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Andreas (AdamLudvig)


Finally done!

Beside the kit I’ve used Eduards etch add-on, separate link tracks, antenna mount and antennas from RB Model, decals from Echelon and scratched a few things, like the machine gun ports, turbine outlet and the tow cable. There’s still some minor things i haven’t had energy to fix and don’t know if I will (illumination mortars on the roof and headlights especially).

Painted with Mr Paint and weathered with AK/MIG products.


30. December 2017, 20:30
Martin Oostrom
Simply beautiful
30. December 2017, 21:42
Wojciech Kucza
Simply great job on this one!
30. December 2017, 22:07
Daniel Mysak
Realy nice work, good job with the paint of the splinter scheme. I just ordered Trumpeters 1/72 Strv 103C, will be a hard piece of work with masking and painting.
30. December 2017, 23:08
Thanks Martin and Wojciech!

And thanks Daniel! I think you'll be in for a bit of work since 1/72 get quite small (I thought some of the details were small enough on the 1/35). The one thing that became most obvious during this project was that thorough work during masking really pays off...2 hours of masking for 2 minutes with the airbrush =o)
31. December 2017, 14:02
Thanks Frank!

Some background if you haven't heard about this tank before;
The 103 model became something of a black sheep of its time when it comes to tanks. It was specially designed to meet waves of invading Soviet T-55/T-62s from prepared defensive positions. The plow blade added the ability to modulate the terrain quickly for each tank.
31. December 2017, 19:32
Jason Gardiner
Awesome build, the camo and weathering are top notch!
2. January 2018, 07:46
Darren Hazes
Looks awesome, build one myself but it doesn't look nearly as good as yours. The 103 tank is litterally an ikea closet with loads of expansions.
2. January 2018, 09:51
Thanks Jason! Very nice to hear as this is my second or third completed model since I picked up the hobby again
2. January 2018, 15:51
Thanks Darren! The 103 was truly a unique design and a lot of clever details, but I do think it was a bit dated already when it was taken into service since it was made for a pre-decided type of war, and therefore not that flexible, but then again, back then we had more than one brigade and we could afford it...

I think your way with the snow (on your 103) looks nice, I haven't had the nerve to give snow a try yet. I got a CV90 (current Swedish AFV) I'm my stash and been thinking about giving it a winter theme...
2. January 2018, 16:05
Darren Hazes
They put it out of service when they discovered that a t-90 could pen it and reach the back of the tank. But i think sweden had in mind that they probably wouldnt be able to fight to soviets with leopards so desinging a tank fully on their requirements would probably be the best decision. It is truly a revolutionairy design.

I thought since it is a swedish tank i wanted to give it a snow camo. I really like snow camo's but i give you a tip to get some fake snow or like a white structure paint to make it look like it has been in the snow.
2. January 2018, 17:51
Very beautiful!
10. February 2019, 19:56
Calvin Gifford
Great job!
10. February 2019, 21:36
Thomas K.
very very nice 👍
10. February 2019, 21:43
Thanks Neuling!
14. February 2019, 16:27
Thanks Calvin!
14. February 2019, 16:27
Thanks Thomas!
14. February 2019, 16:27


1:35 Strv 103C MBT (Trumpeter 00310)1:35 Strv.103 S-Tank additional set (Eduard 35544)1:35 Strv103C Track Links (Trumpeter 02056)2+
Stridsvagn 103C
SE Military Svenska Armén (Swedish Army 1521-now)
Dark Green, Light Green, Black grey, Sand Brown

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