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Adam Gudynowski (karambolis8)

Work in progress


30. August 2016, 22:11
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31. August 2016, 04:30
True dedication to the hobby. I see Masterpiece coming from this one.
Thank you for sharing 🙂
(And they do force military pilots through metal detectors nowadays, don't they ( photo38 ) 😉
31. August 2016, 05:52
31. August 2016, 07:03
Excellent work so far. 👍
31. August 2016, 07:21
Bart Goesaert
superb work so far on this one... excellent. How is the fit of the kit so far?
31. August 2016, 07:42
Adam Gudynowski
Thanks mate 🙂 Fit is rather good. Intakes needs a little bit of sanding, nose cone seems like will need some putty, and fitting side walls in cockpit is a little bit problematic, but overall fitting is good. Especially multipart wheel wells are tamiya-like and it is pleasure to build 🙂
31. August 2016, 08:00
Eelco Gregoire
Stunning built
31. August 2016, 08:30
Melf Boyens
excitedly watching this , looks great so far!
31. August 2016, 11:32
Jimmi Johansson
Have this kit, gonna watch this one, love the russian jet stuff
31. August 2016, 11:54
Bryn Crandell
Awesome build so far. What an awesome kit.
31. August 2016, 13:15
John Dunbar
Oh cool, following!
31. August 2016, 14:34
Michael Phillips
This is going to be epic! Count me in for following along this project!!!
31. August 2016, 18:32
gorgeus.... I am in!
31. August 2016, 21:50
Adam Gudynowski
Thanks mates 🙂 There is some break in works now, I'm comming back to this one in a month or two.
31. August 2016, 22:23
no rush Adam, we will wait.
15. September 2018, 22:24
Bart Goesaert
Nice pit, those engines are stunning
16. September 2018, 10:04
Adam Gudynowski
It took 2 years of break instead of 2 months and still waiting in queue😉
28. September 2018, 12:53
Landing gear looks pretty sweet. Though, looking at the exhaust result, I suspect I will be happy using Tamiya's weathering effects, which also has some metal colors in that product range. I have not yet tried those for myself.
28. September 2018, 13:20
Torben H.
28. September 2018, 20:10
Adam Gudynowski
Exhaust nozzles will be repainted from scratch. I'm not happy with current result.
3. October 2018, 14:41
you mean the ones in picture 32?
3. October 2018, 15:20
Jos Jansen
Wow....well done so far, watching!
3. October 2018, 15:38
Adam Gudynowski
Yes @Spanjaard
8. October 2018, 11:04
Kevin Struemph
Looks really good. Going to be a great display/conversation piece.
8. October 2018, 13:02
they look pretty good IMHO, but, hey, it is your build 🙂
8. October 2018, 23:02
Adam Gudynowski
Thanks guys. I'm awaiting third child right now, should be born in few days, so break from modelling going to extend a little bit 🙂
9. October 2018, 20:51
congratulations Adam!!!! good luck!
9. October 2018, 21:17
Bart Goesaert
congratulations too...
10. October 2018, 13:50
Adam Gudynowski
Thanks 🙂
12. October 2018, 06:58
Michael Phillips
Man, you are on a roll Adam! All your recent updates have been subjects of great interest to me. LOL

Anyway, this looks great so far, canard Flankers rival the Tomcat as my favorite aircraft of all.
10. January 2019, 18:10
Adam Gudynowski
Thanks. I have to finally find more time for this Flanker. And i have great Tamiya's Tomcat D in my stash😉
10. January 2019, 18:17


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1:48 Su-33 Flanker D (Kinetic K48062)1:48 Su-27/Su-30 (Flanker) - Pitot Tube (Master AM-48-066)1:48 Canopy mask for Kinetic 1:48 SU-33 (CROSSDELTA CX-MX48002)9+

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