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Michael Stewart (Stewhead)

1/35 Magrius RSO/03 - Italeri

First attempt at a tiny little RSO. The PAK40 is long gone so substituting in a 20mm FLAK38. Fuel barrels, jerry cans and crates are 3D printed in resin. Red "friend or foe" identification tarp is lead sheet from a wine bottle.


17 | 7. April, 12:36
Jeremy O
Wonderful build
7. April, 14:01
Rui S
I agree, Very well done, and nice figure painting too 👍
7. April, 21:22
I agree with Jeremy and Rui. 👍
8. April, 08:36
Michael Stewart
Thanks! Really was a fun build but the Italeri kit is showing its age lol!
8. April, 23:51
Rui S
The dificult I had in mine where the kit tracks😉
8. April, 23:55


1:35 Steyr RSO/03 (Italeri 361)1:35 RSO Tractor Replacement Individual Tracks (Modelkasten SK-33)1:35 20mm Flakvierling 38 mit Sd.Ah.52 (Tamiya 35091)1+
Steyr RSO/03
3R Military Wehrmacht Heer (German Army 1935-1945)

1944 World War 2
Dark yellow

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