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Rick Taylor (MasterGunner)

US Holt Steam Wheel Tank

The United States entered WW1 totally unprepared and unequipped for modern warfare. The Holt Manufacturing Company (now known as Caterpillar), had been making giant, steam powered, wheeled agricultural tractors for years. They bolted some armor around one, added two 6-pounder guns and two machine guns to see if it would work as a tank. The US Army testing did not start out well - it got stuck right away. Further testing wasn't a lot better. The single prototype, which was the US's third attempt at an indigenous tank was preserved at Aberdeen Proving Grounds for a number of years.

This is another unique Vargas Scale Models resin 3D printed kit in 1:35 scale. The parts count is low with minimal clean-up and prep needed. The big metal wheels provided an opportunity to try out my recently acquired Life Color Rust and Dust paint set. This stuff yielded great results when dabbed on with a sponge.

I finished it with Vallejo's US Olive Drab Primer. I weathered it with a Winsor & Newton Oils and AK Interactive enamel weathering potions and pigments.

It's a big, weird beast and has generated a lot of discussion in the Seattle IPMS Zoom build sessions.

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Very interesting model. Nice weathering!
11 August 2021, 00:16
Rick Taylor
Thanks RK!
11 August 2021, 05:25
Mark K
Another lovely model - great work!
11 August 2021, 06:24
You did it again: another rarity in top presentation!
11 August 2021, 09:47
Rick Taylor
Thanks Mark and Neuling. One of the advantages of doing a number of these 3D printed kits, is that I spend less time building and more time finishing. My painting and weathering is improving with the practice. I do have to get back to some more traditional kits as I really enjoy the building and scratching conversions.
11 August 2021, 16:36
Robert Podkoński
All these praises are fully deserved, Rick - another fantastic model of exotic war machine!
11 August 2021, 17:29
Rick Taylor
Thank you Robert. I do like the unusual subjects.
11 August 2021, 17:51
Robert Podkoński
Me too, Rick 😉 the flying ones mainly, but the ones you present here are equally fascinating.
11 August 2021, 19:13
Rui S
Very Nice work 👍
15 August 2021, 17:22
Rick Taylor
Thanks Rui!
15 August 2021, 21:39


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1:35 Holt 3-Wheel Steam Tank 1917 (Vargas Scale Models R3D-048)

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