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Oleg Smilyk (Dacota)

Seafire Mk.47 over Koreya


17. June 2019, 14:52
Oleg Bogolei
great thing! very well done!
18. June 2019, 09:24
Stefan Schacht
very nice 👍
18. June 2019, 10:33
Gordon Sørensen
Great looking Seafire, Oleg!
18. June 2019, 12:49
Stephan Ryll
Very nice and sharp build 👍
18. June 2019, 17:45
Oleg Smilyk
Thanks mates!This kit not easy to assemble, but result is good,I think) The main problem rotor with two propeller's to centre each of blades and propeller's between each other.
19. June 2019, 07:54
Peter Mollenhauer
Beautiful aircraft and fantastic build, Oleg! I just had to add this kit to my wishlist… ;)
24. October 2019, 07:02
Oleg Smilyk
Thanks,Peter!Together we like Spits!)
24. October 2019, 16:17
Jim J
Looks great! Congrats!
24. October 2019, 16:56
Andy Ball
That is outstanding!, I love the cockpit details and the wires from the rockets....all in our small 72nd scale too! Must be a cracker of a kit!?
24. October 2019, 17:09
Oleg Smilyk
Thx Jim and Andy!By the way, Andy,I like complite interior inside very mutch,you like too,I hope !
26. October 2019, 18:03
Łukasz Gliński
Lovely looking, particularly with the rockets. 👍 (Btw.: "...over Korea" )
26. October 2019, 19:07
Andy Ball
@Oleg...I had to re-check that this was 72nd...the finesse of the detail, so clean - and it really looks like a 32'r not 72! grand!!
26. October 2019, 19:31
Andy Ball
oh, and I've just seen the hidden camera's too...amazin'!
26. October 2019, 19:32
I have to admit I'm no plane expert, I couldn't tell what's right etc or even spot most of the extra detail you've included.
But, I know what I like & the whole piece is just absolutely brilliant, from the livery to the overall look of it, I'd ever guess it was a smaller scale.
I am in awe of your work ;)
26. October 2019, 20:48
Very good work indeed!
27. October 2019, 17:47
Guy Rump
Very impressive, you can't beat a well made Spit! 🙂
28. October 2019, 10:23
Oleg Smilyk
Thanks mates!Your comments are much appreciated!
28. October 2019, 17:53


1:72 Supermarine Seafire FR. Mk.47 (Special Hobby SH72259)1:72 Spitfire Mk.XVI wheels - 3 spoke (Eduard 672142)1:72 Seafire FR.47 Exhausts - Special Hobby - (CMK Q72199)1+

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