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Greg Baker (strobez)

Area 88 1/700


Greg Baker
I like having a 3D resin printer. 😉

Nothing really to report from the WIP though. Print, putty, sand, paint, homemade decals… done. 😉
12 January, 06:24
Robert Podkoński
12 January, 08:53
Alex K
Ah! And I was wondering what was the tiny airliner in some of the Tiger Moth wip-pics... (looking out for what else is brewing on Greg's workbench is one of the pleasures of watching his shows!). Nice little one! 👍 👍
12 January, 11:13
Nice dramatic model! I like this part of the story where the business plans of Kanzaki backfires. Is that genuine Maxwell MB-14 or just similar airliner?
12 January, 15:49
completely printed? it looks great! what printer did you got? how is the experience?
12 January, 16:27
Roland Revolvermann
Scalemates wouldn't be complete without Greg's "comic-style builds". Nice scene 👍
12 January, 16:32
Greg Baker
Hah Alex! I know you're always on the lookout for "easter eggs" on my modelling work bench. 😉

S M - Thanks. Obviously there's no real MB-14 so I've used a B-767 as a stand in. I did a bit of research and decided that it was the most likely candidate, given the timeframe of the manga (chapter "Prelude to Collapse published October 1980). The 767 didn't fly until 1981, but the only other candidate would be the A310 and the profile of the twin-engine airliner matches the 767 more closely. It makes me wonder what kind of research Kaoru Shintani did, because if you look at the planes in service at the time, there's not many of them that look like the MB-14.
12 January, 18:30
Greg Baker
I've got plans to recreate this scene in more detail (with LED lights for explosions) using the Zvezda 1/144 scale 767. Also, semi-related is the Honichi Times news chopper that covers the accident - AREA 88: Bell 206 Jet Ranger (Honichi Times) | Album by strobez (1:72)
12 January, 18:31
Greg Baker
Spanjaard - Yes. Completely printed. I've got a Longer Orange 30 (longer3d.com/product..-30-resin-3d-printer) and I'm pretty happy with it. I was able to get a lot of airplane 3D models off Thingverse - supposedly for table top gaming, but enough detail at 1/700 scale for sure.

Also, thanks Roland. Don't worry, there's plenty more of these "bottlecap battles" coming. 😉
12 January, 18:34
thanks Greg!
12 January, 18:37
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Very cool, Greg!
12 January, 18:54
Alex K
OK, now... a DC-10 and 2 Kfirs in 1:700... would be, I assume, a... scale model of your already completed 1:144 project?! Damn, Greg, you never cease to find new ways of having modelling fun! 😄
14 January, 19:18

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