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Roge Lamas (Ro9e)

Mig-21PFM Museo del aire

Model34 IPMS Madrid started a course to teach the basic and some advanced tecnics to build an aircraft. In this case is the Mig-21 displayed on "Museo del Aire" Madrid Spain. The course is sponsored by AK. And the AAMA (association friends of Museo del Aire) collaborate with us givin a place to made the course, and access to the real mig-21 to take photos and references.


7. May 2017, 07:34
Choppa Nutta
looking good so far !! 🙂
I am wondering why you went for this much more expensive boxing of the Eduard kit though ?
was it the decal options that swung it for you ? 🙂
7. May 2017, 08:14
Roge Lamas
hehe, i bought this kit for the decal options 🙂
7. May 2017, 17:18
Christian Ristits
Looks great so far, will build the heavily weathered aircraft from the cover?
7. May 2017, 17:38
Choppa Nutta
yeah I do like the one on the cover too 🙂
7. May 2017, 17:54
Roge Lamas
Yes i will build the heavily weathered version. : P with the AK products for chipping. In a multiple master class the teachers will explain how to make the heavily weathered version for all members of the course organized by IPMS Madrid Model34 in collaboration with AAMA (Friends Association of the Air Museum). Thanks for watching.
8. May 2017, 06:16
Erik Leijdens
Great work so far Roge 👍
8. May 2017, 09:01
Roge Lamas
Thanks 🙂 I upload more photos. I made some chipping areas with washable agent and is very funny and easy.
17. May 2017, 16:16
looking really good Roge, i will certainly follow this one with interest! i am ashamed to say i have not seen Museo del Aire in Madrid yet.... but probably i will try to resolve that next Christmas 🙂
7. June 2017, 22:41
Roge Lamas
Good! Enjoy it! But i have bad news. The Mig-21 that have the Museo del Aire in Madrid it was repainted and restored one week ago 😛
8. June 2017, 13:55
Harry Eder
Your Mig looks really great so far 👍
8. June 2017, 15:14
Michael Phillips
Great build, looks fantastic so far. Gonna keep an eye on this!
8. June 2017, 16:38
ha ha ha Roge, no problem, i have seen quite a few rusted Migs in Berlin museum 🙂
and you will immortalize the Madrid one for ever in your model😉
8. June 2017, 16:50


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1:48 MiG-21PFM (AK Interactive AK 148003)

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