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Stephan Ryll
Very nice Build and dio 👍
18 December 2016, 12:08
Darko Ivancevic
Thanks! 🙂
18 December 2016, 12:11
John Thomas
Very nice
18 December 2016, 15:15
Darko Ivancevic
Thank you! 🙂
18 December 2016, 15:20
18 December 2016, 15:51
Michael Phillips
Wow. That is absolutely fantastic! Well done.
18 December 2016, 15:56
Darko Ivancevic
Thanks guys! 🙂
18 December 2016, 16:05
really nicely done, fantastic
18 December 2016, 18:14
Darko Ivancevic
Thank you! 🙂
18 December 2016, 18:15
Nice job! 👍
29 December 2016, 18:36
Darko Ivancevic
Thanks! 🙂
29 December 2016, 19:12
Eelco Gregoire
29 December 2016, 19:25
Darko Ivancevic
Thank you! 🙂
29 December 2016, 19:27
Michael Phillips
Darko, is this completely OOB are did you do any corrections? I know there are some inaccuracies with the kit in the nose, windscreen, and exhaust areas. Not sure if they bother me enough to correct. If yours is OOB, I think I will just do mine that way too because yours is beautiful!
29 December 2016, 19:42
Darko Ivancevic
Thank you Michael! The model is OOB exept the ejection seats (FM detail sets). Yes, the nose shape is wrong and the distance between the nozzles is a bit too large. I'm not sure what's wrong with the windscreen. There are sets which can improve these inaccuracies, but they are too costly in my opinion, so I did mine without them...
Be careful when you assemble the model - there are a lot of small inaccuracies which can be avoided if you check your references - don't trust the instructions 🙂
29 December 2016, 20:32
Michael Phillips
Awesome, thanks for the detailed response. I am thinking I will just build mine OOB too, maybe add some seats like you did. I may have to reach out to you once I start my project to see if you can give me specific things to watch out for. 🙂
29 December 2016, 20:53
Darko Ivancevic
No problem, just contact me😉
29 December 2016, 21:09
Melf Boyens
Lovely fencer. The 1/72 is already mighty in scale, I would love to build in 1/48 but it is expensive, and so far only Trumpeter having it?
30 December 2016, 10:46
Darko Ivancevic
Yes, only Trumpeter has it in 1/48...
30 December 2016, 11:34
Scott Dutton
Beautiful job, its near to top of my to build list and I hope I get half as good as this.
31 December 2016, 20:55
Darko Ivancevic
Thanks Scott and good luck with the model! 🙂
31 December 2016, 21:16


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1:48 Su-24M Fencer-D (Trumpeter 02835)

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