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15 22 May, 10:41
Bruce Huxtable
First ever attempts at working with minute PE.... already lost one item to the carpet monster, and I've got a wooden floor! Thank goodness the fret has spares of the smallest items!
22 May, 18:24
Robert Podkoński
I am always hesitant to use the tiny PE parts for the same reason, Bruce 😉
28 May, 12:10
Bruce Huxtable
Anything larger than 2mm is starting to feel huge, Robert!
28 May, 12:19
Bruce Huxtable
Does anyone know how much weight should be added on the nose? No-one likes a tail-sitter.... I'll progress other areas whilst I get hold of some lead shot.
28 May, 18:48
Ben M
Sometimes I clip off tiny pe parts inside a large plastic bag. It helps keep them from flying across the room.
29 May, 17:49
Bruce Huxtable
Thanks for the tip, Ben. Just when you think the tweezers have a secure hold, ping, off it flies! Only 2 more parts for this project....
29 May, 20:27
Gordon Sørensen
Great work with the PE. I have a hard enough time losing little styrene parts, afraid to try PE… And the exhaust rust looks excellent!
29 May, 21:13
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks, Gordon. I'm in amazemwnt when I see what some modellers achieve, with minute PE on huge ships. A few pieces in a cockpit is much less daunting 🙂
30 May, 07:55
Bruce Huxtable
The next steps proceeding, after getting my hands on an offcut of lead sheet.
2 June, 11:55
Robert Podkoński
Looks really good already, Bruce!
3 June, 16:32
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks, Robert. Lots of decals, so she will look very different soon. Then all the finishing steps to think about...
3 June, 17:15
Bruce Huxtable
Can anyone suggest how to remove the fine acrylic paint mist from the inside of the canopy? I can wipe with a cotton bud, but what solvent would work? All advice welcome!
4 June, 08:44
A solution of ammonia, Windex, ethanol or IPA (not the beer) would remove ANY acrylic paint so if you used Future (or equivalent) on the canopy that will be removed too. AK paint stripper would work as well, also useful for enamels. All are safe to use on clear parts, when in doubt test it on scrap material. I mostly use Windex or IPA for cleanup of acrylics.
4 June, 09:10
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks for your advice, tyu. I'll fake up a spare canopy and see which product I can lay my hands on. It'd be a shame not to try to correct this mistake.
4 June, 13:17
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks for your 'likes', everyone. I'm working through the many stencils this afternoon. I'll post some pictures.
4 June, 13:19
Bruce Huxtable
Well, I'm calling it done for now, but am kicking myself for messing up the canopy. Ah well, a lesson for the next one. I may have to learn surgery, and hunt down a replacement canopy!
5 June, 16:13


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