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Rick Taylor (MasterGunner)

Mortaio da 149

This is an Italian license built variant of the Krupp 150mm Morser M1881. In 1881 it was a good, modern weapon. By the time that WW1 rolled around, it was thoroughly obsolete. It lacked a recoil system and had to be re-laid between shots. However, the Italians desperately needed artillery; so, they were pressed into service.

The kit from Vargas Scale Models is a little jewel. The resin 3-D printed parts are delicate and highly detailed. The kit includes the ammunition and implements associated with the weapon.

I decided to finish this as it would have appear in WW1 - very worn; but well maintained. The hairspray techniques was used to give it that worn look. I gouged up the wooden platform to give it a very used appearance. After priming with Mr Surfacer 1500 black, I used the excellent LifeColor Rust and Dust set for the platform metal metal work and an uneven coat of Tamiya XF-78 Wooden Deck Tan for the wooden parts. I gave the wooden portion a sloppy coat of Winsor & Newton oils and wiped up the excess until it looked like old wood. After a coat of hairspray, I gave everything a light coat of Tamiya XF65 Field Gray. Much of this was peeled/chipped off with a flat brush and water. After drying, I sealed it with Model Master Sealer for Metalizer. After hairspraying again, I gave it a light coat of Life Color UA 213 Grigio Verde Chiaro. Most of this was again peeled off with a damp flat brush to reveal the underlying colors. Weathering was accomplished with W&N oils and with AK enamel weathering products. After sealing with Model Master Clear Flat, I hit the wear areas with a 6B pencil and Ushi Chrome pigment.


26 4 September 2021, 19:02
Bruce Huxtable
Liking this unusual subject, and the pattinations you have achieved.
4 September 2021, 19:11
Rui S
Great weathering 👍
4 September 2021, 19:28
Rick Taylor
Thanks Rui and Bruce! This was only my second attempt with the hairspray technique. It worked great.
4 September 2021, 20:38
I agree with Bruce and Rui.
6 September 2021, 10:11
Robert Podkoński
Looks menacingly realistic. Congrats again, Rick!
6 September 2021, 10:33
Pierre-Christian Baudru
6 September 2021, 11:18
Rick Taylor
Thanks guys!. I am really happy with the way that this turned out. I got the old, worn, but well maintained look.
6 September 2021, 17:16
beautiful job
20 June, 21:04
Rick Taylor
Thank you, Spanjaard. I brought an award home from the IPMS USA Nationals 2021 for this model.
21 June, 02:30
Michael Kohl
Great finish. Thanx for laying out you technique. Very informative.
21 June, 04:44
congratulations Rick, well deserved 🙂
21 June, 07:34
Rick Taylor
Thank you!
22 June, 16:07
That's a gem. Great painting and weathering!
26 June, 08:50
Rick Taylor
Thank you, Vytautas!
26 June, 14:22


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1:35 149mm Mortar/Howitzer (Vargas Scale Models R3D-017)

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