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Uwe Kaeding
Uwe Kaeding

TIE Whisper

This is a conversion of the Bandai TIE Special Forces fighter into the standard TIE Whisper from The Return of Skywalker (although I'm not sure it got much if any screen time). It needs some minor mods to the wings, some major changes to the wing mounts and some extra 3D printed parts for the fuselage ball.


7 | 3. June 2020, 12:31
Interesting, I'll watch 👍
3. June 2020, 16:10
Another awesome build Uwe! 🙂
3. June 2020, 18:18
Daniel K
Good job, those extra details make the ion engines pop.
3. June 2020, 18:50
Uwe Kaeding
Thanks guys - finally getting back to this one.
30. December 2020, 01:56
Nice you come back to this 👍
30. December 2020, 16:41
I enjoy your work, it's most unusual. How did you mask the canopy so perfectly?
30. December 2020, 21:23
Uwe Kaeding
Thanks guys. JD - its just practice! I just use normal Tamiya tape, rub it down with a toothpick and then cut into the corners with a new No.11 blade. If you angle the blade right you can just follow the line of the sill.
31. December 2020, 01:12
Wow, I learned something new! Now it seems obvious, but I could never figure out how to do that! Thanks Uwe!
31. December 2020, 01:43
Roman Modelar
nice project😉
1. January, 23:29
Uwe Kaeding
Thanks Roman. Finally got back to this one and made a new canopy. This one is glazed and fits better than the conversion kit part.
10. July, 13:29
Cool to see this one back on the bench ?
10. July, 19:28
Uwe Kaeding
Thanks JD - it's definitely moving forward!
13. July, 07:26
I'm curious to see what you will do with Kylo Ren's ship..
13. July, 08:41
Uwe Kaeding
JD - I've been building the interceptor version in parallel but hadn't posted any pictures. I've now added a new album for Kylo's machine
14. July, 03:15


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1:72 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter (Bandai 0203219)1:72 First Order TIE Fighter (Bandai 0203218)1:70 Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter (Revell 85-1647)2+

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