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Bruce Huxtable (BruceH)

Learning about figure painting....


Bobby Thumbs
I do love a Masterbox 1:24 female
17 December 2021, 00:24
Bruce Huxtable
I like the sculpting, but not the prices.....
17 December 2021, 10:14
Bobby Thumbs
I agree Bruce I don't understand how a 1/35 kit with say 4 figures is the same price as a 1/24 kit with 1 figure, at least that's the pricing here in Australia. Also do you find that there's a lot of cleaning up to do on masterbox figures? the mould joins is always in a really awkward spot and are really prominant. If you have a brown panel liner I would run some of that over the chaps it really gives it depth. I would also put some on her boobs. I run panel liner over everything I love that stuff.
18 December 2021, 03:44
Bruce Huxtable
Cleaning up mould lines is certainly essential, and I like to under-cut jacket edges and so on, so always lots to do. Filling seams un-avoidable, but getting arms set at the correct position ( to suit weapons, say) sometimes catches me out....Yes, still need lots of practice at creating subtle depth. Many thanks for your tips, Bobby.
18 December 2021, 18:43


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1:24 Marshal Jessie (Master Box MB24018)

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