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Bruce Huxtable (BruceH)

French WW1 Motorcycle


21 28 February, 17:20
Dietmar Bogatzki
Hi Bruce,
could be a Peugeot 2 cylinder..
28 February, 17:54
Villiers de Vos
Looking forward to your project.
28 February, 18:57
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks, Dietmar, these photos will be very useful. I'll try not to disappoint, Villiers, et al 🙂
1 March, 10:54
Michael Kohl
interesting subject. I am in. I am surprised that Meng did not give photo etches spokes to this bike. I would have improved the appearance considerably. Maybe you put new spokes in yourself...
1 March, 11:29
Bruce Huxtable
Hi Michael, I also have a French bycycle with lots of PE, including spoked wheels, waiting in the queue. This one will be worked on first, then we'll see if I'm up to the challenge...
1 March, 14:17
Bruce Huxtable
So, I think it's done for now.
5 March, 13:52
I'm sure an extra arm makes it easier to ride that motorcycle
5 March, 14:12
Ben M
Watching, the motorcycle came out well!
5 March, 16:14
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks, Ben. Now it needs the dispatch rider 🙂
5 March, 16:37
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks for your 'likes', everyone - much appreciated. I've made a start on the dispatch rider.....
6 March, 10:47
Robert Podkoński
16 April, 09:22
Bruce Huxtable
Thanks, Robert. I'm working on the next two figures now.
16 April, 14:36
Bruce Huxtable
Hmmm... Acrylic Matt coat made them shiny....
17 April, 16:19
Robert Podkoński
You can always say the day was rainy... 😉
17 April, 17:39
Bruce Huxtable
True, true.... 😉
17 April, 18:00
Bruce Huxtable
Enamel matt coat made them less shiny, thank goodness!
21 April, 16:45
Villiers de Vos
Your figure painting skills are very good.
21 April, 20:16
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks, Villiers, I think these were my first successful ones, and done solely with acrylics. So many talented modellers' work have been carefully observed, and I think I must have been inspired by their results 🙂
21 April, 20:58
Dietmar Bogatzki
Great results, Bruce, wish my figure painting would be as good as yours 👍
22 April, 05:05
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks for your kind words, Dietmar. Good luck with yours for your dio 🙂
22 April, 10:14


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1:35 FT-17 Light Tank - Crew & Orderly (Meng Model HS-005)1:35 FT-17 (Meng Model TS-011)

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