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Larry K (LAK1961)


Back to the Future DeLorean

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20. June at 02:55:06 Share
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Gordon Sørensen 1/8 scale is going to be big! Going to be a long build...
23. June at 23:09:39
Larry K 20.7 inches long, 9.1 inches wide, and 5.6 inches high, time to build will be 2 1/2 years (it's a 130 issue subscription)
23. June at 23:20:08
Spanjaard Big hole in your wallet too, I guess
15. July at 16:57:16
Ferenc Sarka One of my favourite movies.
15. July at 17:13:42
Larry K Total Cost Estimated at $1,646.00 USD
15. July at 17:16:49
Spanjaard Holy ....
16. July at 00:17:14
Robbie WHAT ?!?!
16. July at 00:56:20
Brad Furminger Ok, this is just too nuts to not take a seat.
16. July at 01:07:14
Larry K It's going to be a long build,
16. July at 02:10:56
Spanjaard Mine are always too long, at least you have a good excuse :)
16. July at 10:08:49
Gordon Sørensen Mine too, Spanjaard!
16. July at 17:54:28
16. July at 18:22:04
Larry K I've have started projects that date back to the 90's, someday maybe they will be finished
16. July at 23:45:46
Jozef Goos nice project
17. July at 15:12:46
Glenn . Larry we have something in common... I'm a slow builder too! I have some models from 10 years ago i need to finish... Just waiting for the "paint to dry" :)
17. July at 17:42:19
17. July at 18:12:06
Larry K I just have to many models and not enough time, I Still have a few hundred more just to inventory
18. July at 00:30:50
Spanjaard it is just a question of living two hundred years, if not manage to finish, blame Medicine for not advancing fast enough!
18. July at 12:27:59
Larry K That's a good one
19. July at 00:21:23
wilky $2000 here in Australia. I'd love to build it but can't afford it
28. July at 21:17:41
Larry K It's only about $51.00 USD a mouth for a about 2 ½ years
28. July at 21:41:00
wilky Previous experience has taught me not to start buying one of these monthly instalment jobies.
I have half of a 1/8 Fokker DR1 because I lost my job before I all editions were released.
Once again I am in a casual position but this time I'm older and my health is such that I can't guarantee living that long
28. July at 23:01:15
Larry K This is my 1st one, and someday I hope to have the time to build one of those wooden plank on bulkhead model ships (probably in 10 years or so)
28. July at 23:19:25
wilky Good luck with it. Should turn out to be a very impressive model
29. July at 00:00:58
Larry K Thanks' The tricky part is that my instruction booklets don't match with the parts that are included with that particular issue, I'm seen on youtube instruction booklets with different part callouts and different screws, I've had to trim parts, and even painted some due to blemishes on the parts themselves.
29. July at 00:11:30
Spanjaard More than 1000USD and wrong instructions?!
29. July at 19:08:41
Robbie Again I repeat my post - WHAT ?!?!
29. July at 22:26:01
Larry K They apparently have revised their instruction booklets but shipped out what they have printed previously in stock. Issue 5 parts & booklet match, just need a little touch-up painting on one of the parts.
29. July at 23:20:48
Glenn . Yea, After i brought the Millennium Falcon 100 part (2 years later!) edition. I can't be bothered to get any others. Besides i have the Sideshow 1/6 scale DeLorean pre built model and matching figure! (see my Albums) :)
30. July at 06:48:44
Larry K Hi Glenn, I tried to purchase the Millennium Falcon, but it kept rejecting from payment options, and 1/8 scale is large enough for me. I have a few Corvettes, Camaros, and 1 Firebird from Monogram, But I did see the 1/6 DeLorean, It's really nice.
30. July at 12:02:13
Glenn . Thanks Larry, Well at least it's not on my build pile, Not wait that should be my build mountain! I wish you well with your DeLorean. I'll get around to building the Falcon "one day" :)
31. July at 02:13:22
Larry K Hi Glenn, I've have to many models and not enough time, the intensions are there to build them when I first purchase them, but then my life style changes when someone new comes along and I just stop building for a while, and the models just sit in the basement waiting to be built. I still need to inventory a few hundred or so, when I have chance to build, I'll build them. I hope to anyway.
31. July at 04:50:08
Glenn . True! Until i started to list everything on here I'd lost count on what i have. Now it just freaks me out about what i have. I blame working too many hours and coming home and sitting down in front of the computer instead of the television. Where i used to sit and build and watch T.V. at the same time, Now i sit at the computer and buy too much stuff. New kits and Decals and aftermarket resin conversions! Damn internet! Most of my stuff comes from online shopping as i don't have many decent hobby stores around that are open at 12pm!
31. July at 05:09:16
Spanjaard yep, you are not the only one. "fortunatelly" i have less space, so my stash can not grow like yours, otherwise.....
31. July at 07:22:11
Glenn . Just walked back out to the warehouse and the post van arrived! More stuff for me from the Ukraine this time! The new AMP 1/72 Canberra T.11 and a 1/144 scale Dash 8 from Eastern Express in Qantas markings! plus loads of resin bits and pieces i ordered.
31. July at 08:16:04
Larry K Hi guys, I been doing the about the same, looking every day and buying most of my stuff on eBay, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, England, the mail man was always delivering packages. Just to much stuff.
31. July at 12:01:45
Ron Dyson this looks very familier ,.....
23. October at 03:49:14
Ron Dyson Hey Larry,...…...I have a Deagostini Deloriean to ,....well half of one so far . I'm up to issue 66 . Oh , by the way , did you go with the little tiny springs on the "Mr Fusion" , that's whas fun ...they gave me 2 springs , I lost both of them but I found one ….lol This thing is very heavy , but is looking real good...…….Cheers By the way ,..I'm in Australia ……….I'm also doing the Mustang
24. October at 05:47:40
JOHN THOMAS Very nice work
28. October at 13:59:04
Larry K Thanks' John, the photos make it look better than what it really looks like.
28. October at 14:21:00
JOHN THOMAS You know Larry, you made a time machine out of a deloriean
28. October at 22:08:30
Larry K And I wished it really would work as a time machine
28. October at 22:22:25
Robert Hall Well, he figured that if he was going to make a time machine out of a car, why not a car with style ! besides, it's stainless steel construction made the flux dispersion more even !
29. October at 06:40:59
Larry K The body of this model is made out of metal, so it probably won't work very well as a time machine.
29. October at 11:02:57
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