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Moritz Fentzahn (Fetzi85)

Whippet Dio


1. October 2017, 16:11
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Moritz Fentzahn
I started this project some days ago. The assembly of the tank was quite simple. Next steps will be the further groundwork with the trench and priming the tank.
1. October 2017, 16:16
Cool... ich freue mich drauf, dieses Projekt zu folgen! Grüße aus Dänemark
1. October 2017, 17:11
Rui S
I'm in for this interesting dio.
Nice progress 👍
The tank is OOB?
1. October 2017, 17:20
Moritz Fentzahn
Thanks mates, you are welcome.
@ Rui
Yes the tank is oob, there is no aftermarket stuff which makes sense for me. I will only add some metal chains and Equipment from my spares-box
1. October 2017, 17:24
Rui S
I agree and I've the same philosophy. But your additions are somewhat expensive, aren't they?
I look forward for new photos😎
1. October 2017, 17:30
Moritz Fentzahn
What additions do you mean, the figures? In my opinion Figures are always way too expensive but nevertheless they are essential for every dio, aren't they?😉
1. October 2017, 17:49
Rui S
I was speaking only about the sandbags - flexible - 100 pcs. and PlusModel, British rucksack WW I
1. October 2017, 18:35
Moritz Fentzahn
Ah ok, I buyed the sandbags for several projects and the bigger pack is cheaper in the end. But basically you are right, zhese additions are expensive in total
1. October 2017, 18:53
Moritz Fentzahn
Just finished the trench-section. After drying the base is ready for it's coat of primer. I hopeyou can enjoy the pictures
2. October 2017, 10:31
Rui S
Nice progress, Moritz.
The wood plaques look really good 👍
2. October 2017, 10:34
Alexander Grivonev
Liked your Kübelwagen diorama and this one looks promising already...thanks for documenting the building steps!
2. October 2017, 19:24
I like it very much. not may dios with a WWI trench out there. and you are making it from scratch. it looks really good already!
2. October 2017, 20:17
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you mates, much appreciated
3. October 2017, 07:12
Michael Kraft
Whoa, that's superb! I love how you made the wooden construction look functional, yet improvised!
5. October 2017, 07:20
Very nice so far!!
5. October 2017, 08:39
Sven Schönyan
Looks great so far! I´m following with interest to get inspiration for an own dio like this :)
7. October 2017, 15:50
Nice build !
7. October 2017, 15:52
Moritz Fentzahn
Thanks a lot mates.
Meanwhile I primed the base and the tank. The trench and the tracks got their first color coat. I am trying to paint the tank this evening, so maybe I can add some pics later
7. October 2017, 15:53
Fabian D.
Off to a promising start already 👍

What's your opinion on the sandbags? Worth it?
7. October 2017, 17:25
Moritz Fentzahn
Thanks Fabian. And no, the sandbags don't worth the effort to get them in shape especially in relation to their price. This was the first and last try with them. Next time I will use magic sculp and make them on my own. So in my opinion: Hands off
7. October 2017, 17:48
7. October 2017, 18:18
Sieht gut aus!
7. October 2017, 19:01
Moritz Fentzahn
The Basic paintjob is done, next will be the painting of the details and applying the Decals
7. October 2017, 21:48
going really well
8. October 2017, 13:01
Rui S
Great painting progress 👍
8. October 2017, 13:51
Soeren .
Really nice!
8. October 2017, 13:53
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you mates, really appreciated
8. October 2017, 20:42
Oleg Mordasov
Very professional! I think final result will be great!
11. October 2017, 19:51
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Oleg, I hope so too😉
11. October 2017, 21:33
Moritz Fentzahn
After more than one yea, I took the Whippet from the shelve and started the weathering. The basic work is nearly done. One side and some overall final touches are still missing. I am sure, the next update will nottake another year...
25. December 2018, 22:49
Daniel Klink
Looks awesome Moritz👍 The Weathering effects are on spot MAte. Great
26. December 2018, 11:11
I agree with Daniel.
26. December 2018, 11:36
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you mates, much appreciated. I hope to finish the Weathering tomorrow, so I can work on the Diorama. Cheers
26. December 2018, 17:18
Stefan Schacht
Hallo Moritz, very nice weathering 👍. Cheers Stefan
26. December 2018, 21:49
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Stefan.
I could spent some more hours on the Whippet, so the tank is finished now. Next I have to finish the base and some equipment for the storage boxes and the trench
26. December 2018, 21:59
Moritz Fentzahn
James, thank you too
26. December 2018, 22:08
Rui S
Great work. Looking forward to see the Dio 👍
27. December 2018, 13:01
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Rui, i think can post some more photos tomorrow
28. December 2018, 07:58
Zsolt Czegle
Schöne Arbeit! Sieht gut aus!
28. December 2018, 08:19
Moritz Fentzahn
Danke, Zsolt.
28. December 2018, 19:04
Moritz Fentzahn
The tank is fixed on it´s base now and the groundwork is finished. Only some more equipment and stuff to paint, before I can go on with the figures.
29. December 2018, 23:01
Andreas Koziol
wirklich alles sehr gelungen! 👍
30. December 2018, 00:33
Ingo F
Sieht super aus! 👍
30. December 2018, 00:40
Michael Kraft
Very impressive, Moritz. As usual. I think it's not a good idea for the tank to proceed in this direction...
30. December 2018, 08:21
Tom ...
Really cool.
30. December 2018, 08:34
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you mates, most appreciated.
@ Michael Sehen wir uns Ende März in Lingen?
30. December 2018, 10:45
Very nice
30. December 2018, 11:04
Michael Kraft
Moritz, ich muss mal schauen. Leider kollidiert das mit dem Geburtstag meiner Tochter. Vielleicht können wir das mit einem Familienausflug verbinden.
30. December 2018, 18:21
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Richmond

@Michael Würde mich freuen, wenn es klappt.
30. December 2018, 22:03
Rui S
Nice progress 👍
7. January 2019, 23:33
Impressive Moritz, I'm in and looking forward to see this one in Lingen
8. January 2019, 08:30
Exceptionally good work as always Moritz. Looking forward to seeing it completed.
8. January 2019, 14:42
Tom Ballhoff
Very nice Moritz!
8. January 2019, 15:39
Moritz Fentzahn
Rui, Sascha, Gorby and Tom, thanks for your warm and encouraging comments. Much appreciated
8. January 2019, 16:01
Andreas Koziol
der whippet wird mein nächster panzer sein. ganz tolles dio! 👍
3. February 2019, 19:32
Moritz Fentzahn
Dank dir, Andreas. Mit dem Whippet wirst du vie Spaß haben. Baust du auch den Takom?
3. February 2019, 21:53
Andreas Koziol
hatte mir den von meng gegönnt, der war für gute 20 eur im angebot.
4. February 2019, 11:09
Moritz Fentzahn
Finished this last weekend. I am not happy at all with the final result, but pleased to call this finished after 1,5 years. Looking forward to your comments
1. April 2019, 17:59
Soeren .
Looks really great mate!
1. April 2019, 18:13
Hi Moritz. How did u make the clothes in the trench?
1. April 2019, 18:35
Moritz Fentzahn
Thanks for your nice comments much appreciated.
@Xerxes the clotjes are these Clothing (PlusModel EL018, 1:35)

1:35 Clothing (PlusModel EL018)
1. April 2019, 19:08
Andreas Koziol
Sehr gelungen. Tolles Gesamtbild und spitzen Arbeit! 👍
2. April 2019, 01:51
Tom ...
I think it's brilliant. Maybe someday I could do one third as well as this. But I understand that the modeler is his/her own toughest critic!
2. April 2019, 02:10
Chris Greathouse
That's a really cool project! So much to look at!
2. April 2019, 04:03
Bob Hall
Two of My Great Grand Fathers fought in WW1 and this amazing recreation just shows in detail of what they went through ! Great Dio !
2. April 2019, 04:30
Stunning dio Moritz, far more impressive when I saw that live in Lingen! Congrats mate!
2. April 2019, 05:25
Stephan H.
Super Dio. Sehr gute Komposition und Details. Glückwunsch 👍
2. April 2019, 06:29
Holger Kranich
Moritz, i am impressed!
2. April 2019, 06:33
Björn Svedberg
Awesome! 👍 So much detail! Excellent work!
2. April 2019, 07:03
WOW! stunning result Moritz. I love the fat rats.
2. April 2019, 11:11
Moritz Fentzahn
Thanks for your warm words, mates. I am glad that you like it, but Tom made the point. But I know what I will do different in the next projects.
2. April 2019, 12:57
i think that is really a great dio! congrats Moritz
2. April 2019, 13:48
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you Spanjaard👍
3. April 2019, 15:32
Johne 69
Well done mate 👍
3. April 2019, 15:50
Bryn Crandell
Superb Dio. Definatey tells the story. Great detail everywhere.
3. April 2019, 16:04
Fantastic work the attention to detail is amazing BZ to you and thanks for sharing ????????????
3. April 2019, 16:10
Stefan Fraundorfer
Very nice work Moritz. The weathering on the Whippet is perfect.
3. April 2019, 18:06
Moritz Fentzahn
Thank you mates, much appreciated 👍
5. April 2019, 18:50


1:35 MK A "Whippet" (Takom 2025)1:35 British Tank Crewman, World War I (Stalingrad S-1101)1:35 WWI British Tank Corps Staff Officer (D-Day Miniature Studio 35023)20+
Whippet Mk.A
GB Military British Army (1660-now)
6 Bn. Tank Korps, B Co. A347
August 1918 World War 1 - Amiens FR
Green Moss

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