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Greg Baker (strobez)

King Ottokar's Scepter (Bf 109)



In progress
1:72 Bf 109G-14 (Eduard SS263)1:72 The Aircraft of Tintin - Part 1 (Blue Rider CD-001)


13 | 14. November 2020, 05:45
Greg Baker
Did someone say Messerschmidt GB? It's about time I tackled one of the "mainstream" Tintin build projects anyway, so getting in on a Scalemates GB (even tangentially) seems like the perfect excuse, no?
14. November 2020, 05:52
Erik De Smet
Should be a G variant, Greg, with Blue rider decals, I presume.
14. November 2020, 12:12
Nils Steyaert
actually, the Bordurian Bf109 was a hotchpotch of various versions, the engine & wings came from the Bertha while the fuselage & wingtips came from the Friedrich. the propellor came from the Gustav variant.
14. November 2020, 22:22
Greg Baker
Hmm... perhaps I'll switch to the G variant. I have another Academy kit after all. I knew the Tintin one was a hodgepodge, so I just went with whatever one I'd assigned earlier from my stash. After a review though, I think the wing shape makes the biggest difference.
15. November 2020, 05:10
16. November 2020, 09:00
Alec K
Ah, a true Bf 109 F (as in Frankenstein...) :D
17. November 2020, 12:44
Roland Gunslinger
I'll pull up a chair...
17. November 2020, 13:07
Daniel Klink
Hi there, i'll take my seat too
17. November 2020, 13:53
Erik Leijdens
Interesting subject!

Fabulous boxart on the Academy kit btw..
17. November 2020, 13:57
Greg Baker
Okay... let's try this again, now with an Academy Bf 109-G... ;)
19. November 2020, 07:33
Matthew A
Cue the popcorn
19. November 2020, 20:28
Greg Baker
Does anyone know where I put the Eduard PE fret that I supposedly have in my stash? Scalemates says I have one... but I can't find it. Usually I keep them in the kit box, but this one is nowhere to be found. Hmmm...
21. November 2020, 07:39
I'll in
21. November 2020, 08:27
Matthew A
I wish you good hunting finding the pe. I have two boxes full of 109s but still find bits and pieces all over the place
21. November 2020, 11:26
Greg Baker
Resurrected this one. Since it'll be "in flight" (with no pilot!) I had to shave the wheels to fit inside the wells. To make it even more of a challenge, there's a bit of a slope towards the front. It was snug, but I got it in and glued in place.
2. March, 17:21

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