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WIP - ‘65 Ford Mustang


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Martin Oostrom
After my recent Tamiya and Hasegawa builds, I had quite forgotten how gappy the older Revell kits could be…
To Gapsville! And beyond!
12. June, 19:17
Hey ho silver! Now that's getting a nice little pony. Any ideas/plans for the color yet?
12. June, 19:38
12. June, 20:50
12. June, 20:58
Martin Oostrom
SOme, no a lot, of filling and sanding done
19. June, 20:55
Jay Dubya
Do you mind if I keep an eye on your progress Martin?
Might be handy to learn how to apply that much panel beater's bog.
20. June, 01:21
Martin Oostrom
I assume you mean the putty??? For these smaller gaps I used thin wooden cocktail pricks. Like the larger wooden shish kebab skewers, but shorter and thinner. They're pointy at one end, which is handy.
20. June, 06:49
Jesus Martin! I was just wondering how you are been able to make pictures of your model kit in my kitchen when I realized: wait! The door handles are wrong. Can't be my kitchen. 😄 😄 😄
20. June, 18:27
Martin Oostrom
Did you notice I model bare foot as well? Keeps the karma grounded 😉
20. June, 19:55
Yeah doing this too actually 😄 ohmmmmmm
20. June, 20:25
Martin Oostrom
Primer is on. Some fixing is needed. I found a few leftover mould lines. The panel lines are messy and some more filling is needed
21. June, 20:24
Martin Oostrom
Some colour on. Not a big succes so far.
28. June, 07:21
Had the same Problems with ZP Italian red in my Porsche 959 build: primed with Tamiya, 1st light coat went on perfectly, 2nd coat screwed everthing up: wrinkled like hell and all (totally smoothly sanded) mold lines and imperfections where visible again. Ended up in stripping the color and repainted with Tamiya italian red (i was so mad that i threw the fresh opened bottle ZP into the garbage never to use it again 😉 ).
28. June, 08:52
ZP seem to be quite unforgiving.... either great results, or crap all over....
28. June, 10:49
Well, choice of primer seems to be essential (imho)
28. June, 14:00
Dominik Weitzer
i think the plastic is a real "Princess". i had painted my Mustang with the filler as always and after the first layer of paint i had the same look as you have. i can't explain, where the reaction is coming from after the primer was perfect smooth. Perhaps it is the plastic, the thinner the paint needes etc...don't know.
the only thing i made was wet sanding, new coat of paint, wet sanding again....till the paint was smooth again and ready for clear coat.
28. June, 14:10
Martin Oostrom
Sanding wasn't enough. The ripples are in the plastic. Paint is mostly stripped. Sanding the body will happen someday.
28. June, 20:01
Martin Oostrom
Spanjaard, priming with Mr Surfacer didn't help on the body. The same primer was sprayed in the same session on the suspension. That wasn't affected by the zp black. Perhaps the automotive paints are a tad hotter?
28. June, 20:02
I also had never ever any problems with ZP satin black. Guess must be a different type of color -> even smells totally different.
28. June, 20:59
maybe the only primer that would protect the plastic would be the one from ZP or a similar one?
28. June, 23:16
Martin Oostrom
I have some ZP grey primer. My plan was to try that next instead of mr surfacer.
29. June, 06:17
I can highly recommend that 2k primer stuff 👍
29. June, 07:03
Kerry COX
Is it the paint that is having an adverse reaction with the plastic Martin. ?
I had a bike tank go into a melt down with the paint I used and it just could not be repaired. 🙁
29. June, 08:16
ZP has two grey primers, one in 2K, the other "airbrush ready" is just 1k. which will you be using Martin?
29. June, 09:42
Martin Oostrom
I used the 1K today. Although the stuff is 'airbrush ready', the tip dry was almost instant. It had been raining this morning and I have an air cleaner/humidifier in my hobby room. So lack of humidity can't be the problem. Temperature was in the low 20's, so that's out. Distance between airbrush and car was 2-3 inches. Leaves pressure and thinning. Advised pressure is 20-40 psi, I started at 25 and ended way lower. I guess I need to thin it a bit more.
Sanding sponges! We meet again!
10. July, 21:44
Martin Oostrom
Yes Kerry, it was. Again there is no foul play after primer, let's see what some colour will do.
10. July, 21:45
Martin Oostrom
No I won't, Dennis. I checked your brand on the internet-thing. Shipping is almost as much as the stuff itself. I'll pass for now. I think. Maybe
10. July, 21:46
I plan to use zero white primer in the "near" future, so following even more eagerly than usual
10. July, 22:57
Kerry COX
I am hoping all problems will be resolved Martin. Happy painting. 👍
10. July, 23:04
Martin Oostrom
Some small progress. Really small.
13. July, 20:11
13. July, 22:44
Lode Schildermans
I missed this one. But not too late to follow your next steps, Martin
14. July, 04:56
Martin Oostrom
Just in time Lode, just in time!
The red is on (again). This time it is waaaaay better. Some small blemishes here and there, and she might need one last coat. Overall I'm more than happy with the result 😄
16. July, 07:21
Beautiful color shade 👍
16. July, 07:52
looking really good!
16. July, 08:55
Nigel Chapman
Love that colour.
17. July, 07:20
Peter Hardy
Love the colour Marty. Paint is a big improvement mate, well done!
17. July, 08:22
Looks Good so far 👍
17. July, 08:39
Martin Oostrom
Thanks chaps. After sanding 3000 grit, I sprayed two more layers. The last one thinned 20% with Mr Self Levelling Thinner
17. July, 12:20
Martin Oostrom
Masking day
18. July, 15:39
All the effort will certainly pay off!!
18. July, 15:55
Martin Oostrom
Thanks Spanjaard. But you already know the result 😉
18. July, 16:15
Martin Oostrom
okay, the tease is over.
I present a red Mustang 😄
18. July, 17:10
Kerry COX
I love go fast stripes. 🙂 So sexy. !
Developing nicely Martin. 👍 🙂
18. July, 18:41
i do. but i want to see it with the the clear cote 🙂
18. July, 22:10
Peter Hardy
We have a new Master Modeller I see. Well done Marty, just bloody fabulous!
18. July, 22:53
Very nice. My Mazda could use a racing
18. July, 23:09
Martin Oostrom
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
19. July, 05:38
Turned out very nicely Martin 👍
19. July, 07:19
Rod -
I like the stripe down the firewall
19. July, 11:49
Brandon H
Lookin' crisp! Nicely done, Martin!
19. July, 23:42
Lode Schildermans
Martin, all the prep work, sanding, filling,… pays off. Nice result. I like the color and the paint job
20. July, 12:27
Martin Oostrom
Energy is hard to find these days. But I managed some small stuff tonight.
A delayed thanks for the gents
30. July, 22:12
Looking great Martin
31. July, 14:52
Nigel Chapman
Wheels look the business
31. July, 16:29
Peter Hardy
This is coming good now Marty!
1. August, 07:58
Martin Oostrom
Nearly ready for clear coating!
1. August, 16:31
Kerry COX
The dash is going to give your build the heart it needs. 👍 🙂 Well done Marty. 😉
1. August, 20:02
Martin Oostrom
Does anybody know a cure for drooling? I sprayed 2K clear and now I can't stop drooling! That red is drop dead gorgeous 😄

Thanks Kerry!
1. August, 20:16
Lode Schildermans
OMG, I love the outcome of this painting and finishing with clear coating
1. August, 20:34
this is looking AWESOME Martin! great job!
1. August, 21:52
Brandon H
Outstanding result!!
1. August, 22:06
Peter Hardy
Looking forward to seeing it after the sand and polish treatment Marty. That red will sparkle then! Very impressive build.
2. August, 00:40
Martin Oostrom
Goooooood morning guys. Thank you 👍
This clear coat is some kind of magic potion. A nice red becomes almost edible 😄
Stay put Lode, Spanjaard, Brandon and Peter, some more mistakes and recovering to follow
2. August, 06:01
for us, hard to wait for the final reveal. you must be getting crazy needing to wait a few days now for the next step!
2. August, 19:26
Martin Oostrom
It's not easy to wait, but being a certified nut job prevents crazyness 😄
2. August, 20:47
Kerry COX
I think we all qualify if that's the case Marty. ! 😉 hehehehehe 👍
2. August, 21:18
Lode Schildermans
Hahaha, it is indeed so, Kerry. Well Martin, I also am,looking forward to the final result
3. August, 18:54
Martin Oostrom
Well, it isn't the final result. But it is an hour's worth of sanding and polishing on the bonnet. Still some scratches that need to be convinced they're moving though. We're inching closer to the finish line!
5. August, 17:57
and what a finish line.... this is going to be a BEAUTY of car.
5. August, 18:20
Martin Oostrom
I got force fed a few lessons:
1) Even a 2k clear coat is better when sprayed in thin layers
2) If you don't, orange peel is what you get
3) Sanding cured 2k clear coat takes a while
4) Hoping that the polish will save you, isn't a viable long term solution

Anyhow. She is all sanded and polished now. Final assembly is next.
9. August, 14:13
It looks glorious. and after the plastic almost melted, and you returned it to be a beautiful car, it looks even better!
9. August, 15:27
Kerry COX
That is one hell of a recovery from all that horrid orange peel Martin. !
I admire your patience and determination to defeat that OP effect. Just awsome indeed. 👍 👍 👍 👍 😉
9. August, 21:47
Martin Oostrom
If you like these pictures Kerry, you might want to take a look at these: Completed - '65 Mustang | Album by Mahoo76 (1:24)
10. August, 06:00
If somebody could recover from the initial adversity and continue until getting such a beautiful result, that was you. Many would haved condemned this car to the bin after the melting issue, but you gently returned it to live. My congratulations and respect!
10. August, 07:33
Martin Oostrom
And there is a compliment to frame and hang on the wall.
10. August, 08:05
Peter Hardy
Nice recovery Martin. I'll call you for advice if I ever stuff up.
10. August, 22:53
Martin Oostrom
You can call me anytime if you want to know how to stuff up. Becoming an expert on that 🙂
11. August, 06:35
very nice result Martin, hats off
13. August, 09:42


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