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Kevin Struemph added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: September 24, 2018
04. September at 18:15:38 Share
Spanjaard amazing cockpit
05. September at 01:14:52
Kevin Struemph This kit is an interesting mix of great detail and so-so detail. The cockpit decals really make it pop - reference photos show more grey around the instruments, but the decals just make it so striking I wanted to use them, this time. And the seat builds up really well!
05. September at 15:32:39
Konrad Limmer Really nice model ! The cockpit is great but the rest is also done very nicely!
24. September at 17:53:44
Kevin Struemph Thanks, Konrad. The pit is made easier with the decals. If I do more of these FM F-20s I will probably just paint the controls by hand. The detail in the plastic is very nice.
24. September at 18:06:37
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Kevin Struemph added a new project.
24. September at 17:51:51 Share

September 05, 2018

Kevin Struemph added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 30, 2018
13. August at 22:11:24 Share
Bryn Crandell Very nice metal work around the engines.
17. August at 15:58:23
Kevin Struemph Thanks! This kit is not the best but is great to test paint schemes and such. The metalwork around jet engines can be pretty subtle and varied which makes this a good learning opportunity.
20. August at 18:26:28
Konrad Limmer Very nice and clean build!
30. August at 22:15:25
Spanjaard very nice Eagle!
05. September at 01:15:56
Kevin Struemph Thanks. Eagle is an old favorite.
05. September at 15:30:15
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September 02, 2018

Kevin Struemph added a new project.
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02. September at 17:29:49 Share

August 30, 2018

Kevin Struemph added a new project.
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13. August at 22:07:03 Share
Kevin Struemph The decals went on pretty well. After they settled for a day I locked them down with a coat of X-22 but didn't get the finish I wanted. After that dried I put down a coat of Vallejo Flat Varnish (Acrylic) and it looks much better. Will weather it a little and finish the pit before moving on to next two projects. Gotta stop wasting time!
27. August at 20:53:41
Kevin Struemph Lightened panel centers, added too much post-shading to the panel lines with highly thinned Tamiya smoke. Dialed it back with appropriate grey(s). Added the pilot, HUD, and removed the canopy masking. Re-coated everything (but clear parts) with Vallejo acrylic flat. Calling this "finished" and ready to move to next 2 projects.
30. August at 21:36:47
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August 20, 2018

Kevin Struemph added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 20, 2018
Project: U-2C
20. August at 18:36:56 Share

July 15, 2018

Kevin Struemph added a new project.
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15. July at 19:48:37 Share
Kevin Struemph Mediocre fit, few details. Sanding off all raised panel lines - won't see any detail once hanging from ceiling. Not bothering detailing the 'pit. Model comes with NO ENGINE or even a plug for the tail. Oy, vey. Piece is designed for ground display, so have to rough-in the doors and fill the gaps best as possible.

Just hoping to get it banged out and move on to the next piece.
15. July at 19:56:04
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Kevin Struemph added a new project.
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23. May at 15:47:35 Share
Kevin Struemph Used Lead Shot Balls #7.5 to weight the nose. Simply blocked off the tip of the nose cone as well as potential exits/leaks so glue didn't wander. Mixed an amount of the shot with white glue to help hold the mass together. Scooped it all into the nose cone and let it dry overnight. Next day, sealed it into the nose cone with some thick CA and let THAT cure overnight. Result - one weighted nose cone guaranteed to keep the nose down. ***This works a lot better than the larger weights as they conform to interior shapes more easily, allowing more weight in a given space***
30. May at 18:20:47
Kevin Struemph Cockpit PE went in mostly without a hitch. Don't especially like the grey color Eduard chose for the unused console - seems a little light but it doesn't contrast badly with my XS-54 or 56 - whatever Tamiya grey I used. The sharp details look really great, though.

Added some scratchbuilt detail to the cockpit walls. First try, probably would do a little differently next time but am generally pleased. Most people won't even notice it, so calling it practice and moving on.

The Eduard exhaust PE really makes the too-simple OOB exhausts look terrific. A little squirrely to get fitted in w/o the final bit sticking out of the tube but worth the effort.
30. May at 18:42:09
Kevin Struemph Finally completed this piece. As this will likely go on a shelf didn't spend time griming it all up with oils, panel lines, etc. My reference photos indicated these birds didn't show panel lines much, probably due to their overall dark scheme. As it is, spent excessive time on the cockpit since it would be open. Good practice/learning on scratchbuilding which I hadn't done but wanted to try. Left it semi-gloss to make it easier to dust. Will post up a few more photos of the piece in-progress when I get back to the homestead and upload them from my phone. Beginning to feel that presentation builds need to have a base if for no other reason than making them easier to transport. Overall, pretty satisfied with how it looks.
08. July at 19:38:27
Martin Oostrom Pretty satisfied? You should be glowing in the dark with pride!
08. July at 19:57:07
Kevin Struemph Thanks, Martin. It's like that, though. Even though it is objectively a really good result and I really do feel good about the way she looks, as the builder I am very much aware of every irregularity, every spot I know was better to hide than fix, all the little bits I'd like to do a little differently or a little better. Guess it's a good thing I have a bazillion other kits on which to practice!
08. July at 20:17:24
Martin Oostrom We all have that. I see faults in mine that others don't see. As long as each on is better than the one before....
08. July at 20:36:48
Clifford Keesler Very nice F-4.
15. July at 02:20:53
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July 11, 2018

Kevin Struemph added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 11, 2018
04. June at 07:07:51 Share
Patrick Hagelstein Was the Vulcan modified to fire buck shot! ;) Nice exhausts! Looking forward to the rest!
18. June at 20:40:19
Martin Oostrom Second to Patrick in reaching a F-4 build. Could be worse.
08. July at 19:32:00
Patrick Hagelstein :D Hi Martin! Join the club!
09. July at 00:59:34
Michael Hickey Looking good there Kevin, a little tip, when building a 1/48 F-4 Phantom II, F-14 Tomcat or a F/A-18 Hornet there's no need to add any weight to the nose of the aircraft. It's naturally well balanced and won't be a tail sitter, trust me I've never use weight in these aircraft.
09. July at 06:19:05
Konrad Limmer Yep I'm with Mike! Anyhow the spook looks very nice! I've build the G version two months ago. It was a Hasegawa Kit too a very nice kit in my opinion.
Well done Kevin!
09. July at 06:26:39
Kevin Struemph Thanks, Konrad. Looking forward to doing a "G". Have a 1/32 still in the box but the 1/48 sounds a lot less time consuming.
09. July at 06:35:36
James C That's awesome!
09. July at 06:38:15
Michael Hickey I like the 1/48 Hasegawa Phantom II it really stands up considering its age.
09. July at 09:22:49
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February 20, 2018

Kevin Struemph added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 19, 2018
19. February at 19:06:26 Share
James C Wow, that looks fantastic. Very nice work mate.
19. February at 19:29:52
Ingo F Looks very good.
19. February at 20:13:18
Kevin Struemph Thanks a lot! It's a cool subject and a fun kit - no fit issues.
20. February at 14:25:19
seb H really nice !!
20. February at 14:35:31
Bart Goesaert Looks very good, nice to see it in other colors then the expo-livry
20. February at 14:35:47
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December 18, 2017

Kevin Struemph added a new project.
BMPT Terminator
RU Military Russian Army
Russian Expo Arms 2009 | 2009
Sand, Green, Black
18. December 2017 at 14:44:00 Share


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