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Mike Daniels (mikedan)

Airfix - Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 'Tropical'.


22. April 2018, 15:17
Very nice Hurrie. Well done, Mike. Congrats!
22. April 2018, 17:28
Mike Daniels
Thanks Cuajete. Its an unusual scheme.
22. April 2018, 20:05
Peter Hardy
Ohhh Mike! That is beautiful Mate. Love it!
23. April 2018, 20:55
Martin Oostrom
Superb Cane.
23. April 2018, 20:56
Mike Daniels
Thanks Peter and Martin. This was a bit of an experiment really just attempting some weathering effects. Great little kit. The open gun bays are a definite plus.
23. April 2018, 21:07
Peter Hardy
Well, you've done a brilliant job Mike. The work on the exhaust soot staining the fuselage is just perfect. I am MIGHTILY impressed!!!
24. April 2018, 00:28
Mike Daniels
Thanks again Peter.

Yeah it turned out sort of ok. I just use diluted black/brown enamel paint for the weathering/smoke. You have to be careful the mix doesn't take off the underlying layer of varnish. Done that a few times!! Makes a real mess. Work in progress really. I am working up to doing the Airfix 1/48 Walrus soon which has similar effects. Cheers mate.
24. April 2018, 08:40
Tim Heimer
Another fine piece for your collection! Have you tried pastel chalk painting for detailing smoke and wreathing?
24. April 2018, 12:35
Gordon Sørensen
Great looking Hurricane, Mike! Nice work on the gun bay.
24. April 2018, 14:39
Mike Daniels
Thank you Timothy and Gordon.

Timothy - I have not used pastel chalks before but seem some amazing results. Do you have any examples ?

Gordon - Yes the gun bay(s) are a very nice addition. They are a bit basic but look good when nestled in the open wing compartment. I wonder if there are any third party options available? Eduard do a very nice one for Spits.
24. April 2018, 15:41
Tim Heimer
I do, both my helicopters, Po's X-wing has a lot, Dirt in the bed of my Tamaya figures pics, the Hellcat, Ect. I was able to help Peter Hardy in using them and he loves it, used it on his last model for the 1st time. The uses are endless, examples, black-gray for smoke, brown-tan for dirt, I just used white for the 1st time for water splash on my pirates models. it's almost like a wash in some cases , but it's like painting with a transparent paint. To use get a small container/cup/ shot glass and you scrape the chalk stick with a modeling knife to make the powder. the add a small amount of water to it and mix a few seconds with desired paint brush and paint it where subtle highlights are wanted. let dry and wipe away where not wanted or use a damp paint brush. since it's the last thing I do before putting it in a case, I don't clear coat it, other people do a flat clear coat on it to prevent accidently wiping it off due to handling. I bought a small chalk kit with about 10 of the colors I use for about $8 usd, Peter went all out for about $30 Aussie cash for about 30 colors! This chalk will last a LONG time due to how little you use. The thickness of how much water to chalk you use, you will have to play with for effect your looking for. Mostly it should be watery. Feel free to tag me with any questions you might have. Happy modeling!
24. April 2018, 18:28
Manuel Schwarzenberger
Wow! Great Paintjob! The Weathering is Perfect in my opinion .... congrats 👍
24. April 2018, 19:41
Tim Heimer
It is good, he had mentioned he was trying different weathering and I mentioned the pastel chalks.
24. April 2018, 20:06
Mike Daniels
Thank you so much Timothy for all that very useful info. Yes, I will certainly be giving the chalk pastel technique a go. My only worry is painting on a final layer of varnish. Wont it smudge ?

I have found a nice limited colour range pastel set on amazon that looks like just the ticket;

This is the Koh-i-nor set. Just the right colours for highlighting.
24. April 2018, 20:53
Mike Daniels
Thanks Manuel. Its a bit rough and ready but hopefully gets somewhere near the box artwork (which is excellent). I do wish Airfix would give credit to their cover artists.
24. April 2018, 21:02
Tim Heimer
Mike that does look like a good set to work with, comparable to mine. As long as the final layer is put on lightly you should have no problem. Try testing first because everything has an exception in this world! LOL
24. April 2018, 21:03
Mike Daniels
Thanks Timothy thats great. A whole new technique to play with!! That will keep me busy for months.
24. April 2018, 21:09
Tim Heimer
As I was just in the shower I happen to think..Oh Snap! Just to clarify..you must spray final coat! other than that it will smudge with a brush! And yes it is so nice to have another option to use! You can even mix the colors at the same mix to get the color effect you want!
24. April 2018, 21:32
Tim Heimer
Glad I could help you learn this, like Peter said just another tool in my tool box to use, or he said something like that! LOL
24. April 2018, 21:34
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Nice job Mike
24. April 2018, 21:36
Peter Hardy
Sometime Timothy, I just shake my head!
25. April 2018, 00:15
Tim Heimer
Whaaat now?
25. April 2018, 00:27


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