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Martin Oostrom (Mahoo76)

Euro Scale Modelling 2018


24. November 2018, 17:22
Martin Oostrom
Went to ESM today. I took some pictures of some models. There were simply too many to photograph them all. This album reflects my personal preferences and a few pictures for some Mates.
Peter, the first three are especially for you. 😉 and the trucks of course 👍
Daniel, lots of Japanese planes!
I took the pictures with my dslr, if you want the originals, just PM which picture and your email address.
24. November 2018, 17:31
Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.
It was a good event.
24. November 2018, 17:38
Rick Corts
Lovely pictures Martin! It was a amazing event this year. And indeed, so much japanese planes! So glad i went, and now i can watch it again thanks to your photos!
24. November 2018, 18:16
Nice pics! Thanks Martin!
24. November 2018, 18:18
Martin Oostrom
You're welcome guys. I skipped taking pictures at the contest tables, as it was a bit busy.... Perhaps somebody else did?
26. November 2018, 13:16
Rick Corts
I made some but when i got home i saw the AWFUL quality of my photo's so I'm a bit worried to share them because they really don't do the models justice...
26. November 2018, 15:48
Ferry Dierckxsens
Thanks for sharing Martin. There where so many models to see. I just had little time to take some pictures at the contest. As ESM team member and also taking my place at the IPMS south-west regional table not much time left to look around. I will share my pics with pleasure.
26. November 2018, 16:23
Thank you for sharing!
26. November 2018, 16:53
26. November 2018, 17:59
Martin Oostrom
No it's inspiration to get where you want to be!
Did I just type that???
26. November 2018, 21:58
Adam Greenwold
DHL Eagle transporter....hahaha
26. November 2018, 22:13

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