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Moritz Fentzahn (Fetzi85)

Bell X-1 Glamorous Glennis


10 | 22. January, 23:11
Moritz Fentzahn
I Startet this little kit yesterday evening. The Cockpit is mainly done, i added some details like wires, hoses an a canvas floor around the control lever.
I hope to attach the dashboard in the next Session and start to fill and sand the little gap between the fuselage halves.
22. January, 23:20
Nathan Dempsey
Looking great already. I'm in 🙂
22. January, 23:20
Nice job si far !
I enjoyed this kit, but extra care is needed on the huuuge gap behind the canopy. Exhaust parts can be also a little bit tricky. My WIP, if needed:
Bell X-1 | Album by Hikaru (1:48)
22. January, 23:21
Stefan Schacht
nice start, I take a seat 🙂
22. January, 23:39
Moritz Fentzahn
Thx mates. I hope to post another update this weekend.
23. January, 09:07
Moritz Fentzahn
A little sunday evening update, I finished the base yesterday and soldered the photoetch hatches today. Filling and sanding needs some more time.
Hope to get this done in the next days so I can start painting next weekend.
24. January, 20:11
Roland Gunslinger
Looking good 👍
Count me in ..
24. January, 20:21


In progress
1:48 X-1 Mach Buster (Eduard 8079)1:48 X-1 upgrade set (Eduard 48908)1:48 US Pilots (Corpus 48003)
Bell XS-1
US Military National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA)
High-Speed Fight Research Station 46-062 (Capt. Charles "Chuck" Yeager)
October 1947 The first manned supersonic flight - Muroc Dry Lake Base

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