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Michael Moerkens (Kanga1964)

N.E.I. B-25 C Mitchell N5-149 "Sarinah"


4 | 2. April 2018, 18:32
Guy Rump
Looking good so far. 🙂
2. April 2018, 20:12
Erik Leijdens
Nice start Michael!
2. April 2018, 20:35
Michael Moerkens
Slowly plodding along with Sarinah. Must say, it's a nice kit from Airfix, no real problems encountered sofar. Only the plastic is a bit soft.
27. April 2018, 19:39
Erik Leijdens
Looks good Michael. Eager to see more
30. April 2018, 22:33
Looks good Michael.
7. May 2018, 03:33
Michael Moerkens
Thanks, pleased with the result sofar. Spend a few evenings masking all the glasswork. Got myslf a Peewit masking set designed for the new Airfix B-25. So now almost ready for the paintjob.
7. May 2018, 17:35
Erik Leijdens
Sweet paintjob Michael!
22. June 2018, 20:17
Michael Moerkens
So finaly got the top colour on this week. Ready for decaling.
22. June 2018, 20:19
Michael Moerkens
Finished the decaling despite the hot weather and put on a coat of Allclad Klearcote flat to get a more realistic finish. Also the masks from peewitt were taken off(without any problems, no glue residu left behind) Still some work before this bird is considerd done. The next months will be dedicated to moving house and renovating the new place. So no styrene molesting for me till that is done. But the prospect of getting an even bigger mancave(attic) than I now have will help getting that job done ;)
7. July 2018, 21:05


1:72 North American B-25C/D Mitchell (Airfix A06015)

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