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Martin Oostrom (Mahoo76)

Completed - Porsche 911

As usual there is a WIP: Mahoo76


19 | 9. December 2020, 14:14
Danny Meer
Still a really nice build, love the color combo 👍
9. December 2020, 14:18
Martin Oostrom
Thank you Danny. The pictures aren't even doing the colour full justice. It is sometimes a midnight blue/black, then a dark intense blue. I really like it!
9. December 2020, 14:21
it certainly looks beautiful Martin
9. December 2020, 14:31
Martin Oostrom
Thank you Spanjaard!
10. December 2020, 06:54
Danny Meer
Would love to see this in the full sun 🙂
10. December 2020, 07:26
Brandon H
Picked a great color!
10. December 2020, 12:16
Alec K
Well done Martin 👍 I am not allowed to say this in front of my wife, but the 911 is a gorges car 🙂
10. December 2020, 13:55
Martin Oostrom
Danny, as soon as there is some sun (april?), I'll shoot some extra pictures.
Alec, this version is, childhood memories. The new ones not so much.
12. December 2020, 08:34
Alec K
😄 of course, early 1980s 👍
12. December 2020, 12:41
James C
Nice work Martin. Love that colour of blue! 👍
12. December 2020, 16:43
Martin Oostrom
If the clear skies hold and there actually is some sun in the garden, I'll take some new pictures later today. Stay tuned!
13. December 2020, 08:19
Danny Meer
👍 I'm watching aswell, maybe gonna take out my Ausie metallic truck in the sun 😄
But yours would look epic in the sun
13. December 2020, 08:32
Martin Oostrom
Still no sun, but I added some real daylight pictures
13. December 2020, 13:10
Danny Meer
It such a beautifull color, but a difficult color on a car like this with so many shapes
The sun was too low this morning and don't think it will come back 😛
13. December 2020, 14:07
Holy shit that's awesome!!!! What a beautiful finish, rims are perfect
13. December 2020, 14:10
Martin Oostrom
We actually had some low sun coming in. I had the car do some stunts, to capture the colour.

Those rims are above expectations for me as well Munky!
16. December 2020, 11:49
Jerry Meeuwse
Really nice. Sure love that color blue. Really sets off the rim's.
16. December 2020, 12:29
Danny Meer
The color sure looks nice in the sun 🙂
16. December 2020, 15:14
Brandon H
Wow that really pops! Nicely done.
16. December 2020, 20:23
really top 🙂
16. December 2020, 22:23
Bill Newcomer
Very nice! Can you make us a 1:1?
17. December 2020, 05:08
Martin Oostrom
Bill, if only I could!
I'm in love with this colour. I will use it again, but I don't know when. Stay tuned to SCM
23. December 2020, 10:31


1:24 Porsche 911 Turbo '88 (Tamiya 24279)
Porsche 911 Turbo
DE Civil Porsche


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