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Villiers de Vos (Villiers)

Drakkar, Oseberg

Viking ship, model in wood by Korabel.
This is a single plank on bulkhead model.
This is my second model in wood, and my first ship.
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82 | 22. February, 03:21
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Villiers de Vos
Should you seek to enter into the world of ship building in wood, I would suggest that you first attempt should be a similar subject. A subject with a decent scale, modest construction (frame, planking, decks, shaping/carving parts) and rigging.
7. March, 10:47
Villiers de Vos
There are clear laser markings indicating where modifications are necessary.
On Rib 0 a rotary tool, a verity of files and sandpaper were used.
On Rib 01 thru Rib 07 a verity of files and sandpaper were used. Chamfering required are more pronounced the further away towards the stern and the bow you move from the Rib in the center. The use of a scalpel was found to be more effective to chamfer the top two levels of each Rib.
9. March, 08:02
Emil Stojanov
I have a sweet spot for drakars. following
9. March, 10:56
Ben M
9. March, 13:43
Villiers de Vos
Thank you. I hope to do the model justice.
10. March, 18:07
Villiers de Vos
The next order of business will be chamfering the bow and the stern (a sharp etch is required), followed by looking how the deck planking will lay between Rib 08 and the bow/stern. As soon as that has been addressed, I need to address the "wobble) in the keel, and only then glue the ribs in place.
Thanks for watching.
10. March, 18:11
Gordon Sørensen
Great progress, Villiers! Looking forward to watching your construction. I have a Revell 1/50 Viking Ship in the stash to do one day.
10. March, 18:45
Rui S
I like it 👍
10. March, 21:16
Looks like fun. I know it would be difficult to find, but a few figures would look very nice there I think. 🙂
10. March, 21:22
Villiers de Vos
Emil: The Drakkar seemed to me a logical choice to "ease" into wooden ship building. Sofar, I am happy with my choice.
Ben, Gordon, Rui and Treehugger: Thank you for your encouragement. I must still gather enough courage to attempt figure painting....
11. March, 19:00
Villiers de Vos
Today, like a big old sissy, I tried to postpone chamfering the keel. Hence the sub-assemblies 🙂
If I had to build this particular model again, I will chamfer the bow and the stern posts before gluing the posts to the rest of the keel. But all in all, I am happy with the results.
I am entertaining the idea to fix the small wobble in the keel and then covering the keel with planking. That way, I can ensure that the ribs are seated at the same depth.
11. March, 19:06
Villiers de Vos
Planking the keel is the first step into "dressing" up the frame of the Drakkar. This brings about the challenge of simulating nails that were used. Cursory research showed that the keel and stems were joined using scarf joints which are fastened with three iron rivets each. At scale 1/25, sewing pins with heads may be in scale. Although pins and eyebolts made from copper or copper plated may be more aesthetically pleasing, but using common stainless pins and eyebolts may be closer to the right material? Next week, after addressing the keel, the frames will get a final onceover before being glued. I will also continue with some of the repetitive subassemblies such as the roving benches (x30), shields (x30) and oars (x30).
13. March, 04:37
What a😎 project, follow this 👍
13. March, 06:31
Rui S
14. March, 11:18
Villiers de Vos
Rui: The completed model is nearly 1m long 🙂
14. March, 11:25
Rui S
Big and Beautifuly done. 👍 Respect
14. March, 11:30
Sergej I
Following! Floki would envy you😉 👍
14. March, 11:34
Villiers de Vos
Torsten, Rui and Sergej: Thank you for your encouragement!
14. March, 12:10
Villiers de Vos
Yesterday and today while waiting for supplies, I spend the time on shaping the parts required for steering the Drakkar, storage of oars, laminating the large main support for the mast as well as 14 seaman chests.
16. March, 18:37
Villiers de Vos
The project has seen progress. Planking started, and the first belt looks good.
21. March, 03:19
Nice progress 👍
21. March, 07:28
Villiers de Vos
Yesterday I laid the second belt of planking and when this morning I checked on my work, I was not satisfied at all. Because the clinker style of planking is so, and forms such an important part of the model, I decided to remove all the planking (fortunately only two belts). By using alcohol, 90% (not for steadying my nerves), the glue could be softened and the planking could be removed with the minimum damage.
The rest of today was spent inserting inserts between the ribs preventing warping/twisting as well as cleaning up the keel, ribs and planking. I should be able to start planking tomorrow again.
23. March, 19:11
Pierre Vauthier
this is magistral building congratulation !
24. March, 13:31
Good luck and patience, I cross my fingers 👍
24. March, 14:55
Pierre Vauthier
fingers crossed too
24. March, 20:19
Villiers de Vos
The results of today was much better. A big thank you for the words of encouragement.
24. March, 20:46
Doug Craven
Wow! It builds. like a real boat!
8. April, 02:10
Impresionante trabajo, es una obra de artesanía! Seguiré su trabajo. Seguro que le quedará esp! Animo!
21. April, 07:01
Dominik Weitzer
Wow! a ton of work here!
5. May, 06:18
a ton of work indeed. will be a huge beutiful ship
5. May, 09:18
Villiers de Vos
@Doug: It's true. That is the nature of most wooden ship models.
@David C, Gastón, Dominik and Spanjaard: Indeed a lot of work, but also very relaxing.
Again thank you for your encouragement.
8. May, 17:37
Villiers de Vos
Today, a personal milestone was reached with the hull planking completed. My aim was to accomplish symmetry, and by and large I believe that I have accomplished that. With the planking of the hull completed, 1) The sanding and staining of the hull outside and inside will be tackled, 2)The deck planking will be laid, 3) Fittings will be placed, and 4) Rigging.
8. May, 17:42
Looks great, stay on target 👍
8. May, 17:48
Gordon Sørensen
The planking looks great, Villiers! Coming together nicely!
9. May, 13:07
Villiers de Vos
@Torsten and Gordon, thank you.
The goal for next week remain to 1) complete the deck planking, 2) the standing rigging to the main mast, and 3) decorative pieces.
5. June, 19:54
What a work!!! 😎
That's so different from what I do in model building, I show you my respect, really great work, ❤️️ it
6. June, 08:38
Beautiful shaped vessel, well done, lots of admiring to do
6. June, 09:37
Dean Cikins
I love it! I want to try a wooden ship someday
23. June, 02:42
?Comming along nicely Villiers, your tenacity is paying off
23. June, 07:07
Bruce Huxtable
Very impressive work Villiers, she is looking splendid.
23. June, 07:21
Robert Podkoński
With all that experience with building the ship it looks like the next level will be building the real one...;) Truly impresive!
23. June, 07:27
Villiers de Vos
Thank you for all your kind words, it is much appreciated.
@Dean, I recommend that you do try a wooden ship. It is very rewarding for me and and a complete change of pace for me from building plastic kits. This is my first wooden ship, but not my last I hope.
25. June, 19:06
Villiers de Vos
I have kept myself busy learning to read the rigging drawings and learning to make the specific knots. On this a lesson learned is that you must treat the ropes/threads with beeswax, be prepared to use more rope than required, be patient and finally trim it back to the required length.
Next I will start work on the main sail, attaching the sail to the yard and attaching the running rigging.
25. June, 19:12
Bruce Huxtable
She's coming to life and looking great ?
25. June, 19:41
David Taylor
As above.
25. June, 20:17
Wow this is comming along beautiful, it's going to be quite a statement where ever you place this.
26. June, 00:58
Villiers de Vos
I started work today on the main sail, and posted a few photographs
28. June, 18:00
As I like to work with real wood I need to watch this build! Nice work so far 👍
28. June, 18:24
Bruce Huxtable
How are you joining the strips back together, Villiers? Next steps? Hope it's going well ?
15. July, 17:49
Villiers de Vos
Bruce, using white glue, I paint a strip between 1mm and 3mm wide. I then overlap the area painted with glue with the next strip. I then finally use a steam iron to apply heat to the joint.
The next step will be to fold back the borders, secure the bolt rope on the perimeters and finally to secure the running rigging.
15. July, 20:01
Villiers de Vos
I am placing the project on hold for a short while. Please stay stunned for the next grueling episode which will be in September.
15. July, 20:03
The break between two seasons is always gruesome. 😄
Keep up the good work, Villiers. It's a really nice ship. 👍
15. July, 20:06
Bruce Huxtable
She is resting but will awaken when you return.... We'll survive somehow ?
15. July, 20:12
Evander Borg
Villiers, your post has inspired me to go into my stash and consider starting work on some Billing and Amati model kits I have. But, as you say, after September because Summer in Malta is too hot to work on big models. I look forward to your next post.
1. August, 08:02
Pierre Vauthier
very nice detailing of the build and thank you for sharing the tips. what varnish teint do you use for the deck ?
1. August, 08:26
I really like the look of the dark deck/wood varnishing.
1. August, 08:39
Have a nice and refreshing vacation, Villiers. 👍
1. August, 10:08
Villiers de Vos
@WhiteGlint, Bruce and Evander: The break from the ship is certainly enjoyable. I will hopefully return with new focus and energy. I am already considering my next projects which will be Columbus' three ships (smallest to the largest one). Fingers crossed!
1. August, 10:51
Villiers de Vos
@Evander and Pierre: I would be interested in hearing your opinion with regards to good manufacturers. Or is it case of what you make of a particular model?
1. August, 10:55
Villiers de Vos
@Pierre, I owe you an answer. I remembered that the tint is "Old Oak", but I cannot remember the manufacturer's name.
@Treehugger, The colour was recommended by the designer/manufacturer. After watching all the seasons of Vikings back-to-back, I have to agree with his choice 🙂
Some of the purists have you covered your model in matt varnish. My personal taste is to hand paint my ship in semi-gloss clear varnish. I may reconsider areas which are painted. Again, it is your model, your joy, your taste.
1. August, 11:01
Evander Borg
Villiers, I have found that Amati make good wooden kits. You will have to research a bit (that is after all part of the fun) both on construction techniques as well as the actual ship itself. I have found sites similar to Scalemates but dedicated to wooden ships very useful. Billings Boats has a nice selection also.
1. August, 11:17
Villiers de Vos
Thank you Evander, and I agree with you on the research part. Me, having started with a less complex kit also helped to develop and to be bold.
1. August, 11:32
Are you planning to sail to Denmark ?
10. August, 20:45
Villiers de Vos
Ha ha! I just might
10. August, 21:06
Like your woodwork. I'm struggling with my Black Pearl - can't cope with dry brush over black primer 🙂. Looking around for tutorials, howtos - doesn't help yet
14. September, 08:39
Pierre Vauthier
so nice very inspiring what teinte did you use for the deck ? it is very dark and look good
14. September, 12:55
Villiers de Vos
@Pierre, the tint that I used on the deck and the entire model is a dark oak. Before applying the the stain I tested it on the actual wood. Exactly the same way you tested your San Francisco cross section. After the tint dried, I polished the surface using a Dremel tool and finally covered the surface with semi-gloss clear.
@i_nook, I am still learning painting techniques myself. I am also following your SMK Project with interest.
15. September, 06:45
Villiers, your new facial tattoos and long sword, are they really helping your relationships?
15. September, 11:49
Ben M
@jonn you literally made me laugh out loud.
15. September, 15:51
Villiers de Vos
@John, with a face like mine anything and I mean anything can only enhance its features. The long sword compliments the peg leg, eyepatch and plastic parrot.
15. September, 17:52


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