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P-51D "Red Tails" Project

This is one of Red Tails's P-51D, specifically the "Duchess Arlene" of the 332 FG and 100th FS, numbered 10, piloted by Lt First Robert W. Williams who shot down a Me-262 of JG7 on March 24, 1945. This aircraft was based at Ramitelli's airfield (Italy), with dust track.

This is the Academy's model to 1/72, with very good fit and acceptable details, although already surpassed by the one of Tamiya and probably by the last Airfix tool.

The model is out of the box, except for parts such as the wheels (from the Airfix kit) and others made from scratch (wire and some part of the undercarriage, hydraulics of the covers of the undercarriage, landing light, rear view mirror or the fuel tank connectors).

I used metallized Lara, and Humbrol 153 Insignia Red.

This is the first time that I have practiced with metal colors, pigments and some other technique. I have failed many things, like the smoke among other things, but generally I am satisfied, because despite some setbacks I have been enjoyed with the model.


62 | 21. December 2016, 17:59
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Looks very good so far Cuajete. I think the Tuskegee airmen are under represented in kit form, particularly in 1/48. I had to use after-market decals to do mine.
21. December 2016, 18:21
really nicely done cuajete. ¡te ha quedado estupendo!. I really like the shiny NMF, what did you use as primer and what metal colour?
21. December 2016, 18:49
Thank you very much. I used a mix of decals from Academy and Airfix kits.
For metal color I have used Lara's painting. No need thinner and previous primer. Unfortunately, is no longer manufactured.
22. December 2016, 17:20
ok, pity. thanks
23. December 2016, 23:54
John Thomas
Nice work
26. December 2016, 13:09
Josu Arévalo
Buen metalizado!!!!, Tengo Lara por ahí.... has usado la 'inicial' la plateada que sacó al principio o la que sacó después con varios tonos?
10. July 2017, 20:20
Clifford Keesler
Looking nice.
10. July 2017, 20:44
thanks, excellent result overall. un maravilla.
11. July 2017, 11:38
Christian Keller
Wow, what a beauty
11. July 2017, 12:32
Thank you very much, Josu, Clifford, Spanjaard and Christian.

Josu, he utilizado la pintura Lara Aluminio (la que no está etiquetada) para la capa base y Lara Acero para algunos paneles. Unifiqué ambos tonos con Lara Aluminio en una capa fina a baja presión.

I have used the Lara Aluminum paint for the base coat and Lara Steel for some panels. I mixed both shades with Lara Aluminum in a thin layer at low pressure.
11. July 2017, 19:55
Clifford Keesler
It turned out really nice. I have the Tamiya 1/48 version of it. I think I will do it after I finish the Corsair.
12. July 2017, 20:43
Thank you, Clifford. It will be a pleasure to see the assembly of this Bird Cage :)
13. July 2017, 11:54
Stephan Ryll
Very nice result 👍
13. July 2017, 16:20
Thank you, Stephan
25. October 2017, 12:51
Finished model.
25. October 2017, 12:51
Oleg Smilyk
Wow! Looking Fantastic!
25. October 2017, 13:00
25. October 2017, 13:13
Konrad Limmer
Very nice! Saw yesterday on YouTube the documentation about the RedTails. Cool project once I've got a little bit more time I wanna have this too. Great work👍
25. October 2017, 15:30
Many thanks, Oleg, Choppa and Konrad.
25. October 2017, 17:51
25. October 2017, 18:07
Thanks a lot, Erik.
26. October 2017, 17:04
I paused to look at something beautiful today; this build!
27. October 2017, 01:08
Many thanks for your kind words, Lost_Erik.
27. October 2017, 12:45
Cristian Bordina
I like it very much !!!
27. October 2017, 15:32
Thanks, Cristian. I'm glad you like it.
28. October 2017, 12:52
Alec K
Wow, turned out excellent. The metal finish looks very well done to me, and so do the exhaust stains 👍
28. October 2017, 15:35
Thank you very much for your comments, Alek.
The metal finish and exhaust stains on my P-51 can not be as good as those on your Avia C-2. ;)
29. October 2017, 11:48
Łukasz Gliński
Nice one, at first I thought it's an Airfix boxing. There are some flaws as you mentioned, but who doesn't make them?😉
29. October 2017, 16:02
Thanks Łukasz. Your words mean a lot to me. I will try to improve those flaws in the next models.
29. October 2017, 20:48
Michael Phillips
Beautiful Mustang man! The metal finish is fantastic. Well done!
30. October 2017, 00:09
Robert W Martel
👍 Nice job !! I have 3) 1/32 P-51s and want to do one of them as a Red Tail.
30. October 2017, 18:05
Thanks for your comments, Michael and Robert.
Robert, You will do well to do a Red Tail, because of its historical connotations and because it has a very striking painting scheme. I hope to watch it here.
31. October 2017, 18:49
Mark H
Really well done.
31. October 2017, 20:30
Many thanks, Mark.
1. November 2017, 13:40
Kees Kleijwegt
Nice Red Tail!
1. November 2017, 14:08
Thanks a lot, Kees.
1. November 2017, 21:12
Oleg Smilyk
The weathering is superb! Looking Fantastic!
2. November 2017, 16:02
Thank you, Oleg!
3. November 2017, 12:34
3. November 2017, 22:56
Thanks, Clifford!
4. November 2017, 20:01
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Nice job Cuajete. Well done!!
11. January 2018, 18:42
Many thanks, Nikolaos. I'm glad you like it.
11. January 2018, 19:16
Mathew Nate
15. February 2018, 19:45
Christian Bruer
Very nice 👍
15. February 2018, 19:45
Thank you very much, Mathew and Christian.
16. February 2018, 19:24
Anthony Flanagan
17. February 2018, 02:35
Nice job ! I'm hoping to do a Red Tail myself very soon. Thanks.
17. February 2018, 03:17
Thanks a lot, mates.
Bells, I hope to see your Red Tail.
17. February 2018, 20:14
Roland Gunslinger
That's a beauty 👍 Great job!
26. November 2020, 20:43
Many thanks, Roland. I'm glad you like it 🙂
28. November 2020, 19:28
Guy Rump
Beautiful build and excellent paint job and weathering 🙂
28. November 2020, 21:56
Thanks a lot, Guy 🙂

It was the first time I did something like this. Unfortunately I don't have much time to practice anymore for now.
30. November 2020, 19:04
Daniel Klink
Very well done mate.. Wonderful paintjob👍
30. November 2020, 19:48
Maciej Bellos
Shinny and dirty! Great work! Kudos!
30. November 2020, 21:28
Thank you, my friends. Much appreciated 🙂
1. December 2020, 20:11
Thanks to all for likes! 🙂👍
4. December 2020, 19:47
Mirko Römer
Superb finish, love it!
4. December 2020, 20:23
Many thanks, Mirko... Builds of your kits are very allright too 🙂👍
4. December 2020, 21:33
5. December 2020, 00:59
Beautiful finish and appropriate weathering!👍
5. December 2020, 09:07
Thanks a lot, Neuling.
5. December 2020, 18:57
Nathan Dempsey
Great build and a good choice for markings 🙂
19. January, 22:27
Sukhoi242 and Joshua, thanks for your likes 🙂 👍.

Joshua, Thanks for your words. I also believe that Tuskegee Airmen deserve a tribute for everything they were able to do despite everything they had against them. I admire their ability to excel and how they gained recognition from those who saw them as inferior to the rest.
I'm sure that you can find Tuskegee's Airfix in second hand market, like eBay😉.

Nathan, many thanks. Academy's kit has some imperfections, but it's it is very rewarding to build. If I remember correctly, I used everything from the box, except the wheels I got from Airfix, some small pieces of the spare parts box and other things from scratch build. Decals are mixed from Academy's kit and Airfix. I would like to build another Mustang D with Tamiya's kit and a different paint scheme (may be camouflaged o green).
20. January, 21:46
Brilliant Cuajete. It's a beauty.
21. January, 04:55
Thanks to all for your likes 👍.

Skywalker, Your words flatter me. Thanks! 🙂
21. January, 13:03
David Januska
Nice looking Mustang, perfect result 👍.
21. January, 13:13
I'm glad you like that, David. Many thanks 👍.
21. January, 19:13
Stefan Schacht
very nice 👍
21. January, 19:17
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful Mustang, especially in 1/72.
24. January, 01:31
Neil Patrick
Really nice looking model Cuajete. The natrual metal finish especially looks great. You say it is 'metallized Lara'. Maybe I am thick, but I don't know what that is. Can you tell me please?
24. January, 11:24
Joshua, Glad you found the Airfix Red Tails 🙂 👍

Clifford and Stefan, Thank you very much!

Neil, many thanks for your words. Lara was a Spanish metallic paint brand that stopped being manufactured a few years ago. It is a very good quality painting. Generally, no primer or glossy base is required. It is also not necessary to dilute and it covers quite well. Unfortunately now can't find in stores.
You can see the Lara's paint botle in the following photo albums:

- Pic 32: Zlín Z-XIII (single seat) Project | Album by Cuajete (1:72)
- Pic 64: Dornier Do 24 SAR Project | Album by Cuajete (1:72)
- Pics 31 and 32: OV-10A Bronco Project | Album by Cuajete (1:72)

Thanks to all for your likes 🙂
24. January, 19:42
Patryk S.
Outstanding finish! Great craftsmanship! Congratulations!
6. February, 20:08
Gary Kitchen
Can't believe I missed this. It's a fabulous finish in 1:72. Great stuff 👍
6. February, 22:32
Neil Patrick
@Cuajete. Thank you very much for the info on Lara. Shame it's no longer around - sounds and looks wonderful. In case you need an alternative when you run out, I'm finding Gunze Supermetallics very good - but they need a primer. A glossy primer neneath gives a nice high reflective grain free finish.
7. February, 09:47
Patryk and Gary, I'm glad you like it. Many thanks!

Neil, thank you so much for your advice. I have not been able to test yet the new metallic Gunzes. I hope to test soon 👍

Thanks to all for your likes! 🙂
10. February, 19:28
Paweł W.
Great job!
10. February, 21:33
11. February, 19:27
Thank you very much, Paweł and Tim 🙂
12. February, 19:02
Jan Peters
Excellent result, very nice bm effect.
13. February, 18:44
Yiannis Chatzianagnostou
Very impressive. Nice work.
14. February, 05:33
Jan and Yiannis... Thanks for your words. Much apreciated 🙂 👍
15. February, 18:49
Daniel Klink
Very very well done and beautiful scheme Mate👍
15. February, 19:47
Joseph Russo
Very nice I just the Airfix kit in Tuskegee markings
15. February, 20:11
Many thanks Daniel and Joseph!
Daniel, your words are much apreciated, my friend 🙂
Joseph, I used some parts of Airfix decals on this kit😉
8. March, 19:17
Rui S
Very well done indeed 👍
8. March, 19:35
Thank you, Rui 🙂
12. March, 19:41
Thanks for your likes, mates 👍
9. April, 20:08
Thanks again for your likes, friends!
11. April, 18:27


1:72 P-51D & Me262A-1a (Academy 12435)
North American P-51D Mustang
US Military US Army Air Forces (1941-1947)
100 FS, 332 FG 44-15648/10 (Lt. Robert W. Williams)
March 1945 World War 2
Silver, Red

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