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Martin Oostrom (Mahoo76)

Euro Scale Modelling 2019


1 | 23. November 2019, 14:43
Donald Dickson II
I see there was someone over there who did the toilet bomber as well.
23. November 2019, 15:16
Yes indeed 🙂
Great show, really happy to spend the day in such a great company
23. November 2019, 15:51
Danny Meer
wow lot's of nice builds, love those trucks and cars 😄
23. November 2019, 16:02
Martin Oostrom
Donald, knowing you did one as well, was THE reason to take the photo.
Spanjaard, my company was even better 😉
Danny, took all the car pics for our Aussie and Yankee friends. To show them we can do cars as well 😄
23. November 2019, 17:18
Danny Meer
😄 👍
23. November 2019, 18:29
Tom ...
Amazing quality and skills!
23. November 2019, 18:47
Thanks for sharing!
23. November 2019, 18:57
Peter Hardy
That's a lot of F4s! My favourite is the Nicky Hayden tribute Honda. Thanks for posting the pics Marty!
23. November 2019, 22:31
Martin Oostrom
You'alll very welcome?
24. November 2019, 13:48
Stephan Ryll
Thank you for sharing Martin 🙂 great builds and dios to see there 👍
24. November 2019, 16:22
Christian Bruer
Thx for sharing Martin 👍
24. November 2019, 16:47
There's some awesome stuff in there for everyone!
The NR750, Marlin, Cobra & 58 T-Bird are my stand outs.
As Christian says, thanks for posting
24. November 2019, 20:18
Bob Hall
There is some EPIC artwork in there, that airport set up is insane ! Great Pics Martin, Thanks ! Looked like it was a lot of fun to visit !
24. November 2019, 20:18
Thomas K.
thanx for sharing! very nice cars and trucks! 🙂
24. November 2019, 22:35
Nathan Dempsey
What a great show! Thanks for sharing Martin.
25. November 2019, 04:39
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, the last pic reminds me when as a couple of kids we made similar effort, by painting roads for die-cast cars across the whole flat of colleague's parents using corrector white paint. We spent so much time and they didn't appreciate it once they came back from work 😄
25. November 2019, 10:02
Martin Oostrom
Łukasz, your story reminds me of the time when I was 10 and we had just moved house. Back then I only used enamels and my twin brothers, then 3, often came looking when I was building.
One Saturday morning I was enjoying my Transformers cartoons on the Fun Factory show, my father politely asked me to come upstairs to my room. My brothers had opened all my little Revell enamel pots and mixed a nice even brown. The problem was they had smeared it EVERYWHERE! On the three months old carpet, the three months olds wall paper, my bed - and on each other. It took my parents hours to get everything cleaned up again. My mum was in tears, because they had spent months/years saving to get us all the new stuff in the new house.

Anyway, it was a Saturday well spent at ESM and I'm very happy you all enjoyed the pictures.
25. November 2019, 21:57
Peter Hardy
I take it you don't have brothers anymore?
26. November 2019, 10:15
Martin Oostrom
I do. But ever since that enamel sunblock, they have this strange glint in their eyes 😄
26. November 2019, 12:09
😄 😄 😄
26. November 2019, 16:52
Peter Hardy
And your Mum's heart?
26. November 2019, 23:18
Günther Decock
Inderdaad. Het was weer een mooie beurs. Ik voelde me net als een kind in een snoepwinkel. ????
26. November 2019, 23:24

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