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11 | 15. June, 06:17
Moritz Fentzahn
This was fun, I built this little scene for two Bravo6 Vietcong. Now some figure painting
15. June, 06:19
Sven Schönyan
The base looks excellent!
15. June, 06:51
Very nice base, Moritz! bravo6 figures will be fun to paint. Used the same kit for one of my dios. Looking forward seeing them painted.
15. June, 13:26
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you mates.
Yes, looking forward to paint them. The cast is very crisp so it could be a nice an easy job. The figures are primed, but I am struggling with the skin tone.
16. June, 04:46
Vallejo Orange Brown, Sunny Skin Tone and a Touch of green to break the red Was my choice of colors for the skin tone. Just a thought. Trapped - 1/35 Vietnam Figures | Album by coporado (1:35)
16. June, 05:05
I really like this piece. The composition is well balanced and has a feeling of completeness. I especially like the weathered stone and the mossy patches under the shade of the palm tree. 👍👍
16. June, 05:35
Moritz Fentzahn
Thx JD, much appreciated.
@Sascha, thx mate. I will try to find some equivalents in my Ammo color-range. Cheers
16. June, 13:39


In progress
1:35 Vietkong Fighters (4-5), Local Forces (Bravo-6 B6-35016)No Tropical fern (Ammo by Mig Jimenez A.MIG-8453)No Tropical leaves / Version 2 (Ammo by Mig Jimenez A.MIG-8409)8+

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