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Martin Oostrom (Mahoo76)

COVID build #5 Lamborghini Miura


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Martin Oostrom
And another kit that will be prepared but not yet painted.
14. November 2020, 13:27
Some sanding ahead...
15. November 2020, 23:06
Kirill Kuzin
Good luck with your project Martin. It is very good kit. But I'd recommend you to cut off side skirts, paint them separately and glue them in the end. This will avoid you of some troubles with "wedding"
17. November 2020, 06:19
Martin Oostrom
Wedding. That's a new expression for me. Do you mean something like overspray?
I'll take a look when I get to that stage of the build. Thank you for the suggestion 👍
17. November 2020, 06:27
Kirill Kuzin
"Wedding" in automotive industry is the process of connection the body with the chassis ) Btw I used Studio27 detail-up set for my SV. It is quite difficult to work with all that tiny PE details but they look great on the model
17. November 2020, 06:31
Martin Oostrom
Oh, that wedding 🙂
No pe on cars, for now, I've enough of that stuff on ships, tanks and planes
17. November 2020, 07:09
Martin Oostrom
Covid is a b***h. Even now she's stealing energy. After a month of meh, I finally found some mojo to sand and paint the body. Thanks Peter and Kerry!

Sanded the body up to 12000 grit. Primed with Alclad Silver Base twice and then Alclad Candy Emerald Green as basecoat.
There are some dust-like strains in the paint. Perhaps a result from opening the bottle a while ago?
22. May, 07:01
it may not be easy being green... but it is looking good 😉
22. May, 20:00
Urban Gardini
The most beautiful super car throughout history!
22. May, 20:45
Martin Oostrom
Somehow, while wet sanding the left side, I chipped the right rear wheel well. All the way to the plastic.

Anybody know how to fix Alclad Candy?
25. May, 18:57
Hm: mask off, sand down, prime, basecoat, color, clear, polish. That would be my approach. I guess after that it could hardly be seen.
26. May, 07:56
Martin Oostrom
There were some blemishes in the paint that I sanded out. To get rid of the last sanding scratches I polished with Tamiya polish. This left me with a wax like haze. Long story short: paint job is ruined and I will be stripping. 🙁

Thanks for the effort Dennis 👍
26. May, 08:11
Re. photo 19. Doing sanding near an edge is generally a bad idea. Even if one imagined the paint would somehow be the thickest there (for whatever reason), the added pressure of sanding across a thin edge, makes it too easy to quickly remove paint by accident.
26. May, 08:18
To get rid of the haze you can try machine polishing. I use a Proxxon micromot with a cotton ball. Important is a low rotation speed and a separate cotton ball for each Tamiya compound.
26. May, 10:15
Peter Hardy
I have trouble with haze when I polish too on occasion. Think maybe I rub too hard sometimes?
26. May, 10:19
Imho Most important part is to get rid of the „scratches" in the surface from sanding the clear cote smooth.
To achieve that I use more of the coarse compound then fine or finish (Tamiya). Sometimes I have to use coarse compound up to 4-5 times until surface free from any scratches. But in the end I do not have any haze on the surface.

With to much pressure you will damage the clear cote.

I also think that darker colors needs more attention then light ones (especially solid black is a pain to polish show car style).
26. May, 11:28
Don't forget to remove any dust after sanding a gloss coat, the stuff tend to stick down into panel lines, potentially clogging up the panel lines if adding a final gloss coat over the dust. I did that mistake on a submarine model.
26. May, 15:36
Good Point. Forgot this once too and it finally ended in a „fist finish" 😉
26. May, 16:19
Martin Oostrom
The chipping occurred on the side I wasn't sanding. And I didn't hit the model with anything. It was just gone. I took pic 19 after trying to smoothen the transition.
I think the polish reacted with the Alclad candy. It cured for three days. I never had any problems while polishing acrylics.

Stripped the paint with IPA. Some paint left in panellines, will scribe it out
26. May, 19:14
Alexander Grivonev
Martin, I would like to throw in my two cents on why the paint chipped. Polishing the plastic with 12000 grit prior to painting is definitely too much, the paint can't stick properly because the surface is too smooth. I understand your intent of making the surface as smooth as possible for the layers of Alclad, but at the base painting stage it is definitely not necessary. The plastic surface should be smooth, yes but not mirror polished, 2000 grit at most. And don't forget degreasing with spiritus or a degreasing agent. A coat of primer wouldn't hurt too, before applying the base silver.

As for the problem with the scratches while polishing I can't recommend enough the MIRKA ABRALON 4000 pads. Wet sand with it prior to polishing, gets rid of all of the scratches, great stuff.
27. May, 09:41
Martin Oostrom
Thank you Mr Shiny 😄
Alclad Candy is only giving me grief the last couple of builds. I'm retiring the stuff for now.

I sanded the whole body for primer adhesion. I'm going to use Mr.Surfacer 1200 thinned with Mr Levelling Thinner. After that?
I'm still undecided on the colour. I have a Tamiyametallic brown or Zero Paints metallic blue or red or green, or a Zero Paints gloss yellow.
27. May, 12:21
Alexander Grivonev
Mr you refer to my polishing skills or my haircut 😄 😄 😄

Definitely can't go wrong with Mr. Surfacer, this is good stuff. Make sure you thin it properly so it applies smooth and even so you don't have to sand it much, just give it a fine pat with 2000 gtit pad and off you go. Now to your colour of choice.
27. May, 12:28
any of those colors should look fantastic 🙂
27. May, 12:38
I would love to see this car in metallic brown.
27. May, 13:44
Martin Oostrom
Alex, do you polish your head as well?
The Mr surfacer 1200 is on, 3 thin layers. Just a smidge of sanding is needed 😄
My ratio Mr Sufacer:Mr Levelling Thinner is 1:2. I sprayed at 15 psi.

Because I was very curious about the self mixed brown, I sprayed some. At 15 psi on Alclad silver base and at approximately 10 psi on an unprimed/uncleaned piece of plastic. The latter looks best imho.
Because of my mix, there are some red sparkles, some green, some blue, some purple and silver as well. I like it! The mix is 3/5 Tamiya Mica Red and 2/5 Tamiya Metalic Green. Both were decanted spraycan leftovers and also thinned with Mr Levelling Thinner.
27. May, 16:04
Alexander Grivonev
"Alex, do you polish your head as well?" All three Tamiya compounds and top it off with the wax. Expensive, but sooooo shiny 😄

Is this the basepaint you sprayed on your "chipkaarts"? Why is it so rough? This doesn't look right mate...maybe a bit more thinner?
27. May, 16:30
Martin Oostrom
Yes sir! Right away sir!
27. May, 16:42
Alexander Grivonev
It wasn't an order, a mere suggestion😄

27. May, 16:44
Martin Oostrom
50? 5 will kill me atm!
27. May, 16:52
😄 😄 😄
27. May, 17:21
Martin Oostrom
I think I learned in art classes in high school, back in the 90's, that red + green = brown. I guess my teacher never heard of Tamiya spraypaint?
This is more a purplish brown...
27. May, 20:49
Peter Hardy
Martin, show Alex G more respect. I apologise on behalf of the entire country of The Netherlands Alex. You wait till your father gets home Martin!
27. May, 22:52
Alexander Grivonev
An Aussie apologizes for Netherlands, what a time to be alive 😄 😄
Thanks, Peter I could not stand the bullying anymore 😭
28. May, 08:26
28. May, 11:25
Alec K
Aaaah 🙂. It's good to stop by the "Saturday Night" of SCM... 😄. This will be a great build Martin 👍
28. May, 11:44
Martin Oostrom
I received a phone call from the Minister of Foreign Affairs today. It seems that Peter Hardy as an Australian isn't mandated to apologise on behalf of The Netherlands. So any apology or other statement made by the aforementioned Peter Hardy must be considered null and void. The Kingdom of The Netherlands apologises for the inconvenience Peter Hardy's unallowed apology might have brought.
28. May, 19:04
Martin Oostrom
In other news, I mixed up a batch op Zero Paints 2K Diamond Gloss and had fun with it. A minor splatter here and the tiniest orange peel there. But overall I'm very happy with the result so far. If the car hasn't molten tomorrow, I'll be even happier! 😄
28. May, 19:07
😄 😄 😄 Made my day!

Maybe we will need a neutral negotiator to settle this case of inner European misunderstanding.
28. May, 19:19
To the subject: very shiny. Looking good!
28. May, 19:24
Martin Oostrom
Mr Shiny, thank you for your advice, help and patience! And everybody else of course 👍
28. May, 19:25
Alexander Grivonev
Attaboy! 👍
28. May, 19:29
Looking great Martin
28. May, 20:00
Peter Hardy
Martin Oostrom, the Netherlands doesn't actually exist anyway. It's a world wide conspiracy that steals Belgian beer from the Antipodes ration!
30. May, 06:27
Martin Oostrom
What are Podes? And why are Antipodes against it?
30. May, 08:36
James C
That's a great looking finish you've achieved there. Nice save! 👍
1. June, 17:50
Martin Oostrom
I'm in love with this Zero Paints 2K Diamond Gloss! And I dislike it.

Airbrushing it on a model is like making love to a gorgeous woman. When you're done spraying, you think "wow, that's the most beautiful thing ever, and I did that?" When the model dries up, she ruthlessly points you to the mistakes you made 😄

In the past, the gloss coat used to bring down my okayish basecoat. With this stuff I need to work harder on perfecting my basecoats as everything is highlighted.
1. June, 17:51
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks Martin, I'm never going to get that analogy out of my head again 😄😄😄

This is why I disapproved of your rough basecoat because it would show when the clearcoat dries. On the other hand if you go over it carefully with 2000 grit and give it another two coats of that Diamond clear it will shine like an oiled Brazilian butt.👍

The color is awesome btw, may I suggest the name "Aubergine Metallic" for Your creation?
1. June, 19:45
Christian Bruer
Excellent paintwork Martin 👍
1. June, 19:51
no faults i can see from here. totally AWESOME!
1. June, 20:11
good job for your second start 👍
1. June, 20:46
Butts and Aubergines?!

Anyway: looking good! Color tone turned out really nicely.

I wonder: would it be offensive to recommend Martin to do the butt thing now? SCNR 😄
1. June, 21:12
Peter Hardy
"Shine like an oiled Brazilian butt". Alex, please keep your questionable past out of SM.
Martin, that shines like ummmm, an oiled Brazilian butt. I guess.

1. June, 23:10
Patrick Hagelstein
Can I use that as a mirror to comb my hair?

The hair on my head that is....
2. June, 03:38
Christian W
This is a very interessting color!
2. June, 04:08
Martin Oostrom
Alex G. I'm always happy to dirty a mind or two. I know what you're thinking and smiling about the next time you do a 2K clear coat 😄
Thankfully you were here to let me thin my basepaint! I'm not going to mess anymore with this paintjob. The issues are in the basecoat (droplets) which gave me a new learning experience. I'm slowly learning how to balance paint density vs air pressure.

Them yanks don't know what an Aubergine is, they call them eggplants. How about "Brazilian Butt Bronze" metallic?

The rest of you guys, I'm glowing with pride after your compliments 😎
3. June, 09:00
Urban Gardini
What's the colour called you say? Brazilian Butt Bronze Metallic! Ah, makes perfect sense...!
3. June, 10:38
Jay Dubya
As always the quality of the work is only matched by the banter on this thread - excellent!

BTW: Anyone know what they have on show at a Brazillian Wax Museum? I've always wondered...
3. June, 12:13
Alexander Grivonev
Well, "Brazilian Wax" is a whole another topic I'm afraid...Let's say whatever there is on show it has no hair "down there"
3. June, 12:17
Urban Gardini
The Brazilian Wax Museum sports a bit less hair than my spray booth have. Yes I've got a cat...
3. June, 12:58
Martin Oostrom
Welcome Jay. You're spot on about the banter. Not so sure about your paint-quality-observation skills though!
3. June, 16:08
Great finish!
3. June, 16:33
Peter Hardy
After a quick read through the banter above ................ I got nothing.
4. June, 00:06
Alec K
This is gold…
4. June, 13:18
Brandon H
Excellent paint job Martin! Any comparisons I could think to make have already been said haha
4. June, 15:21
Jay Dubya
Clearly you know what you are doing in creating that amount of shine Martin, whereas I don't. Would this process be a good place to start, when I attempt a similar result?

Youtube Video

5. June, 03:42
Peter Hardy
Jay Dub, you would have to actually build something instead of planning to build something!
5. June, 10:03
Martin Oostrom
Cleaning before painting is always a good idea Jay! 😄
5. June, 11:59
Martin Oostrom
I have quietly been working on the interior and chassis. Now some of it is coming together
12. June, 06:43
Martin Oostrom
Some issues arose. The upper wishbones of the rear suspension didn't want to stay were they were supposed to go. Big blob of glue was needed.
During final assembly, I was glueing the headlamp with some clear. The clear part escaped from my tweezer, dodged the carpet monster and the other dimension portal, but landed in the drop of super glue I had ready for glueing the complete headline in the body. Some adult words were used!
12. June, 12:42
Martin Oostrom
And she's done! As usual, a separate album for the finished kit: Completed - Lamborghini Miura | Album by Mahoo76 (1:24)
12. June, 12:50
It is a fantastic job, my friend. Great interior and stunning exterior
12. June, 20:20
12. June, 20:46


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