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29 | 15. June, 14:20
Lovely build, great finish 👍
15. June, 14:27
16. June, 02:53
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Nice interpretation of this all-time classic!
16. June, 06:39
Lex Jassies
Very nice build and weathering. The Riich running gear is a real improvement 👍.
16. June, 07:14
Simply perfect
17. June, 19:20
Stefan Schacht
very nice, I like the figure and the weathering 👍
17. June, 19:42
Bruce Huxtable
Brilliant - so much to enjoy in this one. Especially liking the subtle shading of the skin tones - very convincing.
17. June, 20:01
Roy Seine
How are those tracks? I just ordered some myself
17. June, 22:29
Peerke Schijvens
Inspiring, really nice. Eyes pops out!
18. June, 00:23
Chang-Young Park
Thanks all.
The track is short,
The missing part was covered under the side skirt.
The running gear was assembled by inserting a 0.5mm spacer from body.
18. June, 02:38
Lex Jassies
The Tamiya kit is slightly to big (1:32?) This would explane the missing links. But you covered it up nicely 👍
I build the Riich Universal carrier and the tracks fitted (logical) perfect. They are not so Easy to clean.
18. June, 07:00
Michael Osadciw
I love the 5-oclock shadow on the driver! 🙂
18. June, 13:27
Michael W.
Well done! Great paint job. I can't speak to the "historic authenticity" but it looks great!!!
18. June, 13:51
Rui S
Great work & excellent weathering 👍
19. June, 11:29


1:35 Universal Carrier Mk.II (Tamiya MM189)1:35 Running Gear / Tracks Set (Riich.Models RE30015)

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