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Wine, Women & Song - WIP


20 | 24. September 2020, 10:09
David Januska
I've started a new project, lovely Eduards Marauder. Several pictures of the cockpit from the begining before all be hidden :(.
24. September 2020, 10:16
Andy Ball
Nice start David. I was too slow to nab one of these, so will watch with jealousy!
24. September 2020, 11:29
David Januska
@Andy if you want, I can try to find some spare here in Czech Republic. For example here is one, it is in store and costs less than 40EUR.
24. September 2020, 11:52
David Januska
Added som pictures of empty bomb bay. It fits really well. Going to add some PEs to the fuselage and slightly moving to fuselage completition.
4. October 2020, 13:15
David Januska
Some more pictures of fuselage and wings completion.
4. November 2020, 17:39
Aleš Pražák
Moc pěkná práce 🙂
4. November 2020, 17:39
David Januska
@Aleši, díky. Poprvé jsem vyzkoušel ty muniční pásy a docela to vyšlo. Teda hlavně z dálky to jakž takž vypadá :).
5. November 2020, 07:01
Aleš Pražák
Jo vypadají opravdu moc pěkně. Těším se na dokončení. Bude to pěkný kousek 🙂
5. November 2020, 13:29
Andy Ball
great work David....tell me, how have you weighted the nose?
5. November 2020, 18:27
Daniel Klink
Great start david, count me in 👍
5. November 2020, 18:30
David Januska
@Andy, you can see it on the title image (I think it is number 14). I've placed great amount of small 2g weight between bomb bay and cockpit, closer to cockpit and I fixed it with Uschi Flexible Nose Weight (item 4011). It is that black mass behind cockpit.
5. November 2020, 18:47
Stefan Schacht
very nice so far, count me in
5. November 2020, 20:04
Dave Flitton
Looking real good! Keep on going
5. November 2020, 20:39
David Januska
Thank you guys, but the worst phase is coming. I'm not good in airbrush :(. I've ruined many kits at the end.
6. November 2020, 05:23
Andy Ball
great brassin engines too!, hopefully if you're doing the usual olive drab over grey...the airbrush should be reasonable. Perhaps some preshading will weather-up the colours....and most USAAF's were pretty amenable to a spot of English climate and European combat scuffs.
20. November 2020, 12:35
David Januska
Thank you mates. And Andy I appreciate your useful tips. Just finished my first preshading ;), I'll post some pictures during weekend.
20. November 2020, 18:51
David Januska
So after several hours of masking I´ve started painting.
21. November 2020, 18:44
David Januska
Some new photos, cammo is ready and it stands on its own wheels. Hurah it is not tails sitter but it was close ;).
6. December 2020, 16:33
David Januska
So, for now it is done.
31. December 2020, 09:04
Andy Ball
Congratulations! Mission complete! "You've 'ad it!"
1. January, 16:40
David Januska
Thank you Andy, good point ;).
1. January, 18:47
Aleš Pražák
Krásná práce Davide 🙂
1. January, 19:26
David Januska
Aleši, díky. V tom barvení mám ještě pořád co zlepšovat, ale vyšlo to nakonec asi lépe než jsem čekal.
2. January, 11:21


1:72 B-26 Marauder wheels (Eduard 672241)1:72 B-26 Marauder engines (Eduard 672242)1:72 Wine, Women & Song (Eduard 2129)1+
Martin B-26B-45-MA Marauder
US Military US Army Air Forces (1941-1947)
442 BS, 320 BG, 12 AF 29 42-95752
August 1944 - Decimomannu IT
FS34088 FS36173

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