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84 10 October 2022, 20:04
Ben M
👀 interesting subject
10 October 2022, 21:50
Rui S
I'm in 😎
12 October 2022, 00:38
Jan Peters
Watching 👀
12 October 2022, 05:09
Zsolt Czegle
Welcome to the board mates!
12 October 2022, 05:53
John Hughes
When this is completed I fully expect to see it carrying a bundle of matchsticks!
13 October 2022, 06:25
Zsolt Czegle
Yes Sir! 😉
I'll take such a photo!
13 October 2022, 08:11
Taking a seat
14 October 2022, 07:50
Tom B.
That is going to be a very interesting little build... glory to the weird and unusual subjects! 🙂
14 October 2022, 08:28
Michael Kohl
My kinda stuff. Count me in.
14 October 2022, 09:24
Zsolt Czegle
Welcome Finn, Tom and Michael!
18 October 2022, 21:26
Łukasz Gliński
Are you going to use it to carry your matchsticks? 😉
19 October 2022, 13:49
Zsolt Czegle
Here is the photo, just for your kind request John and Łukasz! 😉
19 October 2022, 17:11
Robert Podkoński
19 October 2022, 17:22
John Hughes
Thanks, Zsolt!
19 October 2022, 17:25
Łukasz Gliński
Köszi Zsolt 😁
19 October 2022, 18:13
Zsolt Czegle
The hydraulic tubes are mounted and the windows are removed. So I could primed all parts in black
23 October 2022, 13:13
Ben M
Looks like it's coming along great.
23 October 2022, 13:20
Zsolt Czegle
Thank you Ben!

Now the rust undercoating is painted.
23 October 2022, 17:41
Michael Kohl
Nice progress. Which red did you use?
24 October 2022, 00:37
Villiers de Vos
Very nice progress.
24 October 2022, 03:21
Zsolt Czegle
Thank you mates.

Michael : I used a mixture of AK acrylics: red, yellow and new iraqui sand
24 October 2022, 05:02
Amazing work
24 October 2022, 05:51
Zsolt Czegle
Thank you Jv!
25 October 2022, 10:54
Zsolt Czegle
I painted last night some dirt with liquid pigments and added shadows with Ammo Shaders.
This was the first time I used the Shaders and I think it's a great and easy to use stuff!
27 October 2022, 15:54
WOW, it looks fantastic so far.
31 October 2022, 08:23
Zsolt Czegle
Thank you Spanjaard!
31 October 2022, 11:34
Remarkably good weathering so far Zsolt!
(I love you're new matchstick avatar. 😄 )
20 November 2022, 09:02
Łukasz Gliński
Oh, that's a brilliant carpenter avatar indeed 😁👍
20 November 2022, 09:09
Michael Kohl
Thanks for your feedback. If I may ask some more technical questions:
- whichs paints do you use?
- how do you dilute them?
- do you work in segments?

I had problems with water diluted Tamiya-paints, but probably my paint coats were simply too thick. I had to resort to drastic measures like brass brushes and windex (the old formula with urea in it) to achieve the desired effects
20 November 2022, 09:34
Zsolt Czegle
Michael :

I use AK's 2nd and 3rd gen acrylics. But first I primed the whole model with AK 3rd gen acrylic primer. All paints are diluted with own thinner. No home made "Magic Tricks" !

Check the video from Mig how to paint the right way with acrylics: Youtube Video

The "segments" of my painting process were:

1. Primer
2. Dark rust color
3. Chipping fluid
4. Red paint and some highlights
5. Tap water and paintbrush for the chipping effects
6. Matt varnish
7. Green Stuff World's liquid pigments for the first dirt effect
8. Ammo Shaders
9. Pinwash with AK's black panel liner
10. Fading and highlights with oil paints

Next future steps
- dirt effects with AK diorama paste (stirred earth and accumulated dirt /dust)

- streaking and final weathering effects with AK weathering pencils.

I hope I could help!
20 November 2022, 10:53
Michael Kohl
Hi. Thanks for the elaborate answer.
20 November 2022, 13:32
Ben M
Tamiya does not dilute well with water as it is alcohol based. The x20a thinner works or isopropyl with care.
20 November 2022, 16:08
Zsolt Czegle
Some little progress again on the tracks...
29 November 2022, 19:27
Zsolt Czegle
The wheels are on their places....
2 December 2022, 10:15
Tom B.
The paintjob on this is really top notch 👍 This project made me buy the skidder-variation of that kit!
2 December 2022, 10:53
Alec K
How did I miss this?! Excellent work 👍
2 December 2022, 14:07
Bernhard Schrock
Hard to believe that's 1:72! Excellent work especially weathering & realness.
2 December 2022, 14:10
Zsolt Czegle
Thank you mates!

Tom: Today I contacted with the producer of this kit, and he will released 2 other vehicles with this chassis.
Unfortunatelly he can't accept payment now, so I can buy the other maybe next year...
2 December 2022, 17:02
Zsolt Czegle
I think I completed this awfull awesomeness! I'm very statisfied now. This time I could succeeded as I imagined it at the start! 🙂

I can upload better daylight photos on Friday!
5 December 2022, 22:59
Michael Kohl
I think you have all the reason to be satisfied. I turned out into a really ugly beauty or beautiful ugly. 😉 Top wear. I think a figure would be nice with it.
6 December 2022, 00:10
Zsolt Czegle
Danke Michael! I try to find a worker figure, but in this scale... Maybe a Russian soldier with some modification...
6 December 2022, 06:03
Michael Kohl
I love those:!/1-72-Modern-truck-driver-with-safety-boots-1-JL/p/59064560/category=13308145
But I had to order it through their homepage (to save postage of course with more figures for plenty of future projects 😉)
6 December 2022, 07:30
Where do you get these giant matchsticks? - Wonderful small scale build, everything just right! You´re one of those 1/72 experts who I admire and envy for their sharp eyes and skilled fingers.
6 December 2022, 08:38
Łukasz Gliński
That's brilliant, you definitely need some crew in valenki boots 😄
6 December 2022, 09:16
Tom B.
Amazing result and a very cool gritty finish 👍
6 December 2022, 13:15
Jan Peters
Excellent work, I can almost smell the forrest floor 👍🏻
6 December 2022, 15:48
Wow that looks amazing!
6 December 2022, 15:59
Zsolt Czegle
Thank you mates for your kind words! I really glad to read your comments! I very appreciate it!
6 December 2022, 16:32
superb job Zsolt
6 December 2022, 20:10
The man whed the large match sticks has done it agen
Butiful Zsolt
6 December 2022, 20:16
Zsolt Czegle
Thank you mates!
7 December 2022, 14:40
Simon Nagorsnik
Almost forgot to leave a comment here, what a shame 😱
Not only a perfect painting on this special object, but also a good atmosphere.
You also hit the base very well and reminds me of dirty forest work 😁

Two questions:
-A short description of the base please
-And how is the construction of snake model kits?
7 December 2022, 17:12
Zsolt Czegle
Danke sehr Simon!

The Snake Modell kits have very good quality of resin and great castong. Everything fits precisious. No grates only few little seamlines. Nothing to sanding. The main thing is: the object is unique.

The base is made with my usual technic: I glued some polysytren chips on the base with pva glue. The ground is made from acrylic paste from AK (8023) After it d ez írd I pai ted with Green Stuff World's liquid pigments. The pub les are made with AK Puddles (8028). The leafs are pu ched from real yellowed leafs with Green Stuff World's leaf puncher. (1416)

Maybe next time I'll take photos about every stage...

I hope I could help...
7 December 2022, 18:32
Mirko Römer
What a wonderful work! Your clever technical approach really paid off on this rare model!
7 December 2022, 19:40
Zsolt Czegle
Danke sehr Mirko!
9 December 2022, 14:17
Zsolt Czegle
As I promised I took some better photos by daylight! Ihope you like them!
9 December 2022, 14:18
10 December 2022, 09:37
Bruce Huxtable
Congratulations! Well deserved recognition 👍🙂
21 May 2023, 17:40
Robert Podkoński
Congratulations, Zsolt!
21 May 2023, 18:12
Zsolt Czegle
Thank you Neuling, Bruce and Robert!
22 May 2023, 05:35
Villiers de Vos
Very nice work and congratulations. Well deserved.
22 May 2023, 10:17
Zsolt Czegle
Thank you Villiers!
31 May 2023, 14:49
David R. Meizoso
This beauty could win any prize. Congratulations, and thank you for the well documented process. You make it seem easy!
31 May 2023, 16:14
Well deserved
1 June 2023, 00:27
Jennifer Franklin
Congratulations, amazing job!
1 June 2023, 00:58
Zsolt Czegle
Thank you mates!
6 June 2023, 19:39
9 October 2023, 14:36
Good grief, at the rate it'll win you a Nobel Prize. 😉
9 October 2023, 15:09
Zsolt Czegle
Thank you mates!
10 October 2023, 12:10
Villiers de Vos
10 October 2023, 20:55

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