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Robert W Martel (bobster)


Bobster's "Man Cave"

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23. February 2017, 02:22
Robert W Martel
Well, we've lived in this duplex for 4 years this month. My roommate, his daughter and myself. So I should be pretty well settled in by now. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage w/a medium sized back yard, and Oh Yes 2 dogs as well, a Pomeranian and a Shepard/Husky mix. I make claim to either, but they are both good dogs.

The perspective is from me in my chair, so it's a bit from the "low" angle! I pretty much live in my chair, spend most all my time in the "Man Cave". About the only time I'm not in here is at dinner time, or when I'm off somewhere,,, picking up my grandson 3 days a week, or the occasional "shopping" trip to Hobby Lobby or Walmart. LOL

I started back into modeling about 3 years ago. Before that I did woodworking for about 4 or so years, so the boxes, puzzles, shelves etc. are all stuff I made during that period.
I have to say I do enjoy modeling a heck of a lot. I'm hooked on plastic! I can't seem to stop buying kits, though I know if I live to be 100 I couldn't possibly build them all !! But that's OK. My grandson will inherit them. I do wish I had a bit more room though. My closet is getting pretty packed and I'm not quite sure where I'm going to put them after that. It's a dilemma !! You'll see what I mean!

Anyway, Thanks for looking. I'm just an old guy having fun modeling. Hope you all enjoy it too!
23. February 2017, 03:14
What did you do to the clock. I'm a self taught watch maker. My friend inherited his grandfather's pocket watches years ago and he gave me one that was incomplete. After a bit of tinkering I fixed it and I set about acquiring the missing parts and thus ended up with a huge collection of Canadian Westclox pocket watches.
I then gave him back the one he gave me and fixed the two other watches for him
I have only fixed a couple of clocks. I use a 1951 Canadian Westclox pocket watch every day.
I keep my kits in large cardboard boxes, as someone once stated on Scalemates it makes it easier to buy more because you forget how many you have
23. February 2017, 04:39
Robert W Martel
I thought about boxing them too, and putting them out in the garage, but I'm afraid the moisture in the winter & heat in the summer would get to them ! I would forget!! I take pictures of each one as I buy them, I print the ebay page and keep it or the receipt in each box! I have a little database on my PC to keep track of each and every one !! LOL I gotta start building them faster!!
Funny I knew a guy when I was younger (20s) that was going to teach me clock repair,,, seemed simple enough,, don't remember why I never did! I tried lots of different things in those days, but nothing ever seemed to really grab me. I liked working on cars!
The clock I bought cheap,,, I forget $15 or 20$ on ebay. It was filthy! It actually worked but would only run for a few seconds. The main gear bushing was just worn out! So I just replaced the whole thing with a battery clock that I just happened to find one that was just the right size (sheer luck). The rest I just polished up and put on a coat of Pledge (aka Future),,, the same stuff we use on the models. It looks like brand new (well almost) !!
Funny you mention pocket watches. My grandma gave me one when I was pretty young,,, maybe 7,,, it was just a cheapie and I probably wound it too tight. Anyway I remember it being the first thing I ever had the notion to take apart. I did get it apart and was quite fascinated as to it's inards !,, but never did get it to work again. Thus began my career as a tinkerer. I was never afraid to take something apart to see how it worked. That's how I got to working on cars. I couldn't afford to have someone else fix them, so I learned to do it myself!
It never ceases to amaze me the quality that used to go into the making of things, and the lack of it today. That clock is as old as I am and would still work if I could get the little part!
Like a good old pocket watch or old car, if you took care of it, it would last a lifetime!
23. February 2017, 07:50
I have all my kits in the house, the garage would be no good. I've bought kits on eBay that have been in a garage and they have suffered mould damage.
When I was much younger I smashed my wrist watch with a hammer to get to the 17 jewels, that was a disaster.
Westclox were known as the "dollar watch company" maybe yours was a Westclox.
I used to fix cars too. Went from scale size to full size. I hate working on my cars now. Only do it to save money.
My Ute was run into twice in 2015. Once while it was parked and once while I was in it. Last one was bad. Semi trailer changed lanes and I must have been in the blind spot
23. February 2017, 08:46
Jaroslav K
Great :) I had the same corner PC table before :) It was massive, but not very practical for me, so I got rid of it.
23. February 2017, 10:13
Nice marquetry Bob! I'm also into carpentry, although I tend to do stuff like furniture – and probably like you, I'd rather be modelling than woodwork these days, certainly in the winter.
What a stash! Now you need to live to 304 to build them all (but only if you stop buying kits today).
23. February 2017, 15:17
Robert W Martel
LOL, That's funny Wilky,,, 17 Jewels, diamonds & rubies Eh? Treasure !! Bad luck w/the Ute.
It's gotten to the point I can't do much work on cars. Lucky I have a few friends willing to help me out.
Jaroslav, yes it is big, but I just couldn't live without it! It's my "office" lol. I love my old desk. I'd like to get the table top part remade, its getting pretty worn !
Thanks Gorby, I did enjoy the woodworking too, and made some neat stuff. I had a real nice ($700) scroll saw, that's what I enjoyed the most, making puzzles & scrollwork stuff. It just got too painful to lean over the saw, got so after an hour or so my back would just be on fire and a sharp pain running down my left leg! OUCH. Doc said I have plenty arthritis and a pinched nerve. Oh well!
So modeling is a blessing for me, not painful (usually), relatively easy on my body, and I'm having fun too. The stash IS crazy. Everybody thinks I'm a nut but I don't care, I'm enjoying myself.
Besides, what else have I got to blow my $$ on? Since I quit smoking I have more $$ than I ever used to have, so at least it's not all going up in smoke! Wish I'd have quit years ago!
23. February 2017, 22:55
If you're a nut. Then all of us are nuts too
24. February 2017, 04:46
Robert W Martel
They call me MISTER Nut. lol
24. February 2017, 06:25
Markus Antonius
looks like spartacus :)
24. February 2017, 07:34
Well, your "stash" is bigger than our local hobby store's inventory, I think stash is not enough of a word for your morgue. May you live for another millennium in order to finish them (including your new purchases along the way) haha
15. April 2017, 06:38
Very nice man cave
15. April 2017, 11:51
Robert W Martel
LOL Blaubar, yes it's a bit overkill !! I just can't help myself !!
Thanks John, it's a work in progress.
Cheers guys
15. April 2017, 20:00
Tom ...
Robert, you are certainly making the most of the space you have. Very impressed. I do think having limited closet space is a plus though. Forces you to cull out a few kits to make room for better ones. Makes one prioritize ones kits :)
11. June, 19:58
Thanks for sharing, I wouldn't dare post pics of my looks like a crime scene! :P
11. June, 21:53
Bill Newcomer
I like the "air cover" protecting the secret computer files from the enemy. LOL.
13. June, 19:45
Robert W Martel
Right, Lol, I'll have to update the "mincave pics soon. It just ain't the same no more Bill!!
14. June, 03:48

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