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Peter Hardy (Cracka)


Wayne's World

After winning the British 500cc title on a privately entered Honda in 1984, the Honda Factory gave the Woolongong Whiz a chance to prove himself on a Factory entered RS 500 (same as the NS 500) in the Australian end of year Swann Series. He won the series and a ride in the World Championships for the factory. He won the Championship in 1987.

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1:12 Honda NS500 '84 (Tamiya 14125)


3. December 2018, 01:28
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Peter Hardy
Had a major stuff up yesterday. It will require some surgery but only after the tears dry up!
3. December 2018, 07:58
Peter Hardy
Some pics added and the stuff up revealed!
3. December 2018, 22:29
Martin Oostrom
Now that's a great start buddy. No wonder you were very silent here.
Can't you give the tank a wash to get some definition on it?
For oil and grease I use this Perhaps it could be used on your chain?
3. December 2018, 22:34
Peter Hardy
I've got some of that, ..... somewhere? Tank is unpainted as yet. Just glued, sanded and polished. I am not at all happy with the front of the fairing. More work to fix that! I might try filling with plastic again and letting it sit for a couple of days.
3. December 2018, 22:41
you can do some wash with some oil colors too, take for ever to dry, but you can have any shade you want. and one tube will last for many many mamny models.... be careful with aggressive white spirits (almost eat away my NXR750). For the radiator, you can drybrush in black, and keep the aluminium color in the details. paint in back and do a wash in white for example.
by the way, about washes, i tend to use flory model ones.... impossible to harm the plastic with them. and they can be removed with water if you do not like the result.
3. December 2018, 22:52
Peter Hardy
I'll 'fess up here, this is one of two to go into the same display case. One with and one without fairings. Both will be clean and polished as in a museum display. I will build and paint two fairings and use the best one. Won't be easy to do as the colours are reversed from what is on the decals.
4. December 2018, 21:19
Peter Hardy
More pics added.
5. December 2018, 00:55
Peter Hardy
Some issues solved!
19. December 2018, 00:01
well done Peter
19. December 2018, 05:37
Kerry COX
In short...............Perfection.
All I will say now is...............The decals will be brittle and possibly ready to shatter. Tons of sofftner and don't scrimp. Just load it on and WAIT for it to take effect. Remember your clear glue as a lubricant Peter.
19. December 2018, 06:25
Peter Hardy
And lots of spit Kez! Package arrived today. Thanks for Rodney! Lots of extras in that little box!! :)

Thanks Spanjaard and Lode.
19. December 2018, 06:59
Martin Oostrom
She is looking sharp buddy.
19. December 2018, 22:20
Peter Hardy
Enjoying this one immensely. So many KC skills to try out. That bloke has opened a new world for me!
19. December 2018, 22:42
Michael Hickey
Don't you mean a can of worms. hahaha :)
19. December 2018, 22:44
Michael Hickey
Looking awesome by the way mate.
19. December 2018, 22:44
Peter Hardy
One and the same Mick!
19. December 2018, 22:45
nice details in on the engine. upholstery look good too
19. December 2018, 23:14
Kerry COX
His skills were there all the time. Grasshopper just had to admit it to himself first. ;)
I wish I had half his patience.
20. December 2018, 06:18
Brad Furminger
This one is looking great, Peter. If I didn't have so damn many cars to build in my stash I'd run out and grab another bike tomorrow!
29. December 2018, 00:00
Peter Hardy
Yarda yarda. Build a bike!
29. December 2018, 00:18
Kerry COX
Peter. The 'naked' bike approach sounds good.
Looking forward to the images. :)
29. December 2018, 01:28
Peter Hardy
Ha ha! So am I brother, so am I!
29. December 2018, 02:51
Peter Hardy
More pix added
6. January 2019, 22:40
nice engines :)
6. January 2019, 23:09
Peter Hardy
Thank you!
7. January 2019, 04:25
Martin Oostrom
Sometimes when the cover picture stays the same, I forget to browse the pictures. Just looked through these and I have to say I'm very impressed with the improvement of your skills.
7. January 2019, 06:57
Peter Hardy
Thanks Martin. I might change the cover next time I upload a few more pix.
7. January 2019, 08:13
Bart Goesaert
Nice work on this beauty...
7. January 2019, 11:32
Peter Hardy
Thanks Bart! No Daisy to ride her though!
7. January 2019, 11:34
Nathan Dempsey
Nice! Love the exhaust coloring.
13. January 2019, 23:12
Peter Hardy
Thanks Nathan, it's that hardest thing to get right!
13. January 2019, 23:27
Ronny Verlaek
Nice work ...
13. January 2019, 23:44
Peter Hardy
Thanks Ronny!
13. January 2019, 23:50
Alexander G.
Terriffic double build, Peter! How did I miss it?? Did you use real leather for the seat? Looks awesome! Going to follow intently, one of my next projects will be a motorcycle. I might pick up a tip or two
14. January 2019, 06:03
Bart Goesaert
looking really good like this... in pic 57, don't forget to sand the attachment points of the PE-parts... something you see all too often...
14. January 2019, 08:15
Peter Hardy
Geeze Bart you had me floundering then! The PE parts are the handle end of glue applicators. The exhaust springs are a HIRO stock generic item and the loop brackets are scratched together.

Alex, the seat "leather" is a vinyl off the shelf self adhesive sheet. I will PM you as I need some help with something and you are the only person in the whole wide world who can assist!
14. January 2019, 08:28
Bart Goesaert
Ok, thought they ware some protection grid for the exhaust...
14. January 2019, 09:04
Alexander G.
"you are the only person in the whole wide world who can assist" I don't know if I can carry this burden, Peter :D
14. January 2019, 09:26
Peter Hardy
Well, maybe not the "only" person but ... ;)
14. January 2019, 11:28
Peter Hardy
Long way to go to sit comfortably under that title Lode. Kez has taught me so much but I have a long way to go. Still tearing up rice paper underfoot! I will make him proud one day though, I am determined to please my Master!
15. January 2019, 07:21
Kerry COX
Settle Grasshopper. ;)
Your so far ahead of all of us in so many ways.
I felt it was just your choice of paint that failed you in the finishing department, not your skills.
15. January 2019, 07:49
i am sure you are pleasing Kezza already. but there somebody a lot harder to please.... yourself ;)
16. January 2019, 10:38
Peter Hardy
Still got the hard part ahead. I can't use most of the decals as they are reversed colours. Wayne's bike had blue on top with red fairing panels. Decals are reversed! We will see if I can pull it off or bury it next to the Kawasaki. Time will tell ......
16. January 2019, 10:45
Bart Goesaert
where's that like button when you actually could use it for once...
16. January 2019, 10:46
Kerry COX
Peter. PLEASE. Take extra care with these decals, because being as old as they are, they will just shatter if handled too much. Use all the softener you can and wait for it to take effect. I can't implore you enough on this matter.
OR, to protect them completly, spray a diluted coat of 'liquid Decal film' over the whole sheet and let dry.
Then cut the decal away when ready, cutting right up to the coloured edge.
Mine failed misserably, and that was years ago.
16. January 2019, 14:56
Peter Hardy
Thanks Kez. The kits are new, the decals are Cartograph but softening them sounds like an excellent idea. I'll give it a try and PM you with any questions. There will be hundreds!
16. January 2019, 18:41
Kim Branders
Nice Peter.
21. January 2019, 06:45
Peter Hardy
Thanks Lode! Not a Master anything yet, got some problems to solve but will admit to improving bit by bit. I have some cables on the way for the next bike but I have another "little" build and then back to the Bismarck!
21. January 2019, 10:42
Peter Hardy
Thanks Kim, much appreciated. Not many Mates comment on bike builds so yours is appreciated!
21. January 2019, 10:44
Bart Goesaert
you are right with the out of scale cables... but otherwise it is a gem.. nice paintwork too so far...
21. January 2019, 12:49
Laurent PEREZ
your work on this nsr is magnificent.
21. January 2019, 14:45
Amazing job on those bikes Peter. simply excellent. about the cabling, i can suggest to check finishing shops. they have certain amount of wires, and in colors and various diameters. but you probably know that already.
how did you do the metal binders in the centre of picture 82 (the ones that hold the black pipe going to radiator)? they look real good
21. January 2019, 15:43
Kerry COX
I echo all the mates compliments and comments Peter.
Me lid I tip's. :)
As for the kit cables. I used the fine black vinyl tubing that fly fishing enthusiasts use to rig their fly's with. :) As I have done here. ;)
Tamiya Repsol MotoGp bike | Album by RedRoo
21. January 2019, 19:26
Peter Hardy
Bart & Kerry, I just happen to be going into town this weekend and I know where a fishing tackle shop is so I will be exploring their stocks!

Laurent, If I can achieve something like you have with your NSR I will be very happy!!

Jimbo, I know you aren't a fan of bikes but you don't have to be to enjoy the visible complexity of building them. The joy is most of the detailing you put effort into stays visible. Thanks for the wrap, appreciate it.

Spanjaard, BMF supplied by KC. I have bought some since but haven't actually used it yet. Kez warned me that there is an 'art' to using it and unfortunately I am not there yet! I still approach with enthusiasm but still feel like a klutz!!! Thanks for the positive feedback, I will surprise you one day with a well built pair of KR 500s!!
21. January 2019, 22:22
I wonder what i was thinking when I typed finishing shops, instead of fishing shops :P
I am sure your KR 500 will be much better than the one I have, no doubt about it.
21. January 2019, 22:32
Martin Oostrom
Kapow! This is a work of art Peter. Best one yet. More to come, so even more potential for improvement!
22. January 2019, 08:32
Peter Hardy
That's a big call Marty! Too many imperfections in the paint for that but a big step forward for me nonetheless. Should be finished in a couple of weeks if I have a win with painting the fairing!
22. January 2019, 10:40
remember that one when we comment on your builds, Lode ;)
22. January 2019, 23:03
Kerry COX
Very well put Lode.
Peter has all those qualities, and more. :)
22. January 2019, 23:51
Peter Hardy
Not to mention being so handsome!
23. January 2019, 00:17
Martin Oostrom
His most endearing quality is his total inability to gracefully accept some well deserved praise.
You're doing great buddy, just accept it!
23. January 2019, 11:23
Maurizio Pessina
Great work Peter!
24. January 2019, 23:20
Peter Hardy
Maurizio? Martin, go and get Maurizio a beer. Maurizio please take Martin's seat! He wasn't watching anyway!
25. January 2019, 07:54
25. January 2019, 08:35
Peter Hardy
You can sit next to me Martin. You can always sit next to me!
25. January 2019, 08:41
Maurizio Pessina
Peter, I think most of us want to seat next to you!
25. January 2019, 13:19
Martin Oostrom
He just wants to be able to blame me ;)
"I didn't break the suspension, Marty bumped into me!"
25. January 2019, 13:47
Peter Hardy
Lol! I got nothing!!
25. January 2019, 21:00
Chris Greathouse
Wow Peter... That's some detail you got going on there :) Amazing :D
29. January 2019, 02:28
Donald Dickson II
*pulls up a seat in the back* Another type of kit I have never done. Enjoying watching you guys knock them out. Making me want to get a Harley.
29. January 2019, 04:07
Bart Goesaert
Awful? Looks good. Maybe a small repair in the blue, but it's not An easy area, but otherwise great work with the tape
29. January 2019, 05:08
Peter Hardy
Chris and Bart, thank you for the positive comments. Getting a bit annoyed with myself with rushing to get a result I think. Welcome along Don, got a seat up here at the front mate, Marty will make a bit of room for you. Go get the Harley, but you'd better get some extra black gloss and chrome to cover your needs!
29. January 2019, 06:13
Martin Oostrom
Yeah, DD2 is here! Want some beer, nuts?
Pete, sit down and do your exercises. Breathe in, breathe out, puff puff puff! Calm down and fix this thing, we all know you can do it
29. January 2019, 07:03
Kerry COX
Right now, With the extreme heat wave conditions we are experiencing here. Spraying ANYTHING with any sort of paint is dicing with the devil, as most of the atomized pint would be bone dry well before it gets to the model.
Great work so far Peter.
29. January 2019, 08:03
Peter Hardy
I can get it right, that's why I am doing the testing. Been raining all day here and still not a puddle on the ground. The earth is parched! Kez, I'll put a few more pics up tomorrow morning with the Italian red on the seat unit. Lode? Stop pumping my tyres! They will explode soon! ;)
29. January 2019, 10:10
Kerry COX
I have been keeping my eye on the rain fall up there Peter and imagining just how green it will all look soon.
Looking forward to the pics mate. ;)
I am on the verge of building the Trumpeter 1/32 F-100D for the nationals in Melbourne. With all the bells and whistles too. :)
29. January 2019, 21:19
Chris Greathouse
Can you describe the process of how you did the colors on the pipes in pic #7. That is a very interesting look and great for the bike :)
29. January 2019, 21:25
Peter Hardy
Kez, if you're going to go, GO BIG! Our "rain" in Moranbah has been a 3 day scotch mist. No puddles on the ground but things are getting green. It'll burn off when the sun comes out though. Back to the four year drought!

Chris, the pipes have been painted entirely with Alclad II lacquers.
ALC-414 Sepia with no black base. It would be too shiny with a base.
ALC-411 Red
ALC-413 Blue
ALC-417 Violet

Each colour must have time to harden or it will blend with what's already there. Not what you want so in short, patience is required.
29. January 2019, 22:10
Peter Hardy
Do they get that hot inside????? This might be more appropriate.
29. January 2019, 22:15
Martin Oostrom
Exhaust gasses for a modern diesel reach 600 Celsius. Not sure about the heat requirement for generating super heated steam. AND the resulting cool down up to the funnel.
Wouldn't the paint on the exterior peel off as well?
29. January 2019, 22:18
Martin Oostrom
Wikipedia'd this. Firebox temp is approximately 2500C Superheater is approximately 1300-1600C. Haven't found exhaust temperatures yet. Temps are a bit higher than I imagined!
29. January 2019, 22:28
Thomas Benzinger
Oh my god, this one's also absolutely stunning, mate!
29. January 2019, 22:59
Donald Dickson II
All Harleys are not black you know. LOL This is mine.

29. January 2019, 23:48
Chris Greathouse
Cool... and must be a difficult technique.... I'm blown away :)
30. January 2019, 00:10
Peter Hardy
Martin and Lode, I am pretty sure that the temp at the top of the funnel would be still hot but doubt it would be that hot to discolour the metal. If it was I doubt gunners would be manning gun mounts attached to the funnel.

Thomas, thanks for the encouragement mate. I have some issues as a builder which I am still to beat but some new skills are coming through. I hope I will one day be up there with you and KC!

DD II. If it isn't black it isn't a Harley. There aren't many Harley kits around so the choice is limited. I'm not a Harley fan but have a Road Train Driver here that wants me to build him one.
30. January 2019, 00:23
Peter Hardy
Well, that settles it. I think?
30. January 2019, 07:50
Bart Goesaert
splendid work on the masking...
30. January 2019, 08:50
Peter Hardy
Thanks Bart! I have a couple of "leaks" but I am getting the hang of it now.

Lode, got plenty left for the Bismarck and the Dazzle! ;)
1. February 2019, 09:33
Peter Hardy
Some success and a failure!
4. February 2019, 01:00
Alexander G.
There is no failure, Peter, just lessons learned! Great progress m8
4. February 2019, 19:57
Michael Hickey
These two girls are coming along at a nice steady pace.
4. February 2019, 22:15
Great work! What colors did you use for the blueing on the exhaust?
5. February 2019, 01:12
Peter Hardy
Thanks M M. All Alclad hot metal. There is actually four colours there. Sepia for the base, then hot metal blue, violet and red.
5. February 2019, 01:40
Thanks Pete! Good to know
5. February 2019, 01:41
Chris Greathouse
Wow!!!!! Great decal application! Sharp!
11. February 2019, 22:39
Michael Hickey
That fairing looks absolutely beautiful, well done mate.
11. February 2019, 23:10
Donald Dickson II
Looks awesome!
12. February 2019, 00:15
Peter Hardy
Thank you one and all! This has been a very long haul, almost like building a battleship. Thank goodness there is no PE.
12. February 2019, 01:32
Kerry COX
I tip's me lid Peter. Still light years ahead in your attention to detail. Salute. ;)
12. February 2019, 01:41
Tom Beighley
Top shelf work mate.
12. February 2019, 01:51
Chris Greathouse
(what's PE?)
12. February 2019, 04:18
Peter Hardy
Photo Etch brass fine detail. Available to masochists, morons and modellers. Bismark | Album by Cracka (1:350)
12. February 2019, 05:26
Peter Hardy
Thanks Tom!

Kezza, I'll PM you.
12. February 2019, 05:27
Bart Goesaert
Cracking job... Really nice work, much harder to achieve this result then one thinks.
12. February 2019, 05:48
Peter Hardy
Thanks Bart, more than a few lessons learned.
12. February 2019, 09:47
Chris Greathouse
@Peter I see what you mean, that's insane! Just looking at that PE scares me lol, I'll stick to decals. (and thanks for your help on the truck, just waiting for some colors in the mail to get here to start :) )
12. February 2019, 10:11
looking really good Peter
12. February 2019, 10:13
Peter Hardy
You're welcome Chris.

Spanjaard, thanks, been a huge project!
12. February 2019, 11:20
Peter Hardy
It's no masterpiece Lode but it is an improvement. It should be finished when I work out these HONDA decals + 2 weeks. Getting a hankering for a big German Battleship again!
13. February 2019, 03:51
Peter Hardy
My own worst critic maybe but so many many problems with what I thought would be simple reversal of colours! Too much handling of the model and too much damage with glues. But, .... :)
14. February 2019, 07:29
Bart Goesaert
everybody is his own worst critic... unfortunately... but it is still looking good...
14. February 2019, 07:39
Peter Hardy
So true! Started cutting out the HONDA from the blue background tonight. Won't know how I went until the decal starts sliding off the backing paper.
14. February 2019, 12:03
Martin Oostrom
After my extensive experience building Honda bikes (yes, the one), I can only say that I'm once more very impressed by your bike building skills Buddy. Sometimes a bit of stumbling improves the walking abilities. First walk, then run :) You are running quite fast
14. February 2019, 14:10
Michael Hickey
Look out Bolt, here comes Peter. ;) :)
14. February 2019, 23:56
Peter Hardy
Sorry, I don't share your confidence but never doubt I am out there giving it every effort!
15. February 2019, 01:23
Chris Greathouse
Definitely a labor of love... or madness :P Good Stuff :D !
15. February 2019, 02:29
Michael Hickey
You underestimate yourself in what you can achieve, just believe and it will be. ;)
15. February 2019, 03:03
Peter Hardy
More pics added.
15. February 2019, 03:47
Donald Dickson II
You are totally kicking this things ass. Even with the oopsies here and there. I do love watching your builds.
15. February 2019, 04:30
Peter Hardy
Thanks Don! I do try to entertain!!
15. February 2019, 04:32
Michael Hickey
Looking good mate, looks like you got fuel in your fuel lines from the top of the tank in pic 107 or am I mistaken and my eyes deceive me.
15. February 2019, 06:04
Peter Hardy
No, your not being deceived. I have either been soaking clear tube in 2stroke mower fuel for 3 months or I bought some brown tube. Can't remember which! Lode, put your glasses on then look!
15. February 2019, 07:04
Bart Goesaert
thumbs up for the Honda cutting... becoming a real masterpiece. Haven't seen it in the other pictures, but one of the coolers in front has a mold-line which is rather prominent, the other one seem to have it removed (pic 65/107/10 8)
15. February 2019, 07:17
Kerry COX
Peter. I posted a whole lot of images of the micro tubing and sizes. These may be of help.

Ultra thin plastic tubing. | Album by RedRoo
15. February 2019, 09:05
Peter Hardy
Bart, yep you caught me! I decided not to redo it because it will be behind the fairing. It is prominent though. No one in this house will give it anymore than a casual glance and a cursory "Yes, very nice dear, will you take the rubbish out now please"? Why I live and die on things like his I dunno, unless you are a modeller you wouldn't actually notice! What I have struggled with on this build is excessive handling of the model and wearing the paint.

Thanks Kez, I'll google the brand and buy in some stocks! I also thought I'd look for some braided line. I did buy some Tamiya product but it was way oversized for bikes.
15. February 2019, 22:47
Peter Hardy
Jimbo, I need an arvo at your place, a few beers and a long talk on a subject dear to us both!
16. February 2019, 00:11
Michael Hickey
That's alright Pete, I was reading my online news articles this morning and there was one particular article I thought humorous, the headline read a tourist wanted to know the way to DRIVE from Sydney to New Zealand. You could read the article to get the directions and meet up with old Jimbo. ;)
16. February 2019, 03:23
Peter Hardy
Not a bad idea Mick. I'll take the company fourby just in case there is a water crossing along the way. Don't want to take the Patrol over there. It'd probably get stolen. Wanna come along and drink Jimbo's beer?
16. February 2019, 04:11
Martin Oostrom
Would be a nice trip. Can someone send me some directions as well? already have been to the Original zealand many times. The new one could be interesting ;)
16. February 2019, 05:01
Michael Hickey
Yeah shore mate, why not, I'm always up for an adventure, besides the more of us Aussie's at his place the quicker we'll go through his beer. Hear that Jimbo, you'd better start stocking up we're on our way. :D
16. February 2019, 05:29
Peter Hardy
Martin, just go to the beach and turn left. I'll be down that way somewhere.

I was over there a year ago for my honeymoon. Watched a bloke pour a bottle of Alka Seltza down a hole in the ground and all this water came spewing out. He called it a geyser. Think I'd rather have just stayed in Auckland and had a beer with Jimbo.
16. February 2019, 08:17
Donald Dickson II
New Zealand doesnt exist. Its just a figment. I mean they dont put it on half the maps out there. ;)
16. February 2019, 14:58
Kerry COX
And when was Tasmania set free to drift the southern Antarctic seas. :-O ?
16. February 2019, 22:38
Clifford Keesler
You guys don't drink beer, it's bloody snake oil or something like that. LOL.
16. February 2019, 23:13
Kerry COX
Goanna oil extract is what we like to add to our beers here. Giving our beer that extra bite. ;) hehehehehehe
17. February 2019, 00:22
Clifford Keesler
When I was in Vietnam, we used to drink this beer called Tiger Beer, it was made from rice but it tasted more like panther piss. LOL.
17. February 2019, 01:27
Donald Dickson II
Annnnnd you know how panther piss tastes????? LMAO
17. February 2019, 01:41
Clifford Keesler
Very funny Donald. LMAO.
17. February 2019, 01:48
Peter Hardy
All finished!
19. February 2019, 23:56
Chris Greathouse
Those are fantastic! I love the photo journey too!!!
20. February 2019, 00:44
Kerry COX
You have excelled yourself Peter.
Great determination to better every step you took.
A masterful result you can be justly proud of. :) :) :)
20. February 2019, 00:55
Michael Hickey
You should be very happy with what you have done with these two beautiful kits. If you photoshoped these in the pits down at Phillip Island I'd swear they'd look the real deal. Well done mate, no more complaining from you how your not a top notch modeler, your up there with the best.
20. February 2019, 01:16
Alec K
I agree completely - very well done mate
20. February 2019, 02:39
Kerry COX
Beautifully put Michael. :) Totally agree. :)
20. February 2019, 02:42
Donald Dickson II
They already said everything. Awesome!
20. February 2019, 04:24
Martin Oostrom
One, no two, of the better bikes here. The next one will be THE best!? May I suggest a Yamaha?
20. February 2019, 06:32
Peter Hardy
Wow! I am humbled! Thank you all as a group of friends and also as individual fellow modellers!! A special thank you to Kerry for showing me sooooooooooooo many new techniques and to Marty and Don who have dusted me off so many times. Alec K and Chris, thanks for your support!
20. February 2019, 06:49
Kerry COX
The grasshopper has attained much in self discipline. ;)
Just what is going to satisfy you in the bike department now Peter. ?
I have seen some nice ones done by Hasegawa, especially the Rothmans Yamaha. ;)
Hasegawa 1:12 Honda NSR500 1989 WGP500 Champion Eddie Lawson Model
20. February 2019, 06:51
Bart Goesaert
Nice pair ...

of motorcycles....

Beautiful result...
20. February 2019, 07:10
Peter Hardy
A short break from the bikes Kez. However I am now the proud owner of 5 KR 500s so chances it could be one of them or, one of 5 NSRs or, Kevin Magee's 88 Jam Jar. Still got another NS500 too! Decisions decisions!

Thanks Bart!
20. February 2019, 09:49
Brad Furminger
Fantastic work, Peter. They look ready for cruising.
20. February 2019, 10:52
Bart Goesaert
@brad, I'll take the one with seat then ;)
20. February 2019, 11:18
Peter Hardy
Yeah, the naked one might get a bit warm on the bum!

Thanks Lode, you inspire me young man!

Cheers Brad!
20. February 2019, 11:25
Kim Branders
Excellent Peter. I got the kawsaki ninja h2r from MENG because of you, damm you :)
20. February 2019, 20:04
Kerry COX
Peter. You have set the world of modelling on fire with these superb builds mate. ;)
Hard to stop when your on a roll. !
Varoom. !!! :)
20. February 2019, 20:37
excellent job Peter. you should be really prod of what you have done
20. February 2019, 22:38
Peter Hardy
Thanks Jimbo!!

Kim, let me know how the Meng kit works out, it looks interesting. Did you get the pre painted or the unpainted kit? Happy to encourage someone to try building a bike. They are so visible! You can't hide a flaw!!

Oh stop it Kerry, I'm all embarrassed! I want two sets of hands, two brains and two workspaces so I can build MORE kits! I LOVE MY HOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Spanjaard! I am, sorta. Enie meanie miney mo, which motorcycle is next to go??????
21. February 2019, 01:12
Chris Greathouse
This is me too :P - "I want two sets of hands, two brains and two workspaces so I can build MORE kits! I LOVE MY HOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Great Bikes!
21. February 2019, 01:19
Tim Heimer
Out standing work my man! O.k who did you pay to do those? LOL!
23. February 2019, 01:58
Peter Hardy
Shush! Some one might hear you!
23. February 2019, 06:11
Martin Oostrom
I love the hobby as well. And the mates it brings from around the globe
23. February 2019, 10:37
Peter Hardy
Global village Marty, we are all related to each other. Some closer than others! We should do our usual thank you to Tim for the thousand friendships he has sponsored with his web site! Thanks Tim!
23. February 2019, 11:18
Tim Heimer
You're welcome! LOL!
23. February 2019, 13:35
Alec K
Well said Mr. Hardy
23. February 2019, 14:52
well said Peter. at the moment, i wish i could have some time and place for modelling....but the time is near :)
25. February 2019, 22:10

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