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Moritz Fentzahn (Fetzi85)

Mosquito Coastal Command



1:72 De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI/NF Mk.II (Tamiya 60747)1:72 Mosquito Fighter (Eduard CX119)1:72 Mosquito Mk.II / FB.VI (Yahu Models YMA7260)13+
De Havilland DH 98 Mosquito FB Mk.VI
GB Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
143 Sqn. RS625/NE-D
January 1945 - Banff, Aberdeenshire
FS36118 FS34583


15. September 2018, 09:04
Moritz Fentzahn
Started this little excursion to 72 scale during the last week. I'm anxious how this will develope. But my first insight is: 72 scale is much smaller than 32 scale ;)
15. September 2018, 09:16
Moritz Fentzahn
The most parts are glued together and I started with the paintwork
22. September 2018, 18:03
Stefan Schacht
Hallo Moritz, nice start, count me in. Cheers Stefan
22. September 2018, 18:05
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Stefan, as always you are very welcome
22. September 2018, 18:19
Well done so far. Watching.
22. September 2018, 19:08
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Cuajete.
23. September 2018, 05:54
Nice work on a nice plane! Waiting for more pics.
23. September 2018, 07:07
Moritz Fentzahn
Thanks Acki, nice to have you around. I will add new pictures in the next days after painting the top color
23. September 2018, 13:37
Johne 69
Nice Paintjob
23. September 2018, 14:11
Daniel Klink
Hi Moritz, clean and promising progress so far... Will you do an inflight scene over Water? count me in
24. September 2018, 18:18
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Johne, you're welcome
Whilst waiting for the next paint session, I found a new kind of occupational therapy. For the dio I need round about 40 RP-3 rockets. I will use Brassin parts from Eduard but they need to be completed by two scratchbuild brackets to fit on the firing rails. So I have to build 80 of this, each made of 4 little pieces of sheet. I think this could take some hours
24. September 2018, 18:20
Daniel Klink
Thats the spirit Moritz :)
24. September 2018, 18:21
Moritz Fentzahn
;) you're very welcome Daniel, it will be a scene where the Mossie gets its rocket load on a muddy runway in Banff
24. September 2018, 18:24
Sounds interesting this project.
24. September 2018, 18:34
Moritz Fentzahn
I added an original photography which was my inspiring example
24. September 2018, 18:37
Daniel Klink
Ah now i can see why the base is so wavely :) Sounds very promising
24. September 2018, 18:40
Alec K
Great project Moritz. Looks wonderful
24. September 2018, 18:56
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Alec, much appreciated
25. September 2018, 03:11
Moritz Fentzahn
Nearly one year later, I completed the basic paintjob an started to apply the decals. Hope to finish this project in the next weeks.
8. September 2019, 20:30
Moritz Fentzahn
Welcome Roland, glad to have you around.
I finished the decals and did a light oil dot filtering on the Mossie. Next step will be some panelline wash before I can finish the assembly and start the final weathering
14. September 2019, 23:31
Andy Ball
Super subject and progress! Advise me, Moritz, does the kit go together well? Thinking of this in 72nd
14. September 2019, 23:32
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Andy, yes I can recommend the kit. No issues at all. I had very little trouble with the canopy, but that was because I used aftermarket seats which were a bit too high, so it was my fault. Out of the box this kit will Fall together easily. Enjoy your upcoming build and keep us posted
14. September 2019, 23:43
Andy Ball
Cheers Moritz- likewise with your build, look forward to it's imminent completion!
15. September 2019, 09:54
Stephan Ryll
Very nice progress Moritz
15. September 2019, 16:39

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