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Patrick Hagelstein (Hagel)

Scalemates F-4 Phantom II Group build 2022

Time to get out of my modeling hiatus/rut and start freshly with a Phantastic kit of a Phantastic Phantom!


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Roland Gunslinger
I'll reserve a seat here 🙂
8. November, 07:59
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Ah, the famous new Tamiya wonder... Curious of your findings, I take a seat too.
8. November, 16:16
Patrick Hagelstein
Great to have you on board guys! 👍 It's been a while between packing, traveling, waiting for my stuff to arrive and finally unpacking that I was touching plastic and being active on Scalemates. I had one of those kits packed up, but couldn't resist the urge to buy one while rummaging around shops here. I didn't commit on buying tools though as I knew those would come in eventually. So, at my workplace I started clipping parts and dryfitting and glued all stuff that had to be glued anyway. The fit is awesome! Every part literally falls into place for now. More pictures to follow from my work-workbence later this week.
8. November, 19:51
Sergej I
Another Tamiya, great 🙂
I tried shaking my box a few times, model did not yet self-assemble. Caveat emptor!!
8. November, 19:56
Donald Dickson II
While I know its an excellent kit, the Academy is superb as well and half the cost. I just cant abide paying twice the amount for this. Especially since its a B, and not really a big interest to me.

That being said, cant wait to see what you do with it. 🙂
8. November, 20:00
Patrick Hagelstein
Well Sergej, you have to add cement before shaking..... You know that, right? 😄
8. November, 20:07
Patrick Hagelstein
You're absolutely right Donald! There is nothing wrong with the Academy kit, but neither is with the Tamiya one. 😉 I just wanted to spoil myself, that's all. The Academy kits needs a bit of attention in places, but I just wanted to toss some cement in a box, shake it and have an F-4B....N in this case. 😉
8. November, 20:09
Pero Susinger
I'll take a seat.
8. November, 21:00
Moritz Fentzahn
Count me in Patrick
8. November, 21:42
Patrick Hagelstein
Welcome aboard guys!
9. November, 06:28
David H
I'll take my seat. !!! And beware the Tamiya decals, they really ARE THICK and don't like settling very well… best off obtaining some aftermarket. No point cost cutting on this kit. Don't ask how I know !!

Ah, I see you have. 😂😂😂
13. November, 15:08
Daniel Klink
Attending and following👍
13. November, 15:18
Murad ÖZER
yep, i've armed my seat as well and ready! 😎
13. November, 16:23
Mark D
I'm in, good luck with the build. Tamiya engineered it well as I saw in some (video)builds.
13. November, 16:26
Patrick Hagelstein
Hi David, yes I'm trying my luck on Caracal's Cartograf decals instead. 😉
Welcome Daniel, Murad and Mark. I follow Matt McDougal's build closely on Doog's models and have some nice hints at how he tackles this kit. A lot of awesome engineering with only some little tidbits to watch out for.
14. November, 00:35
Maciej Bellos
Looking for a seat!
14. November, 04:15


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1:48 McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II (Tamiya 61121)1:48 McDonnell Douglas F-4N Phantom II (Caracal Models CD48217)1:48 F-4B Phantom II interior 3D decals (Quinta Studio QD48175)1+

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Scalemates F-4 Phantom II Group build 2022 in
Scalemates F-4 Phantom II Group build 2022
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