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Patrick Hagelstein (Hagel)

T-80BV 6th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade


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Mirko Römer
This first picture is amazing - as is the whole project! Would be a cool thing to place it next to a Berlin Brigade Chieftain...
15. April, 20:19
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks Mirko! That's actually a good idea. The new Takom Chieftain combi kit should be nice and that comes with the Berlin urban camouflage scheme.
16. April, 23:10
Ingo F
Nice, will take a seat. 🙂
21. April, 14:04
Patrick Hagelstein
Welcome aboard Ingo! Hopefully tonight or tomorrow night I have some time to build and upload some new pictures.
21. April, 14:05
Łukasz Gliński
What a cool project 👍 Didn't know they stayed so long in Germany
27. April, 12:33
Patrick Hagelstein
They actually remained there quite a while indeed, come to think about it...
27. April, 16:05
Łukasz Gliński
That escalated quickly 👍
10. May, 07:49
Very good! Top small scale build. 👍
10. May, 08:54
Mirko Römer
Looks really great!! ?
10. May, 14:42
Patrick Hagelstein
It surely did Łukasz! I was bound by a deadline to bring it in for the model club meeting last Friday. Only back home, I saw I left off the spent cases chute for the machine gun mount. :-/ That'll be added when I bring it back home. I'll also post some better pictures then.
10. May, 14:48
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks for the compliments Neuling and Mirko! 👍
10. May, 14:48
14. July, 13:29
Patrick Hagelstein
Merci bien Laurent!
14. July, 16:26


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