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Renault FT-17


28 18 April, 20:11
Robert Podkoński
Watching with interest, of course! 😉
23 April, 12:48
Bruce Huxtable
Always welcome, Robert.
23 April, 14:09
Dietmar Bogatzki
Taking a seat 🙂
23 April, 17:15
Bruce Huxtable
Thanks for your 'likes', everyone. This is a really nice kit, and all is fitting with no issues so far. Lots of wheels and running gear next. I'll have to plan the pre-painting first..
24 April, 18:01
Bruce Huxtable
Building up the hill and turret, so I can think about priming with a rattle can.
30 April, 12:55
Ben M
Watching 👀
30 April, 18:11
Bruce Huxtable
Can't put off starting the running gear, so that will be next, Ben. Lots of careful work to come....
30 April, 19:34
Bruce Huxtable
Running gear done, so back to the hull and turret for next small items to be fitted before the start of painting. A few brackets and PE straps will be kept off til the very end, so that the pioneer tools, etc can be kept out of the way.
3 May, 11:11
Dietmar Bogatzki
Great job on the running gear, Bruce 🙂
3 May, 14:21
Bruce Huxtable
Thanks, Dietmar. I took the first set slowly, but the second set was much quicker. It all goes together really well. No parts lost to the carpet monster!
3 May, 14:24
Dietmar Bogatzki
Glad to hear 😉
3 May, 14:28
Bruce Huxtable
Lots of painting today, but still some small parts assembly to be done.
7 May, 14:39
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks for your 'likes', everyone. Let's see what gets done later today 🙂
8 May, 06:54
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic progress, Bruce.
8 May, 11:57
Bruce Huxtable
Thanks, Robert. I'm really enjoying working with acrylic paints: fast drying, no fumes, and can be applied as a wash too. Definitely recommend the kit. Lots of details, very few mould seam lines to remove, and everything fits perfect!
8 May, 14:19
Andy WW1
Looks great, I'll follow along I may have a go at one of these too.
8 May, 15:39
Bruce Huxtable
Welcome, Andy. Definitely recommended 👍
8 May, 17:26
Bruce Huxtable
Finished, for the moment....
14 May, 11:09
Robert Podkoński
Looks really good!
14 May, 11:49
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks, Robert. A few small tweaks and I'll call it done.
14 May, 12:04
Dietmar Bogatzki
Looks great, Bruce, just a bit to glossy
14 May, 15:12
Bruce Huxtable
I think you are right, Dietmar. So, do I use weathering powders, or a pale coloured wash? The finish you see is Matt Acrylic ..
14 May, 15:38
Ben M
Really cool result. Maybe dullcote? I flatten flat acrylics with it sometimes.
14 May, 23:33
Bobby Thumbs
excellent work bruce
15 May, 09:22
Guy Rump
Great build Bruce. 👍
15 May, 10:16
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks for your generous comments, Bobby and Guy. Every build is a learning experience, so we'll see what tempts me next.
15 May, 11:06


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