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Greg Baker (strobez)

Flight 714 to Sydney (HU-16 Albatross)


Great! A beautiful vintage 👍
That yellow with the white stripe has to look great. Following!
10 April, 17:36
Alex K
Following of course... This will be magnificent - and a great companion to the Sunderland! 👍
10 April, 17:39
I agree with Alex 👍
10 April, 17:48
Yigal Levin
I have one of these, very interested at the resulat
10 April, 17:51
Greg Baker
Thanks guys. Yeah it's kind of a "Sunderland... part 2" build. I just love flying boats. 🙂
10 April, 17:56
Erik De Smet
Real vintage, following of course
11 April, 16:40
looking really interesting
11 April, 18:45
Matthew A
What a great looking kit. Must admit I do like rivets. 🐻
12 April, 11:01
Matthew A
Ps you have the 1959 box not the 1999 one
12 April, 11:03
Michael Kohl
i am in too.
12 April, 11:10
Roland Revolvermann
That's an old rarity. The rivets look very cool.
12 April, 11:28
Greg Baker
It makes sense that I'd have the 1959 box. The plastic is a bit brittle in places. I snapped off part of the landing gear (luckily a bit I won't be needing) and put a hole through the wing while drilling holes for the DC motors. I think I hit a support beam and it tore a chunk out of the wing surface along with it. Some very careful glueing of the missing piece, and some even more careful putty and sanding later, and it's looking passable.
12 April, 14:05
Greg Baker
Some more sanding and putty, but at least I've got the engine motors in place and working.
15 April, 17:21
Alec K
Looks like the props are spinning! I'll follow along 👍
15 April, 17:59
Pantelis Antonoglou
An amazing airplane with spinning props, i love it!!
15 April, 18:59
Ben M
Always good to see an old kit get built.
15 April, 19:43
Kyle DeHart
Awesome. Cool old kit. Nicely done so far.
15 April, 20:42
Michael Kohl
Looking good. I should consider using electric motors too to spin my propellers. Looks just much more the part than any other method to simulate rotating propellers.
15 April, 21:22
Alec K
This is coming along nicely!
3 May, 11:18
Greg Baker
Thanks Alex! Just to make sure I wasn't too predictable, I used a white base coat on the yellow this time to try and differentiate this one from the yellow Short Sunderland project I just finished.
5 May, 06:38
Kyle DeHart
This is looking great!
5 May, 07:42
Ben M
Yes, a more saturated yellow, less orange. Interesting!
5 May, 18:02
Looking so good!
You've done a great job on the joints with the putty. It looks like you haven't lost any relief rivets in the sanding process. How did you do it, Greg?
8 May, 17:45
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Lemon 👀
8 May, 19:03
Greg Baker
Thanks guys! Cuajete, I was very careful with the sanding. With a kit this old, that was a real challenge actually. Took a few goes with the putty to get some of the gaps closed. Just about done now though. And yes, with a white undercoat, the yellow is a lot more lemony. 😉
9 May, 06:05
Thomas Bischoff
I know this kit and you turned this into a gem 👍
Could'nt remember this plane in the comic so had to read it again 🙂
9 May, 06:11
I can recommend using a tiny brush for correcting minor overspray. I use Vallejo colors and it seems additional coloring seaps into the layer of primer underneath. Simple, and once you add a gloss coat (assuming you painted over with the very same color/hue), you won't see any difference imo, and you can even sand the paint a little if needed before adding a gloss coat, but obviously, sanding painted edges or rivet heads will likely sand through the paint requiring a re-painting, so gentle sanding only works for plain or large smooth surfaces like an airplane frame or a ship's hull, not any surface with protruding details.
9 May, 08:00
it looks fantastic
9 May, 10:28
Łukasz Gliński
Beg your pardon, but where's the (in)famous pink primer? 😛
9 May, 11:18
That's a righteously fine yellow paint result 👍
10 May, 01:13
Erik De Smet
Greg, can you show a picture of the Sunderland and the Albatros together, so that we can see the effect of yellow on pink and white primer?
And maybe a yellow of white tip on the propellers to see them spin ?
10 May, 07:05
10 May, 09:58
Greg Baker
You read my mind again, Erik. I was planning a side-by-side comparison of the two. The effect is certainly noticeable. I will say, I still prefer the rich colour of the pink primer, but it is good to have options.
10 May, 13:55
Greg Baker
And... done. It almost survive though. While taking the final pics, I tripped over the cord and pulled the whole thing off the table and dropped it on the floor. Luckily I was mostly able to pop the cracked bits on the wing back into place. I also had to re-attach one of the floats and most of the antennas. All-in-all, it could have been much worse. The hardest thing to overcome was the wiring was broken inside the fuselage. However, I popped off one of the wheels, carved out a giant hole behind it, and then fished around with some tweezers until I found the ends. A little bit of soldering and we were back in business.

There's still a rather large crack on the under wing where it meets the fuselage, and I only brushed over the cracked bits on the top of the wing, but all in all... could've been worse. If you want to try and play "before and after", the only pic I managed to get before the fall was the one where it's plugged in and the props are spinning.

I also included a side-by-side comparison pic of the Albatross and the Short Sunderland. You can clearly see the difference the pink vs. white undercoat makes. I'm still fond of the pink, because if gives the yellow a richer feel to it... but always nice to have options!
20 May, 15:12
Greg Baker
And here's the video to prove the props spin:

Youtube Video

20 May, 15:13
Roland Revolvermann
Another „little" gem 👍 Beautiful work 👍
20 May, 15:18
beautiful job Greg. great that you managed to recover from the accident.
20 May, 16:21
Nils Steyaert
20 May, 17:34
Fantastic job, Greg.
20 May, 18:59
Simon Nagorsnik
A real beauty!
Very good work👍
I'm just surprised that the base doesn't tilt😄
20 May, 19:37
Erik De Smet
Excellent result, Greg! Just one question: is it the same yellow paint you used on both primers, or two different yellows ?
20 May, 20:17
Łukasz Gliński
Lovely finish 👍
20 May, 20:17
Greg Baker
Thanks guys! Erik - the yellow paints are the same (Tamiya XF2-3 Yellow), only the undercoat was changed.
20 May, 23:07
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Beautiful! 👍
21 May, 05:47
Alec K
Sorry to read about the mishap. Dang cords! You recovered nicely though 👍
21 May, 13:18


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