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MyAlbumZvezda 1.5T WWII Soviet Truck

The latest addition to my military display. A pretty cool little Model A Ford 1.5 ton Soviet WWII truck. Pretty decent kit, except the cab is all separate pieces, kinda of a pain to get straight, but fun to build.


7 25 November 2020, 06:16
Robert W Martel
Not a bad little kit, but not sure I'd recommend it for beginners, too many fiddly parts. It does have it's issues.
The plastic is pretty soft [including the clear parts] and the surface finish is NOT very smooth, but for a vehicle of this nature that's not so bad.
The cab is molded as all separate pieces, back, top, doors, windshield and quite fiddly to get together straight & square
The engine mounts were too thick so that the floor pan would not fit flat to the frame in the front, had to thin them some. The opening for the engine needed to be opened up some on the R side and a bit in the front as the engine did not fit through the opening. One of the side windows was about 1mm too short and left a gap at the top, so I just took them back out, besides you could barely see inside with the side windows in.
The wheels were kind of a pain, very small glue surface to glue the hub to the wheel without getting glue in the turning piece. I should have greased them up like I usually do [forgot]. They do turn, but it won't roll on the wheels. Besides, I broke my first rule of building cars & trucks: put the wheels on LAST! they just get in the way when trying to attach other things like the front bumper! The front wheel axles were way too short to butt up against the inside of the hub. So I punched out some rounds from plastic sheet [about 2mm] and stuck them inside the hubs, that did the trick. The rears were ok.
The clear headlight lenses had a lot of flash and were difficult to clean up and fit as the plastic is so soft, but they turned out ok.
The front bumper was a pain [as I already had the wheels on] to fit and get straight. There's not much plastic touching the brackets to the frame to get a good solid joint.
Strange that the front grill had a radiator grid and a cap, but on the inside you glue in a separate radiator w/cap ??? ODD
I wanted to make it so the top hood could have been removed to see the engine, but it sat too high above the radiator shroud so I had to glue it there so it would be the right height, otherwise there were huge gaps on the side panels.
Actually it went together pretty well considering I'm used to larger 25th scale cars. The parts are pretty small in comparison.
I only painted the frame, seats, and a few details and just gave it a brown wash here and there. The canvas top was just painted tan and the given the same wash [I think it looks good]
I hadn't noticed that the tires have directional arrows on them and only on one side, so a couple of them are on wrong, but you really cant see it anyway!
I worked on this in between working on the Stagecoach horses. After 2 or 3 days of cleaning the seams on those I needed some breaks in between. It took about 3 weeks to get those done! I'll post some pics of them in the coach album.
I think it looks pretty good siting on the shelf. A pretty cool little kit for under $30!
Not Bad!!!
25 November 2020, 21:49
Very nice lorry! I like those vintage Soviet vehicles.
26 November 2020, 09:50
Robert W Martel
Yea it's a pretty cool little truck & fun to build!!
26 November 2020, 20:22
James C
That's a great looking build Robert and I also appreciate your detailed commentary on it's construction, as I've been tempted to purchase this one a number of times now. 👍
26 November 2020, 21:14
Robert W Martel
It actually is a pretty nice little kit and reasonable price. If you have some experience it goes together pretty easy and fun to build! Go For It !!! lol
26 November 2020, 21:20
Rui S
Nice clean model. Well done 👍
26 November 2020, 22:05
Олег Юрьевич
Good job! The car turned out to be very lively.
27 November 2020, 16:54
Robert W Martel
Thanks guys,
It really is a pretty nice little kit, besides its small flaws. If you are even thinking about doing one I'd say don't hesitate, it's pretty nice.
28 November 2020, 03:58


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