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Greg Baker (strobez)

AREA 88: Bell 206 Jet Ranger (Honichi Times)


Greg Baker
This should be interesting. First time to attempt a vacuu-formed kit. Luckily I have another one in the stash in case this all goes horribly wrong. 😉
29 September 2021, 15:42
Alex K
Oh... new show... taking a seat...
29 September 2021, 17:39
29 September 2021, 18:33
Florian H.
I will take a seat 🙂
29 September 2021, 18:54
Robert Podkoński
Taking a seat, of course 🙂 Myself I feel a "horror vacui" when it comes to such kind of kits 😉 ...
29 September 2021, 19:03
That will be interesting. Never done a vacu kit myself
29 September 2021, 19:07
This is the most beautiful helicopter ever built! 👍 It appears in almost every movie of the 70s and 80s. So I have to watch!
I still have a kit in the basement. Don't know the scale, around 1.5m length of the fuselage.
29 September 2021, 19:23
Bruce Huxtable
Loving the simplistic instructions in piccie 5 😉 What sprue? Watching, enthralled 🙂 BTW, what era is the kit from?
29 September 2021, 20:07
Greg Baker
What sprue? I'm more worried about where I get a dress sequin from… 😉

It seems this kit is from the 1970s.
30 September 2021, 03:20
Robert Podkoński
@ Greg: dress sequin? It is simple: you have to go to an official reception at any embassy and ask a lady in a sequined dress to dance... like James Bond used to 😄
30 September 2021, 05:54
Greg Baker
Bwahahahahaha! Now why didn't I think of that? 🙂
30 September 2021, 06:12
Robert Podkoński
If there are no embassy receptions in near future, however, you could go... I have seen sequins in few handicraft shops in my local mall.
30 September 2021, 07:38
30 September 2021, 08:43
Juergen Klinglhuber
I am in too,......interesting kit & model
30 September 2021, 11:30
Thomas Espe
Following too, should be interesting.
30 September 2021, 16:45
Matthew A
2 October 2021, 00:19
Greg Baker
This one's back in action.
22 December 2021, 07:22
Łukasz Gliński
Oh, wow, what a kit 😮
23 December 2021, 12:00
Erik De Smet
Always interested to see Greg tackling a kit that may be older than himself
23 December 2021, 12:03
Matthew A
Great job on joining the two halves
23 December 2021, 12:30
Greg Baker
Hah! I was already two years old when this kit came out! I'm not sure the two sides are 100% aligned, but close. I'll mask the windows and then give it a spray to see what details can be used to adjust the fit if necessary.
23 December 2021, 16:17
Mirko Römer
Not only that vacuform kits are hard enough to master, no, it's even so tiny! At least it doesn't have the amount of rivets like the Italeri Oh-58. Great work so far!
23 December 2021, 17:59
Greg Baker
Yeah. It's tricky to be sure. After spraying it with a light coat of white, I realized I needed to readjust the alignment of the two halves. Luckily I popped them apart without breaking anything… although I did have to re-glue the cockpit back in place.
24 December 2021, 07:25
Matthew A
Coz u coulda just popped a 1:72 Wonder Woman in and left it unpainted
24 December 2021, 15:47
You can do it, Greg!!
How can a vacu be sanded?
25 December 2021, 18:46
Erik De Smet
@cuajete: on a flat surface, e.g. sandpaper
25 December 2021, 19:36


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