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Greg Baker (strobez)

Explorers on the Moon (Moon Tank)

The WIP album of my scratch build of the blue tank featured in Herge's Tintin Adventure "Explorers on the Moon"


i am really curious about this one 🙂
17 October 2017, 06:34
Greg Baker
Heh... that makes two of us!
17 October 2017, 08:59
Martin Oostrom
I really like your warped mind! 👍
17 October 2017, 10:37
i have to ask... but how is that the text in the comic is in Spanish?
17 October 2017, 10:54
Greg Baker
Thanks Martin! Warp speed ahead! As for the Spanish text... Tintin comics have been translated into over 100 languages... English and Spanish are high up that list. I actually try to buy a Tintin book translated into the language of whatever country I visit. So far (in no particular order)I have English, French, Chinese (simplified), Korean, Malaysian, Chinese (traditional), Japanese and Vietnamese. Still looking for an Indonesian volume as I had to settle for an English edition of Flight 714 at the airport in Kuala Lumpur.😉
17 October 2017, 11:11
i know it has been translated (otherwise it would have been hard for me to read them when i was a child 😛 )
So, you collect them in all possible languages. quite an interesting collection, certainly original. unless you can actually read them all too (that would make me incredibly jealous)
17 October 2017, 11:24
Jay Dubya
Since Flight 714 is supposed to be about Tintin's adventure to Australia, you could convince yourself that it would also count as a foreign language ... ha ha!
BTW: keen to see how you scratch up "Homer's" bubble windows.
17 October 2017, 12:03
that will not be a problem for Greg, I am sure.... the shape of a shark/262 comes to mind....😉
17 October 2017, 12:14
Greg Baker
Heh... sorry... but you'd be amazed at what some people don't know...😉. As for my Tintin collection, well I have all the books in English of course. I just try to buy a volume in the native language of whatever country I visit. I can only read the English, French and Korean ones. I'd still like to get Flight 714 in Indonesian. The English edition was just because it was that or nothing.😉 I chose that one because Tintin is on his way to Australia, but gets highjacked and lands on an island not far from he Indonesian island chain.
17 October 2017, 16:06
Greg Baker
Oh... and as for the bubble windows... I was at the store today checking out which snacks and candy come in the right size/shape blister packaging. 😉
17 October 2017, 16:07
ha ha ha I knew you would find the right blister😉
and yes, ignorance often does not know limits 😄
17 October 2017, 17:06
ages ago i did a cockpit for a Mig29 at home. but probably it that was easier than those bubbles. anyway, you may want to give it a try
You basically need a piece of wood (a few millimetres thick), with a rounded hole on it (bigger than the final size you need). Take a piece of transparent acetate, and fix it to the wood with some staples for example. then you would need a hard sphere (a marble for example?) of the right size. that is the easy part.
Then you need to gentle heat the acetate and when it is warm enough, but not melting, place the wood and acetate on top fo the ball.... and voilá, you can have the exact size you need.
of course, the ticker the acetate harder is to soften it enough, and the thinner, more changes that it will break when pushed..... trial and error of course. but again, done at home with no professional materials.
Those bubble windows are just perfect to try something like that.

you can see the results of what i did at Early Builds or Hall of Shame - 1980's and 1990's | Album by hetspanjaard (with a considerable amount of dust, of course)
17 October 2017, 17:14
you may need to actually place the ball on top of base, so it pushes far enough to give you the right shape
17 October 2017, 17:17
Choppa Nutta
This kit looks like it might be a good donor for this project,
it's cheap plus it's got a boxy top with the right number of wheels and about the right proportions too 🙂

17 October 2017, 17:23
Greg Baker
I like that idea Spanjaard and I might try it for another project I have in mind, a complex "double bubble" canopy along the length (crazy old-school anime plane). I'm going to need several (multiple several) attempts to get two canopies I can cut and assemble correctly. For this one though, I might pay a visit to my neighbourhood "girls hobby shop". Judging by the looks I got last time, they don't have a lot of middle-aged foreign men as customers, but the Korean girls love making teensy tiny plastic "dream deserts" and then sealing them forever in crystal resin (which is what I was after). I noticed that store has all manner and size of tiny little clear bowls, wine glasses and cutlery, etc. and I remember thinking at the time "canopy options".😉. It's worth another visit, if only to freak them out a bit again. 😄
18 October 2017, 00:24
Greg Baker
Oh, and leave it to Choppa to notice I MISCOUNTED THE NUMBER OF WHEELS! Gah! I think the kit that probably most closely fits the bill is the 1/72 Centurion (scalemates.com/kits/977828-ace-72425-centurion-mk-3) but it's not available locally and I doubt I'll like the price elsewhere. I am in Singapore next week, so perhaps I'll find it on a shelf and a reasonable price...
18 October 2017, 00:29
Greg Baker
I was willing to look past some of the shape issues... but the wrong number of wheels is hard to compensate for... hmmm... back to the thinking board.
18 October 2017, 00:30
ha ha haha, you really make me laugh with the story about the girls hobby shop, thanks, i needed that 🙂
cool that you can have those canopies done easily 🙂
18 October 2017, 05:15
Greg Baker
Heh... I imagine them to be counting sprinkles and arguing over the exact correct shade of red paint for a maraschino cherry.
18 October 2017, 06:04
Choppa Nutta
Ah, don't get salty Greg, I could have waited till you had finished😉 😄
I reckon the wheels on the Panzer look more like the wheels on the TinTin tank 🙂
well it is a cheap back up option if the centurion doesn't pan out 🙂
18 October 2017, 10:25
Greg Baker
Ok... so, not quite a rescue from the Shelf of Doom, but from the lesser know "Shelf of Never Really Started". I had two false starts on this project, and an A1 Leopard was injured in the process. However, I've seen a successful conversion of a M26 Pershing, so we're committed now. Especially since I used the rear grating from this kit on my Tintin Bordurian Tank, there's nothing else to do now.
19 April 2020, 00:45
Greg Baker
After cutting off the unneeded bits, I'm starting to wonder if I even needed a tank kit at all!😉
20 April 2020, 23:45
Another😎 build 👍
21 April 2020, 12:57
Martin Oostrom
Tanks are overrated
21 April 2020, 14:14
Greg Baker
Haha! Even blue ones on the moon?!
21 April 2020, 14:19
ha ha ha LOL
21 April 2020, 15:22
Erik De Smet
I expect working search lights on this one
23 April 2020, 11:25
Greg Baker
Now there's a thought...
23 April 2020, 13:52
Matthew A
I missed this ones rebirth
29 June 2020, 15:46
Greg Baker
Yeah, it's back on track... or is that treads?😉
29 June 2020, 16:50
Matthew A
Eyes roll
29 June 2020, 17:24
Lode Schildermans
No Greg, back on track is the right expression 🙂
29 June 2020, 21:35
Alec K
Not sure how this slipped me. Nice! After three kits (if I am counting right), this just HAS to get done.

Aren't you moving? Or is that a different thread...
29 June 2020, 23:27
Greg Baker
Oh, it'll get done. In fact, it's likely the last project I'll have time to complete before I pack everything up in a couple of weeks. After all the modifications I've done, I probably should've just gone with the first kit... not much is left except the wheels.😉
30 June 2020, 01:22
Nils Steyaert
i will have to follow this one, from what i see, your off to a great start 🙂
i your also planning a Bordurian tank, i found a link (in french) that could help.

30 June 2020, 08:06
Greg Baker
I've seen that one before. I already built my version of the Bordurian tank though - The Calculus Affair (Bordurian Tank) | Album by strobez (1:72)

I might re-organize my albums here, they're getting a bit hard to follow...
30 June 2020, 08:33
Greg Baker
First coat of blue paint revealed all the scratches and sanding spots. Hopefully I got them all this time. I also added all rails and ladders using a bit of wire.
4 July 2020, 14:17
Lode Schildermans
Greg, it is one of my favorite Tintin episodes, so don't mess up. LOL. As a matter a fact, Hergé would be proud on your imagination
4 July 2020, 20:43
Greg Baker
Uh oh... now that I know the Moon adventure albums are Lode's favourite, the pressure is on! I can't screw this up now. I finished piecing together the spotlight/radar mast and antenna. I grabbed a bag of itty bitty parts and used a landing gear piece for the spotlight bracket, and I cut up two plastic ratline rigging pieces (from the Cutty Sark I think) and made a radar array. Now that it's all painted blue, I don't think you can really tell, can you?
6 July 2020, 15:14
Choppa Nutta
Well welly well, this is turning out great Greg ! 🙂
6 July 2020, 15:27
No reason to be blue about this one
6 July 2020, 18:23
Greg Baker
Almost done... mainly just the base to fix up. I sure hope I didn't let Lode down with this one...
7 July 2020, 16:28
Lode Schildermans
On the contrary, Greg. This tank could have been model to Hergé. Very nicely done with the domes. And you really catched the blue color. Top
7 July 2020, 20:50
Greg Baker
Thanks Lode. I'm pleased with the domes. I wasn't quite such how best to attach them, but finally decided on using a bit of Future and letting it weep into the gap around the circumference. Still early, it it seems to have done the trick. I tapped the domes to make sure, and they seem snug.
7 July 2020, 22:55
Choppa Nutta
Hey Greg, that must be a "Lode" off your mind😉 😄 😄 😄
7 July 2020, 23:46
Alex K
Turned out great! (of course!) And I still smile a bit at the two "false starts" before finding the more handy tank to convert... PS. I guess there's still time before everyone here wishing you the best for moving back to Canada?
8 July 2020, 00:20
Ben M
that's a great tintin on the moon tank, absolutely a fan!
8 July 2020, 01:59
Greg Baker
Thanks guys! It is indeed a Lode off my mind...especially since I didn't disappoint Alex or Ben either, it seems!
8 July 2020, 03:42
Choppa Nutta
haha 😄 nor me neither😉 😄
8 July 2020, 04:57
Erik De Smet
Sniff, No led in the search light:'(, but well done , Greg.
8 July 2020, 05:51
Nils Steyaert
it really looks fantastic 👍
8 July 2020, 06:41
domes looking good
8 July 2020, 06:59
Alec K
Very nicely done Greg 👍
8 July 2020, 11:38
Greg Baker
Hah! Thanks guys! I finished off the final details (adding clear lenses to the search lamps) and painted the base... and we're done! Some final glamour pics to show her off.
9 July 2020, 08:21
Choppa Nutta
Nice, I do like the way you present your builds Greg 🙂
9 July 2020, 11:08
Slavo Hazucha
Cool - love the "hi-vis" blue finish and the soap-shaped turret. Seems you are finding more and more fun in cutting & modding things up more radically! 👍
9 July 2020, 11:16
Es-haq Khosravi
9 July 2020, 11:57
Matthew A
I wanna play with it
9 July 2020, 15:12
Greg, you can ask the NASA for a little bit of moon dust for weathering!
9 July 2020, 18:04
Greg Baker
Haha! Thanks guys. That bright blue really does stand out on the shelf. Given the comic-book origins of the Tintin builds, you start to notice how many primary colour projects there are. Lots of blues, Yellows and Reds on the shelf. It starts to make a rather pleasing (to my eye at least) mosaic of builds as a whole.
9 July 2020, 23:49
Choppa Nutta
I like the way your tank looks like it is bouncing over that small hill at full speed !! 🙂
I wonder if there is a kit manufacturer looking at these builds and think, yeah maybe a line of Tintin kits is a good idea !! 🙂
10 July 2020, 00:13
Greg Baker
I'd be the first one to sign up of a Tintin kit. I'm not the only one either, there are plenty of French language sites that have all sorts of Tintin-themed builds out there.
10 July 2020, 01:59
Tom ...
OMG, how did I miss this build! Absolutely fantastic! I love love it. Another gem for your collection, Greg. Bravo!
10 July 2020, 02:13
Lode Schildermans
Thanks, greg, for making this beauty and sharing it wit us, Tintin fans. For a Belgian as me, it is even more special
10 July 2020, 05:04
Roland Revolvermann
Beautiful 👍
10 July 2020, 06:01
excellent job Greg, amazing to see a childhood memory coming to life so well 🙂
10 July 2020, 09:28
Matthew A
Just had a DVD arrive from Korea - it's the brilliant French film That Man From Rio (1964). Heavily influenced by Tintin it went on to intluence Lucas and Spielberg.
16 July 2020, 13:38
Thomas Bischoff
I just love your excellent work!
16 July 2020, 16:08
Vittorio Gentili
That's really nice and funny. Brilliant idea 🙂
16 July 2020, 16:18
Greg Baker
Next one to be upgraded… the Lunar Tank!
15 February, 06:33
Villiers de Vos
You are very creative.
15 February, 08:28
Simon Nagorsnik
Nice project and very well implemented👍
Well done conversion.
Good that you found a good kit for your conversion!
The right choice is often difficult but you made it😄
15 February, 09:02
Ben M
Looking forward to this upgrade!
15 February, 15:35
David R. Meizoso
Love all your Tintin themed models: great idea and better result. Keep on!
15 February, 15:38
Robert Podkoński
15 February, 17:14
Jay Dubya
Looks straight out of the box (or space-tank factory this case), Greg. Of course, this is fine given it's just landed on the moon, but I've always struggled with the idea that 'space craft' should or shouldn't be weathered / aged / reentry damaged (especially all the Starwars stuff).
16 February, 00:53
Lochsa River
sittin in....these are all cool
16 February, 01:07
John Hughes
Blast me barnacles, lad! But that's a fine vehicle and no doubt!
18 February, 07:15
Greg Baker
So I got the battery wired up and hidden underneath, so with a small switch on the side, we have light! Now it's down to the figure painting. Is there a trick to paintbrush painting with Tamiya acrylics? So hard to get an even coat, and the acrylic layers end up mixing together. So frustrating!
20 February, 06:27
Ben M
Add some of the Tamiya retarder when brush painting.
20 February, 15:44
Lode Schildermans
greg, from someone who hasn't built a tank before, it is a typical Greg project. I like your TinTin dio's and this tank fits perfectly in your already impressive collection
23 February, 06:28
Greg Baker
Thanks Lode! I like that there's such a thing as a « typical Greg project ». 😉 I can't match the masterclass skills and patience on display with your shipbuilding, so I go for cheaper thrills with scratchbuilding and electronics. 😉
23 February, 06:58
Greg Baker
Ben - thanks for the tip. I picked up some Tamiya acrylic retarder, and watched a couple of videos… almost ready to give it a whirl.
23 February, 06:59
Ben M
Hope it helps! The only other thing I've found that works is my older daughter can brush paint Tamiya gloss acrylics without brush marks apparently because nobody told her it was impossible. I don't know exactly how she does it other than she uses s large soft brush.
23 February, 11:32
Tom ...
Greg, I use Vallejo paints now for brush painting. Have used the retarder and it works great but Vallejo is much nicer to work with, particularly with a wet palate and with mixing colors. Sorry to hear about the rocket drop! Ugh!!
23 February, 16:27
Ben M
Tom the Vallejo gel retarder works well for you? I like the Tamiya retarder as you can also use it while airbrushing.
24 February, 01:43
Tom ...
Ah sorry I was not clear. I use the tamiya retarder for the tamiya paints. It works great but careful to only use a small amount. For the Vallejo paints water is all you need and you can water it down a lot to get very light coats.
24 February, 04:56
Greg Baker
And… done. Painting the little figures was a bit of a pain, but getting thos little space helmet bubbles was the real challenge. Eventually I got a "heat and smash" form done using the pointy ends of a couple of brushes. It was hard to get just the right size, but close enough I think.
6 April, 05:43
Tom ...
6 April, 05:47
they look excellent, well done!
6 April, 07:32
Matthew A
They are brilliant
6 April, 09:36
Łukasz Gliński
The bubbles really worked 👍
6 April, 09:52
Alec K
Worked great 👍
6 April, 14:29
Luckily you finished the rocket recently so they now can go up to the moon 👍
6 April, 15:19
Villiers de Vos
I am fascinated by your Tinten "universe". You are a very talented model builder/creator.
7 April, 03:20
Jay Dubya
Nailed it Greg - as always
7 April, 07:26


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