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Michael Hickey (mikestomcat)

7./JG 53 Pik As "Cartoon Aircraft"

This is where you can view all six Bf 109G-6R/6 Trop's of 7./JG 53.


4. November 2019, 10:34
Martin von Schreckenstein
impressive. thinking of doing something similar myself but with Emils
4. November 2019, 10:48
Michael Hickey
Thanks Hans and Martin. Martin I'd give it a go but it does take it out of you.🙂
4. November 2019, 10:55
Dave Flitton
Pretty Cool!!
4. November 2019, 12:48
Michael Hickey
Thanks Dave.
4. November 2019, 18:03
Nathan Dempsey
Very nice Michael! They look great!
4. November 2019, 18:16
Stephan Ryll
That's a great bunch of 109's 👍
4. November 2019, 18:44
Michael Hickey
Thanks Guys.🙂
4. November 2019, 19:08
9. November 2019, 22:37
Michael Hickey
Thanks Spanjaard for your comment.🙂
11. November 2019, 07:41
Kerry COX
Sweet and neat.
A pleasure to look at Michael. 👍
Salute. :)
11. November 2019, 07:49
Horrido Free Hunt :) how many shots have your Bf 109 together on the list? beautiful sight of very well built models 👍 👍 👍
11. November 2019, 07:51
Michael Hickey
Thank You Kerry and Jens for your pleasant words of praise, Jens I have another 69 109's to build which include Hasegawa, Eduard and the then (back in the 90's) newly tooled Fujimi kits. I'm going to buy another 10 Fujimi Bf 109K-4's of a mate in the not to distant future. I think I have a problem having so many 109's but they are so easy and enjoyable to build.😄
11. November 2019, 08:21
Michael Hickey
You can click on the link and see all six aircraft in their own albums plus other Luftwaffe aircraft that I've done or am doing.
11. November 2019, 08:25


1:48 Bf 109G-6 (Eduard 8268)

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