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Greg Baker (strobez)

AREA 88: F-4E Phantom II ("Phoenix" Charlie)


Roland Revolvermann
Oooh, watching ...
18 April, 15:50
Greg Baker
I only had 12 other projects on the go… but there's always room for a Phantom, right?
18 April, 15:52
Roland Revolvermann
12 projects is like a blank workbench 😉
18 April, 18:05
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Yep, there's always room for a Phantom. 👍
19 April, 10:24
indeed there is 🙂
19 April, 11:07
Kyle DeHart
Glad 12 projects is considered light work. I have about 5 underway right now and was worried if I was losing my sanity or if that's just the normal. 😂😂
19 April, 11:50
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Well, I think it is not uncommon, Kyle. 😉
19 April, 12:42
Maciej Bellos
Currently I stand at 4, but yes, there is always room for a Spook, or a Cat, or a Viper for that matter 😉 Joining in!
19 April, 13:30
Greg Baker
Starting to look like a Phantom now. Cockpit all assembled and put in place. Got the rest of the fuselage glued together. Despite my best efforts, I had some glue appear from a mystery source, so there's a few bits that will need to be tidied. Really annoyed me, as I was trying my best to make this one as clean as possible.

Also, this D Corporation boxing of the Revell kit comes with some resin parts. Most are small bits and bobs, but the tail elevators confused me. They are no different in size or shape than what comes off the sprue. Their purpose remains a mystery to me.
20 April, 05:22
30 April, 18:51
And me.
1 May, 18:34
Erik De Smet
No LEDs ? Following too.
3 May, 06:57
Alec K
Somehow I missed this show, following 👍
3 May, 11:17


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