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Nikolaos Kouzinis (nikolaos)



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A very good ZVEZDA kit in 1/72. 55 cm length. It costs 27 euro. A good choice for modellers.



18. January 2018 at 15:09:24 Share
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Nikolaos Kouzinis
18. January 2018 at 15:11:41
Patrick Hagelstein That looks like a cool kit! I'm curious about the build.
18. January 2018 at 15:17:17
18. January 2018 at 15:26:38
Nikolaos Kouzinis (subtitles)The Zvezda heli Mi-26 at 1/72 which will you satisfy for the low price but with the length too. A very big (50X35 cm) box with beautifull exterior paint with good package quality including 238 pieces, we see the heli' s decals, the catalogue, the clear parts in a box something prototype for russian kit, the fuselage, the propellers the tail, the big floor comparing with a C-130 in 1/72 and other interior-exterior smallest parts. The kit is very good in low price 27 euro and length 55 cm. It 's a good choice for modellers.
18. January 2018 at 15:40:18
Nikolaos Kouzinis Follow me in job Patrick
18. January 2018 at 15:43:27
Maciej Bellos A big one. Anticipating the start.
18. January 2018 at 16:39:44
Patrick Hagelstein Yes, I will Nikolaos! :)
18. January 2018 at 16:56:57
Björn Leichsenring What a monster.
18. January 2018 at 19:59:26
Dimitri Sambanis Αντε και Καλή Αρχή!
18. January 2018 at 20:06:51
Nikolaos Kouzinis Ευχαριστω Δημητρη
18. January 2018 at 20:10:07
Mike Daniels I'll follow along if thats ok. Curious about Zvezda. Dont see many of them in the UK. From what I have seen on SM they look terrific.
18. January 2018 at 23:14:48
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Mike
19. January 2018 at 08:13:27
Julian Herrero aka Yuri This must be HUGE !!!
20. January 2018 at 07:04:39
Cuajete Following.
8. March 2018 at 20:59:31
Nikolaos Kouzinis Yes is the next for construction
8. March 2018 at 21:00:36
Nikolaos Kouzinis I begun it after 1,5 year. I hope to find place to put and that beast
10. July at 12:53:05
Martien Lourens This a very nice model. It is big. I follow this with great interest.
10. July at 20:35:38
Nikolaos Kouzinis I begun the interior colours. The fuselage with the sand colour be most brightness for contrast with some wires which I want to fix on sides and ceilling. I put 5ml sandgelbRLM79 4789AP FS 30216 to converse the simple sand to ochre. The medium grey which gives Zvezda for cockpit is not correct with real heli. So I coloured the floor with light ghost grey. The same for the floor of main cargo area. Is more realistic the light ghost grey.
11. July at 11:54:00
Laurent "HELLER-forever" to follow, I have one for sale in addition
11. July at 17:26:29
David Taylor watching
11. July at 17:34:10
Erik De Smet Do I see wiring for lights and motors, as I can expect from you, Nikolaos ?
19. July at 16:40:44
Cuajete Well done so far.
20. July at 19:21:22
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank yoy Cuajete. Yes Erik, I wiring for the motors and lights. The problem is with the rear small rotor. I want one system with one battery 9v for the engines. I have a small motor for that job(for the rear) but it very very warm in 9V I must put a resistance between the small motor and the battery. I dont know if the weight of big motor gives enough energy to moove the small motor The contact with battery in parallel system. The experiment is in progress.
21. July at 21:37:12
Erik De Smet Nikolaos, the small motor will probably only need 30 mA at 3 V . So you wil need 3V + 30mA . x = 9 V ; x= 200 ohm resistance. Of you might use a 4.5 V battery as for your Sunderland. In that case a 50 ohm resistance will do the job.
22. July at 06:51:33
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you professeur for the solution.
22. July at 12:03:31
Patrick Hagelstein That's what I like so much about Scalemates. Everyone is trying to help everyone with his or her information regarding a specific subject. Cool! :)
22. July at 15:16:25
Cuajete I agree with Pratrick :)
22. July at 20:43:06
Clifford Keesler Cool project, count me in.
22. July at 23:53:04
Florian H. I'm in
23. July at 07:36:04
Dave Flitton Wow, a lot of work there
11. September at 19:30:53
Clifford Keesler Excellent detail work.
11. September at 23:53:51
Stephan Ryll Very nice detailed work indeed looking very good :)
12. September at 15:17:22
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you mates
12. September at 20:31:43
Erik De Smet There is a motor for the main rotor in pictures 19 ? And some wires for the tail rotor too?
13. September at 07:41:31
Nikolaos Kouzinis Yes Eric there is a central motor for the main rotor in 3,5 V. But I' ll put a smallest motor(parallelwith the central) from a mobile phone. There is a problem the small motor works in 1.5 V, When I put the central motor in power it works very very fast. I didnt put the main rotor on central motor but I simulated with a plastic cover of nescafe. I saw that it mooves slowly. I suppose that when I ll put the rotor it will works more slowly. The question is when the motor with the main rotor blades will be in moove will ithe battery gives enough energy to moove the small tail rotor. The power is in 4,5 V. Must I put a resistance to the wires of small rotor or if I do that the small rotor will have not energy to mmove because the main wants more power to moove the weight of blades. So I cannot testing them exactly. I decided to test it finishing the model, if the small will work good if not "no comments". There is an other paradox. I have a battery 9V with a resistanse on (+) pole. I test the lights and turn on four led in parallel but the same battery cannot moove alone the small motor neither with the leds in parallel. I dont understand what happens, So I decided to put the small rotor in parallel with the main in 4,5 V.
13. September at 08:33:50
Dominik Weitzer Awesome work! kepp it going!
13. September at 09:11:41
Erik De Smet The small motor has a lower resistance than the central one. So, it will draw more current from the battery than the other and hence the central one runs slowly because it always balances the available voltage and current ,with the load ( less lower means lower speed) I suggest that you put a 100 Ohm resistance inthe small motor circuit, which will limit the current towards the small one to 30 mA on a 4.5 V battery 4.5 V = 1.5 V + 30 mA * 100 Ohm. The remaining power from the battery will then go to the central motor, which should then turn Faster. Same problem possibly for the leds + motor.
13. September at 11:12:01
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Eric for your valuable advises
15. September at 18:41:41
Slavo Hazucha Really interested to follow where this will go with all the prep-work & great looking details!
16. September at 09:10:01
16. September at 11:24:43
Andy Ball Your builds are eclectic and inspiring!
16. September at 19:28:22
Łukasz Gliński @Andy: You mean electric, don't you? ;)
16. September at 19:43:50
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Andy. Thank you mates
16. September at 19:54:33
Andy Ball @Nikolaos: I was actually thinking eclectic, as your subjects catch my eye/interest....however I see the pun! :) I think 'Electric-Eclectic' is a good moniker !
16. September at 20:44:38
Cuajete Nice progress!
16. September at 20:51:05
Nikolaos Kouzinis I understood the meaning of your comment Andy.First the eclectic is a Greek word from εκλεκτικος and second an Englishman could nt be done mistake Thank you.
16. September at 21:33:10
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Cuajete
16. September at 21:33:24
Clifford Keesler Looking good Nikolaos.
16. September at 23:06:12
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Cliff
17. September at 21:51:10
Nikolaos Kouzinis Scratching works are continuing I fixed all the things of cargo doors and made them to open -close Work in progress.
18. September at 17:01:39
Slavo Hazucha This may be one of these models where it´s actually a pity to hide all that added effort and scratchbuilt pieces under paint... top effort
18. September at 17:15:42
Stephan Ryll Looking very good Nikolaos
18. September at 17:39:35
Bryn Crandell Looking good Nikolas!
18. September at 18:13:12
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Slavo,Stephan,Bryn. You have right Slavo it's a pity all these scratchbuild things from simple materials (wires, pieces of metal, plastic and electronic materials from mobile) to stay hidden. But the benefit is the way to solve the problems and to dare to make something which was unbelievable before you try. So I am fun of "Viva scratching", it is the magic of modelism.
18. September at 19:55:21
Maciej Bellos Great interior there Niko! Very impressive!
Regarding the rotors, from the pictures I have seen, the disk of the main rotor doesn't seem to intersect the disk of the tail rotor. Is that correct? If not, how will you prevent the two rotors from colliding?
19. September at 20:32:01
Nikolaos Kouzinis Maciej I fixed the main rotor axis with 3 degrees because the problem is nt the small tail rotor because the blades of main rotor approach but does nt pass through the blades of tail rotor. .The problem is the tail wing because the main rotor blades are curved. So with 3 degrees grqdient the problem, is solved
21. September at 18:52:39
Nikolaos Kouzinis The tail rotor fixed. It is a cell motor 1,5 cm. The axis is a pipe gas lighter. It has the avantage to has two different diametres one for the rotor axis (the small) and one for the blades system axis (the bigger)
30. September at 21:45:50
Nikolaos Kouzinis Brush painting is in progress.
7. October at 19:44:59
Andy Ball You wouldn't think so [brush]...brings personality to the subject.
7. October at 20:49:24
Clifford Keesler Very nice.
8. October at 19:03:29
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Andy and Cliff
8. October at 19:58:06
Treehugger Q: How sturdy are the wheels in this kit? Or, I mean, the landing gear after gluing things together.
10. October at 16:03:20
Nikolaos Kouzinis Treehugger the wheel system was a big problem. The half main system constructed when the other half fixed on fufelage, so any mistake carry a problem. So I tried many times before fix it to understand the forces. I decided to put baked soda with cyanoacrylic because it was nt sturdy. After that the system is very very strong and does nt open in sides.
10. October at 16:17:23
Nikolaos Kouzinis The rotors are fixed and work very good rotoring by the 4,5 V battery
5. November at 10:27:36
Treehugger I wonder if there could be a way to fold the rotor blades, it might take up less space on a shelf that way. I don't normally like seeing helicopters with their rotorblades folded, but, haha I wouldn't have shelf space for something this wide. :) But it would fit on my shelf it the rotor blades could be folded.
5. November at 11:48:46
Erik De Smet Bravo! Is that shoebox big enough to put it in ?????
5. November at 11:49:48
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Eric it s big as the others which have for assembling in future. Big models but "strong" models.
5. November at 15:24:19
Nikolaos Kouzinis Treehunger the best is to fold the blades as you say but I didnt try it. I will try it in future Your advice is usefull, I ll try to find the tecnique.
5. November at 15:26:50
Erik De Smet I do not think this big helicopter has foldable blades. I have not been any pictures of it
6. November at 11:21:32
Treehugger I am also skeptical, but perhaps they would if they wanted to store this heli in a hangar I am thinking.

I have posed a question about this topic in the subreddit for aviation. I'll keep this thread updated if anyone gives me a good answer about this.
6. November at 12:28:05
Erik De Smet I think there is only a need for foldable rotors for Navy heli's and those who can fit in a large cargo plane. Ronan is the expert ...
6. November at 13:14:19
Clifford Keesler Looking very nice Nikolaos.
8. November at 02:10:31
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Cliff
9. November at 06:45:52
Erik De Smet No pictures with moving rotors, Nikolaos ?
14. November at 21:04:28
Nikolaos Kouzinis Erik good evening. I did nt forget to put video with moving rotos. But I have a problem. The wires near the wheel system must be very sort. That make the problem destroy them by the high temperature for the wires fixing with the metallic poles so I decided to cement them with conductive glue but I did nt find yet the glue: So I didnt make any progress.
14. November at 21:19:36
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