstein
Yep! They are!
26. November 2018, 16:21
Łukasz Gliński
Good news, thx.
26. November 2018, 17:23
Es-haq Khosravi
My favorite kind of project!
26. November 2018, 17:57
Holger Kranich
Ha what a coincedence! Iam planning the same kit with the same pe! Did you read my mind, Saeed?
26. December 2018, 12:29
Saeed Ezadi
Ha Ha Ha, what camo you will apply on your phantom, Holger?
26. December 2018, 22:48
Holger Kranich
I am not sure if i make the one depicting the boxart or something totally different.
27. December 2018, 07:41
Aris aka Amen
27. December 2018, 07:46
Łukasz Gliński
Nice camo No, not surprising ;)
3. January 2019, 07:35
Holger Kranich
Yep, starts to look phabolous!
3. January 2019, 07:57
pretty good looking Phantom :)
4. January 2019, 21:22
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
4. January 2019, 22:53
Saeed Ezadi
Thank you mate's. Currently working on adding stencils. The final result will be revealed finally in 2 days :)
4. January 2019, 23:49
Holger Kranich
I am looking forward your final result, Saeed!
5. January 2019, 05:43
Fantastic work so far!
5. January 2019, 18:11
Saeed Ezadi
Hello mates :) here is the result untill now! Phantom will be loaded by some Mk81 bombs in near future . How ever if I find enough time it will be part of little diorama.
11. January 2019, 21:57
Łukasz Gliński
Looks grand
12. January 2019, 09:46
Saeed Ezadi
Phantom is a photogenic plane Hans! Its second phantom I had build and at least two more Iranian will be built. D version and RF one!
12. January 2019, 10:37
Saeed Ezadi
Tnx Lukas. I satisfied with final result ;)
12. January 2019, 10:38
You shure can be satisfied Saeed! Very beautiful colours!
12. January 2019, 17:51
Patrick Hagelstein
It really turned out great! Nice complementing colors and subtle panel lining. One thing though: shouldn't the color demarcation line on the fuel tanks be a little lower?
12. January 2019, 18:34
Very nice. Congrats!
12. January 2019, 19:22
Saeed Ezadi
Neuling, Cuajete , Patrick thank you mate's :)

Regard fuel tanks I agree with you Patrick
12. January 2019, 19:27
Patrick Hagelstein
Glad I could be of help. :)
12. January 2019, 19:28
Wonderful result! Well done!
12. January 2019, 21:05
Es-haq Khosravi
Very nice job!
12. January 2019, 22:57
Saeed Ezadi
Tank you dear Eshagh :)
12. January 2019, 23:33
Saeed Ezadi
The phantom is almost complete after loading with MK bombs (the bombs are from hobby boss 1/72 A-7 kit as there is only missiles in the revell box).

Final update! (may be ;))
12. January 2019, 23:35
simply excellent, and in 1/72!
12. January 2019, 23:50
Saeed Ezadi
Thank you spanjaard.Considering even the best results can be done better and technically there is no flawless work but to be honest its what I personally expected at the start and happy about it.
13. January 2019, 00:47
Bernd Korte
I like the camo on this one!
13. January 2019, 08:58
Saeed Ezadi
Along with old luftwafe, Vitnam USAF and Hellenic phantoms (IMO), liitle asia camo is attractive for phantom's Bernd.
13. January 2019, 10:00
Holger Kranich
Very very nice! Well done. Phabolous!
21. January 2019, 18:02
Saeed Ezadi
Thank you so much Hogler. Yes its Phabolous ;)
21. January 2019, 21:38
Stefan Schacht
Very nice
21. January 2019, 21:45
Saeed Ezadi
Thank you Stefan! :)
17. December 2019, 23:51
Łukasz Gliński
Briliant finish
18. December 2019, 08:58
Peter Mollenhauer
Excellent, my congrats!
18. December 2019, 09:23
Saeed Ezadi
Peter, Lukasz! Thanks mates! Appreciated.
18. December 2019, 15:47

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