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Patrick Hagelstein (Hagel)


WIP F-14A Academy

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In progress
1:72 USN F-14A (Academy 12563)1:72 F-14A Tomcat VF-154 Black Knights & VF-21 Freelancers Tomcat in Japan 1987 (MYK Design A-72159)1+
Grumman F-14A Tomcat
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VF-21 Freelancers 161613 | CVN-64 USS Constellation 1983 | FS16440


2. February, 15:34
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Maciej Bellos
Oh yes, I've been waiting for a build of this kit!
2. February, 15:38
Patrick Hagelstein
Youtube Video
I'm always inspired by Dusan's work.

2. February, 15:59
Patrick Hagelstein
Glad to have you on board Maciej!
2. February, 16:00
Łukasz Gliński
Watching, my Academy rebox waits in the stash too
2. February, 18:05
Martin von Schreckenstein
yass, count me in for this one too!
2. February, 18:56
Patrick Hagelstein
Welcome guys! Łukasz, do you mean this kit or the '80s rebox? This kit is a brand new tooling with a commemorative box art.
2. February, 21:51
Łukasz Gliński
Ah, that I didn't notice :) Mine is the old one :) Following anyway
3. February, 09:54
Patrick Hagelstein
Welcome anyway! ;) :D
3. February, 14:44
Ah, there you go! Those wings sure are a simple and nicely fitting design compared to H or GWH, aren't they :)
3. February, 21:23
Patrick Hagelstein
They are a breeze! :) I like the FineMold ones as well! They are maybe a little bit more refined BUT I don't like the raised rim around the position and slime lights. :( The Academy ones are right in the sweet spot between nicely detailed and overly complicated.
3. February, 21:35
Michael Phillips
I just can't resist a Tomcat build... ever! Nice choice on markings too, don't see those done often.
3. February, 21:39
Patrick Hagelstein
Welcome Michael! Yeah, I have a sweet spot for the Freelancers markings. :) But I was surprised too to see that while transferring from the Phantom they retained that black curved striping on the nose. I think it looks really cool!
3. February, 21:42
Slavo Hazucha
Cheers Patrick!

I definitely plan to build "a Tomcat" at some point in the near-to-mid future - as it seems one of the more favored plane across all manufacturers and there are so many cool patterns & states-of-decay to chose from, some final questions remain:

1; which one (manufacturer)?
2; which one (specific aircraft)?

So I will just sit down here and see what you pull out of that new Academy box! :D Looking forward to this taking shape & color
4. February, 16:57
Michael Phillips
Slavo, as a Tomcat connoisseur, I may be able to help. First I need to know about what you want to build...

What scale?
F-14A/B/or D?
Wings swept, launch configuration, or just flaps etc. hanging out?

The scale, F-14 variant, and desired display configuration will dictate the best kit to get as of right now.
4. February, 17:29
Slavo Hazucha
Michael, 48-scale for sure...

As for the rest, in due time, I´ll like to think about building one in-flight swept back & one gritty, dirty & worn, end-of-service-life one with flaps out & possibly one or the other panel open, but not completely gutted one...
4. February, 17:35
Patrick Hagelstein
Chiming in with Michael and looking into 48-scale options basically it boils down to either the Tamiya F-14A or D or the new AMK F-14D. Both have their merits but are equally detailed and precisely molded. Both are very well fitting kits in their own right. Here is what might help you decide:

In flight swept back: Tamiya has plain wings without any dangling bits. This is often frowned upon but to be honest a Tomcat would only deploy full slats and flaps right before launching and coming in for landing. In flight and being parked the wings would be butted up anyway.

Having everything dangling out: AMK would be your kit of choice. The kit comes with three wing positions and with wings that can be fully opened up including the spoilers. One gripe with this kit is that our 'experts' think the aft fuselage is off as it curves in too close to the stabs. I could not see that and think it's maybe due to picture angles or such. Up to you to decide if it bothers you. ;)

When it comes to load outs and versions, I would choose the Tamiya F-14D over the Tamiya F-14A as the -A is laid out to be a very early bird. Backdating the -D to a mid/late -A or a -B is easier that the other way around. For an -A you basically need to adjust covers over the engine nacelles where there's a difference between the P&W engine vs. the kit's GE setup. Both the Tamiya -D and AMK kits come with an abundance of weapons and launchers.

For my VF-21 F-14A+ project, I chose the Tamiya F-14D but will try to fit the AMK wings to depict only the spoilers deployed. Something for later though..... ;)
4. February, 18:16
Michael Phillips
Patrick pretty much nailed it. To add another wrinkle, GWH announced last year that it intends to release a 1/48 F-14A at some point, so there is that to look out for. I am sure GWH will probably make all variants and the quality is sure to be very high.

F-14A Tomcat (Great Wall Hobby 4823, 1:48)

1:48 F-14A Tomcat (Great Wall Hobby 4823)

4. February, 18:32
Martin von Schreckenstein
Hello Slavo, I have to chime in as well. from what you have said it seems you should look into VF-154 TPS jets. Like this: [img1]
4. February, 18:35
Patrick Hagelstein
Dirrrrteh!!! :D
4. February, 18:55
Patrick Hagelstein
@ Michael, totally forgot about that one! By the looks of their 1/72 scale Tomcats, that should just be da bomb! They pretty much took over the 1/72 Tomcat competition in terms of detail and options. Their manuals might need some help but the engineering is spot on!
4. February, 18:57
Slavo Hazucha
Woohoo, that's a lot of Tomcat backstage insights, thanks a lot! Looks like I'll have to plan for three, Tamiya, AMK & GWH... :D

Working on the GWH Super-Flanker now, it's a kind of a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde kit - surface & detail on every part is amazing, but some part sub-divisions are absolutely unnecessary & in cases outright sadistic...

@ Daniel that's exactly the way the journey should go! :)
4. February, 21:38
Jos Jansen
Watching Patrick...!
4. February, 21:40
Patrick Hagelstein
Welcome Jos!
5. February, 01:11
Dave Flitton
Watching with much interest
6. February, 14:37
Patrick Hagelstein
Welcome Dave! I hope to have this one wing ready and noted all the paints and finishes I'm going to use before I have to leave it while traveling for business.
6. February, 15:46
Patrick Hagelstein
I used the new MYK ASU-DECA system and!!! The protective sheet falls right off of the decal when cutting it from the sheet. Then, when you apply the decal it immediately sticks in place with no way to nudge it in the right position. I tried but it only resulted in the yellow 'shadow' outline of the 205 curving up. No way I can get the black portion to line up correctly now! 'Luckily' MYK has the design completely wrong: all of VF-21's Modexes in the high-viz scheme are slanted. So without any pain I can just sand it off and start over with 'normal' decals I found around. :)
17. February, 17:23
Nice save on the decal and the satin gloss :) Did you use any decal liquid with those misbehaving asu-deca?
19. February, 23:08
Patrick Hagelstein
I did use the Gunze system, the Mr. Mark Setter as preparation but didn't get to the Mr. Mark Softer as the decal already stuck in a wrong way and I already decided to remove it. Well, on the satin coat.....I'm still waiting for the oils to dry before tackling that.
20. February, 00:44
Nothing some light sanding won't fix .
20. February, 07:58
Roland Gunslinger
Good times for cat lovers at the moment on scalemates! Very nice progress Patrick!
Also an interesting tactic starting with the wings :S
20. February, 09:12
very nice job on those marks in the wings. i hope you the problem with the tape is easy to fix
20. February, 12:33
Bryn Crandell
Hopping on board. Great work done on the wings. Love how you did the streaking from the glove area.
20. February, 12:38
Bart Goesaert
Wow, beautiful work on that wing...
20. February, 15:00
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks Spanjaard, Bryn and Bart! For now I tucked it away, so I won't be tempted to touch it. ;) But as Pierre mentioned, once it's really dry, I go in with some very fine sanding sponges and see if I can restore the satin sheen again without sanding through the paint. The parts for this VF-21 bird are being prepped and should receive some primer to test my progress somewhere this week(end).
20. February, 15:56
Dominik Weitzer
good work on the wing with that "moving lines", very interesting!i Keep that in mind,if i build my tomcat.
20. February, 16:00
Michael Phillips
Fabulous work on that wing Patrick, the streaking looks just right to me!
20. February, 16:01
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks Dominik and Michael!
20. February, 16:18
Jos Jansen
That's a very good idea doing the grime streaking on this way...
20. February, 17:18
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks Jos! :) I just realized I have to do the same for the underside where the wings lie on the inflatable wing glove bags. Same process, different shape.
20. February, 18:10
I read some more on HGW transfers tonight and noticed they advise to use a softener and not a setter before application. I gave it a try with a MYK decal and Micro sol and I was able to move it around a bit before it adhered totally. Will find out tomorrow if I can remove the glossy part and the thing is stuck correctly.
20. February, 21:59
Christian Bruer
I missed this so far. Sharp work on the wing
20. February, 22:03
Well done so far. Following.
20. February, 22:15
Patrick Hagelstein
Welcome Christian and Cuajete! I'll keep my fingers crossed Pierre! :D
21. February, 00:12
Slavo Hazucha
Quite an adventurous reading ;) - but the wing-job looks great . One never grows tired of watching Tomcat builds - so many paths to explore... Looking forward to the next episode of this show!
3. March, 09:46
Patrick Hagelstein
:D Me too Slavo! I'm really in dire need of some bench time! :(
3. March, 12:33
Martin von Schreckenstein
the corona squadron is growing. nice progress. i wish i had the energy to document my builds like that. I put the canopy on both my social distancing tomcats and then realized i took no pictures of the interior :(
20. March, 09:13
Slavo Hazucha
Patrick, I can now fully appreciate how hard it is to take meaningful pictures of hidden stuff like your No.36! Alignign lightsource, object and camera so that something is visible is an art in itself :D Looking all good & everyone is ready for more! ;)
20. March, 09:49
Finally some progress :). Watch out with the IP coamings, I'm finding right now that tolerances are very tight not only on the front part but also on the sides of the rear one.
20. March, 09:57
Łukasz Gliński
Should we start a Corona-groupbuild event? ;)
20. March, 10:15
Patrick Hagelstein
:D I see a different Martin appearing. ;) Yep, finally some progress. :) Taking pictures with my phone late at night isn't the easiest thing to do. Even though those details are hard to photograph, I know they are there. Pierre, what do you mean with those tolerances? I saw you added some coamings too, are those interfering with the clear parts? Seeing your's, I tried to get none of the putty on any mating surfaces.
20. March, 18:37
The unmodified front coaming practically touches the windshield, so I had to sand back to plastic for the front canopy to sit right. I'm now having to shave off plastic of the canopy insert because the rear coaming sides also come very close so I cannot close it.
20. March, 20:14
Looking good so far.
10. April, 17:44
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks Cuajete! I took my extra time to finally clear up my modeling desk and this one is flying back onto it once everything is re-ergonomized. ;)
11. April, 01:20

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