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Mclaren MP4/11


4 13 April, 03:54
I have had this one for a while. When I first got it, I didn't notice if the bat wings were broken but after I dropped it in the sink while washing the tyre blech off, they were broken then! I tried the first salvage job using a sheet of green plastic and incredibly, the damn thing got knocked off a table and broke the drivers right all over again! So here I am, a year or two later, going to give it another try. This time, a thin sheet of styrene sandwiching a putty filling. Fingers crossed!
13 April, 04:00
Dietmar Bogatzki
Following 🙂
13 April, 05:38
Kyle DeHart
Awesome and unusual to see the 4/11 modeled. I will be watching with interest.
13 April, 06:35
Tom ...
13 April, 06:47


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1:20 McLaren MP4/11B (Studio27 ST27-FK20250)1:20 McLaren MP4/11B Option Decals (Tabu Design TABU20060)

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