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Patrick Hagelstein (Hagel)


Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020

I decided to use the new G.W.H. F-14A as a basis as it comes with deployable spoilers. However, I won't be deploying the wing's movable surfaces completely, but will only raise the lift dumpers (spoilers) as seen in the reference pictures.

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1:72 U.S.Navy F-14A Tomcat "USS Independence, 1995" (FineMolds FP32)1:72 F-14A Tomcat (Great Wall Hobby L7206)10+
Grumman F-14A Tomcat
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VF-21 Freelancers NF203 (BuNo 161618) | USS Independence/NAS Atsugi JP 1995 | FS36375 FS36230 FS35237


1 | 22. July 2019, 04:27
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Stephan Ryll
A cat comming to live :) I'm in
24. July 2019, 16:18
Patrick Hagelstein
Wilkommen Stephan! Ich versuche meine jetzige Projekten so schnell wie möglichst von meinen Basteltisch weg zu kriegen, so dass ich schnellstens dieses Kätzchen bauen kann. ;)
24. July 2019, 16:21
24. July 2019, 18:55
Konrad Limmer
Cool cool cool I want sorry I need one two or too ;)!
Now you're a lucky man :) :)
24. July 2019, 20:28
Martin von Schreckenstein
regarding the spoilers: judging from my flying in DCS, the spoilers stay open until I manually sweep the wings aft and I can only do that after flaps and slats are retracted. Obviously, on the CV, I need to do that ASAP to clear the deck for the next landing plane but on a land base, which is your case, the jets technically do not have to stow anything until parking. Usually all is open while the plane is rolling down the runway after touchdown and then they sweep the wings before turning for the taxiway. To conclude, you could leave all open and have the elevators in the max up position for an accurate "right after touchdown" scenario.
24. July 2019, 22:06
Donald Dickson II
Taking a seat. :)
24. July 2019, 22:27
Patrick Hagelstein
Front or RIO Donald? ;)
25. July 2019, 04:05
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks for chiming in Martin! What I don't see in the pictures is whether the spoilers are deployed as a pre-flight check or as you mentioned as still extended after landing. In most of the pictures the wings are still swept forward while on the taxi track. (I crosschecked the pictures I have vs. Google Earth to see where the pictures were taking and I could determine that that was either close to the runway threshold or end but surely on a taxi track) I don't want to have everything dangling out as I want to save that for a future catapult diorama. I just want to have the spoilers extended but then I run into the kit's setup to have the flaps (and thus slats as well) extended. I just need a 'push' to cut up the wings to have the slats and flaps retracted but only the spoilers extended.... And then, do I extend all spoilers or only two of the three?.... :(
25. July 2019, 04:14
Patrick Hagelstein
BTW, I am already building the taxi track base after my Google Earth research, so the plane will be set as being taxiing.
25. July 2019, 04:17
Mark Norfolk
Go with your instincts Patrick! Following your build with great interest - I abandoned a tomcat build many many years ago, so looking forward to seeing this & starting to feel inspired to go again.... ;)
25. July 2019, 05:22
Martin von Schreckenstein
Right, so your intention is to have everything retracted and only direct lift control spoilers up. That would certainly be original and judging from the pictures, accurate. I think in the pictures you have, they are open as part of a preflight check.
25. July 2019, 07:10
Holger Kranich
Great kit obviously!
In my opinion the lift Spoilers are part of pre flight check at the last Chance.
25. July 2019, 08:46
Murad ÖZER
following :)
25. July 2019, 11:34
Patrick Hagelstein
Whauw!!! Thank you guys! This combined information helped me a lot in my decision making. I'll definitely go ahead and modify the wings in only spoilers up position as that is how I want to portray the plane: taxiing out to take off and doing the preflight checks along the way. More pictures to follow soon! :)
25. July 2019, 13:35
Donald Dickson II
Rio works. As long as you dont eject me into the canopy. ;)
25. July 2019, 13:38
Patrick Hagelstein
:D :D :D Luckily Maverick gets a new chance somewhere in 2020. ;)
25. July 2019, 13:43
I'll take a seat in the tower with a nice big mug of coffee. And no, the pattern is full. ;)
25. July 2019, 18:31
25. July 2019, 18:43
Donald Dickson II
That preview is freaking awesome. Gotta see it!
25. July 2019, 19:32
Sergej I
Taking a seat. Also, Patrick, I would offer you my view - with a GWH kit which looks like a transformer, I would go for a landing pose to make use of all that variations.
You can do the preflight setup later on an Academy kit, which is also beautiful but without the wing and break variations...
10. May, 12:11
Jos Jansen
Oh yeah, Iam definitely in Patrick...It is time to bust the tower... :D
10. May, 17:20
Patrick Hagelstein
Hi Sergej and Jos! Welcome on board! Sergej, I really appreciate you chipping in! If you look into the original build project, I started off with G.W.H.'s F-14D as the F-14A wasn't out then. Now that I switched to the F-14A for this build, I have an F-14D 'spare'. I was going to build it into a VF-213 during OIF on a cat with everything dangling out preparing for another mission. After seeing your idea, I might actually go for that same bird coming in AFTER the mission with the arrestor hook deployed and the landing gear extended as well. So, thanks for your idea! Even though I will not employ it in this specific build, I'll surely look into it when I start the F-14D.
10. May, 19:52
Sergej I
Thanks Patrick, was just a thought that I shared. I will be closely watching your build and learn
10. May, 20:32
Patrick Hagelstein
Always welcome Sergej!
10. May, 21:17
Clifford Keesler
Watching also.
10. May, 21:31
Andy Ball
There's a Tomcat conspiracy going on here - I would like to be a co-conspirator in watching....
11. May, 20:31
Patrick Hagelstein
Psssst..... Tell nobody, we'll keep it our little secret.....
12. May, 04:03

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